US for Palin Ceases Operation

Effective immediately, US for Palin is suspending all its website and social media operations...We are humbled and honored to have stood proudly with Sarah Palin these past eight years.


Palin Highlights – November 25, 2016

The major news this week is Sarah Palin apparently not being considered for a cabinet post. Actress, Model Nicole Gratson Details Anti-Trump Harassment on Mama Grizzly Radio, plus a run of Palin family posts.


Palin Highlights – November 18, 2016

Palinistas await word on whether Sarah Palin will be appointed Secretary of the Interior, Energy, or other. Palin's stumping for Trump in Michigan likely contributed to his victory there and ultimately the Presidency. Three years passed since the Good Tidings Book Tour launched. Second Amendment advocate Jan Morgan returns to Mama Grizzly Radio, plus a run of Palin family posts.


Palin Highlights – November 11, 2016

Donald J. Trump is President-Elect with a yuge, historic victory, following Palin stump stops. He is building his cabinet which could include Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior. Her 2016 Endorsement Success Rate is 82%. SarahPAC employee, Palin friend Carol Ryan dies of cancer. Plus, we have a run of Palin family posts. This was a busy and historic week. Let's get right to it....


Sarah Palin Michigan Trump Round-Up, Speech, Interview, More

On-location video dispatches, photos, and local media dispatches from Palin's stump for Trump speech in Alpena, Michigan, and Bill O'Reilly interview.



Palin Friend, SarahPAC Employee Dies of Cancer

When any Palinista sent or received correspondence from Sarah Palin, it was processed by Mrs. Carol Ryan, 72, a SarahPAC employee, who died November 5, 2016 after a long battle with brain cancer.


Palin Highlights – November 4, 2016

Sarah Palin to hit campaign trail, sightings, flashbacks, a former Sanders supporter now backing Trump plus a run of Palin family posts round out this week's Highlights. SEE IT!

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Palin Highlights – October 28, 2016

Sarah Palin's mother celebrates her 76th Birthday; Todd Palin and Dakota Meyer will be racing in the 2017 Iron Dog, and we have a Mama Grizzly Radio double-header this week. We reprised Lynda Armstrong's Sarah Palin and Thomas Jefferson article, plus this week's run of Palin family posts.


Sally Heath Happy Birthday 2016

Today, we pause to honor one of the last living elder matriarchs of the Heath and Palin families: Sally Heath. Daughter. Mother. Grandmother. Great Grandmother... Sally Sheeran Heath, mother of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Molly, Heather, and Chuck was born today, October 26, 1940.


Todd Palin, Dakota Meyer to Race in 2017 Iron Dog

Todd Palin has joined the early bird roster for the 2017 Iron Dog race with his son-in-law Dakota Meyer as his partner.