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Top five featured images from the 2015 Palin Top 20.

Top five featured images from the 2015 Palin Top 20.

Year in Review

For the 2015 Palin Top 20, here are the highlights: Sarah Palin appeared on the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Saturday Night Live; gave an epic CPAC speech; hosted her second season of Amazing America; guest hosted for a week at One America News Network and brought the network record ratings; Sweet Freedom and its associated media blitz were a resounding success; Willow Palin is a successful hair stylist and home owner; and Sarah Palin is now a three-time grandmother with the pre-Christmas birth of Bristol Palin’s baby Sailor Grace.

US for Palin went through major changes this year. For the first nine months of 2015,
US for Palin was a leading Palin support site, leap-frogging web rank lead in the United States with Conservatives4Palin, and in fact leading for four months straight. But, that leading position came at a very high cost. It was not sustainable. Our analytics showed that 70% of our traffic comes from Facebook; and 77% of our readers access our content with mobile devices. As of September 18, we kept the US for Palin website for archival – which is the strong suit of a website. This very article is being published on the site, because it’s an archive. US for Palin lives as an archival tool.

We focused on our Facebook Page for news stories and open thread posts. We further stopped splatting our content to nearly 50 Facebook pages and groups. Guess what? Our reach on Facebook INCREASED with this new business model! We don’t have to feed a $500+/month monster! That’s a win all the way around! Even now, our Alexa web rank in the United States is 199K – which for a site that has not had a new post entered in over three months and not a penny spent on promotion – is fantastic! We were spending $500/month to maintain a 75K – 100K U.S. web rank. We have 23,200 Facebook likes on our site home page and just passed 22,000 Likes on our Facebook Page.

Change is often painful, but living in reality and making decisions based on hard data is the right thing to do. That is the overarching lesson of 2015.

2016 Outlook

Focusing on what’s real, Sarah Palin could:

  • Accept Donald J. Trump’s cabinet position offer.
  • Trump’s cabinet position could be elevated to VP.
  • Run for Lisa Murkowski’s Senate seat.
  • Continue doing what she is doing as a conservative activist and media figure.
  • Leave politics altogether and become a religious leader.
  • Retire from public life.
  • Do something else non-political we have not even considered or thought of.

We don’t and can’t know which of these could’s will come to pass in 2016. We can only give our opinion as it stands today. The cabinet position and VP are contingent on Trump getting the nomination – or breaking away from the GOP and running independent; and subsequently winning the general election. The cabinet position was offered in July 2015. Palinistas who want to see it elevated to VP should consider forming a legal draft around April or May 2016. This is around the time enough delegates are won to secure the nomination, but prior to the nominating convention. The window in which to do this is a few months at most. The cabinet position is Sarah Palin’s best and most realistic option – in our opinion.

We don’t think Sarah Palin will run for Senate, because we don’t think she would be happy in that role. The job entails bringing pork home to Alaska. We don’t see her becoming the new Earmarks Queen or spending her days speechifying on the Senate floor. She has previously expressed no interest in a Senate run in past election cycles.

Continuing as a conservative activist and media figure is very realistic, though probably not the ideal path to a run for office compared with the cabinet position.

Some have suggested that Sarah Palin is reinventing herself as a religious leader. Maybe. While she is a woman of faith, we don’t see her tracking in the direction of becoming a religious leader. We see her faith as guiding her decisions great and small, but we don’t see her leaving politics to “run for Pope.”

Nor do we believe she will retire from public life altogether in 2016.

Sarah Palin always has some surprise up her sleeve. We’ll just have to wait and see what 2016 brings.

2015 Palin Top 20

Without further adieu…the 2015 Palin Top 20….

We had a happy problem with our 2015 Palin Top 20 stories, in that we had 25 stories with over 1,000 Facebook likes. Because 2015 leads to a Presidential election cycle, stories related to Sarah Palin’s potential Presidential candidacy not surprisingly dominated taking 50% of the 2015 Palin Top 20.

  1. Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer Engaged
    Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin engagement

    We kick off the 2015 Palin Top 20 with the engagement of Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer, which came in at Number 20. The couple have since broken their relationship and Bristol gave birth to Sailor Grace on December 23.

    1,130 Facebook Likes.

  3. Interested Seriously – Sarah Palin on 2016 Presidential Run
    seriously interested

    “I know that….It doesn’t necessarily have to be me, though, but no, America is definitely ready for real change. It doesn’t have to be myself, but yes … happy to drive that competition, because competition will make everyone better and produce more and be more candid regarding their solutions they will offer this country. I am very interested in that competitive process and, again, not necessarily me.”

    1,150 Facebook Likes.

  5. Happy 14th Birthday, Piper Palin
    Piper and Sarah Palin

    On March 19, 2001, Piper Indi Grace Palin was born. She was named after Todd Palin’s Piper Super Cub and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s baby shower for her was held at the Grouse Ridge Shotgun Shooting Club. “Indi” signifies independence and “Grace” signifies God’s grace as documented in Going Rogue: An American Life.

    1,160 Facebook Likes.

  7. Run GOP – 86% of Palinistas Want a Run – US for Palin Poll
    Palinista Poll

    US for Palin polled supporters to see where we as a community stand on wanting Sarah Palin to run for President in 2016. It’s no contest. It doesn’t even come close: 86% of Palin supporters want her to run. That said, we need to understand popular demand is only one of many factors Sarah Palin will consider in making her final decision.

    1,230 Facebook Likes.

  9. Palin 2016 Actions, Statements
    Sarah Palin in blue

    This page presents a chronology of all Palin 2016 Actions and statements as they become known to us. Some Palin 2016 Actions and Statements suggested she intended to run, while others suggested she does not. Documenting everything provided the complete context to be considered when viewing Palin 2016 Actions and Statements against her final decision.

    This page correctly concluded that Sarah Palin is not running for President in 2016.

    1,240 Facebook Likes.

  11. Three Stories Tied for the Number 15 Slot in the 2015 Palin Top 20
  12. Happy 51st Birthday Todd Palin

    Sarah and Todd Palin at Belmont Racetrack

    Happy 51st Birthday to Todd Mitchell Palin who was born today, September 6 in 1964. He was Sarah Heath’s high school sweetheart and on August 29, 1988, they married. Since then, Todd has been Gov. Palin’s rock of support as she has said so many times. When she served as Alaska’s governor, Todd was known as the “First Dude.”

    Sarah Palin Honors SEALs Aboard USS Iowa

    Sarah Palin honors Navy SEALs

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin honors SEALs aboard the USS Iowa at a dinner gala and auction held by the SEAL-NSW Family Foundation.

    To Save an Exceptional Nation – Sarah Palin

    B&W Sarah Palin Composite

    Sarah, I have hit a point were I see nothing happening. We work hard to get people elected. Maybe one out of 20 stands up. It’s sad. One who was elected this past election cycle said, “I will never join the Black Caucus.” The first thing she did was join the Black Caucus. It’s as if the moment they take the Oath of Office their brains change, and anything they stood for leaves until the next election cycle. Then, their “values” magically appear again.

    1,360 Facebook Likes.


  13. Will Go Where God Leads – Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin USA Today

    “I will go where God leads me,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said on Good day LA and KTUU. she was promoting the second season of amazing America. The host asked her whether she preferred to be on TV or be in politics, when she responded that she “will go where God leads me.”

    1,380 Facebook Likes

  15. Poll: Should Sarah Palin Run? GOP? Indy?
    Sarah Palin Fork in the Road

    Are you a fan or supporter of Sarah Palin? Should Sarah Palin run for President? If yes, should she seek the GOP nomination or should she strike out on her own and run as an independent?

    1,500 Facebook Likes

  17. Two stories tied for the Number 12 Slot in the 2015 Palin Top 20…
  18. What a Woman Can Do 2015 – Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin USA Today 2

    Today is International Women’s Day and this is Women’s History Month. It is a good day to reflect on what a woman can do – specifically, Sarah Palin….

    Run Sarah Says 58% of Tea Party News Network Poll

    Tea Party Poll

    Run Sarah – that’s what the result of a Tea Party News Network poll launched last week says. With 10,710 votes cast, 6,194 or 58% of those polled said Run Sarah. The remainder – 4,516 or 42% said she should not run.

    1,550 Facebook Likes

  19. Two stories tied for the Number 11 Slot in the 2015 Palin Top 20…
  20. Yes We Can Beat Hillary! – Sarah Palin IAFreedom Summit
    Iowa Freedom Summit

    Yes We Can beat Hillary, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today said at the Iowa Freedom Summit. Yes We Can beat Hillary by going on the offensive and telling the truth she said. Gov. Palin said it was time for bold conservative colors, no pale establishment pastels. Yes We Can Beat Hillary with principled conservatives – no retreads.

    Sarah Palin Could Shake Up 2016 Field – Boston Herald

    Iowa Freedom Summit 2

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could shake up the 2016 field, GOP analysts told the Boston Herald. She has huge star power, huge fund-raising abilities, a huge following, and prior experience as a VP candidate. US for Palin’s market research survey in 2013 showed she has almost 100% name recognition.

    1,560 Facebook Likes

  21. Two stories tied for the Number 10 Slot in the 2015 Palin Top 20…
  22. Sarah Palin Should Run to Excite Dull Contest – Toronto Star

    Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin should run, because the current field is “a dull contest dominated by white males with no charisma,” Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star wrote. He said while the political elite has “dismissed her as a toxic joke,” her supporters have become increasingly vocal in calling for her to run.

    Would Not Be in Senate if Not for Sarah Palin: Cruz, CPAC ’13

    Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz

    “Let me tell you something. I would not be in the U.S. Senate today, if it were not for Governor Sarah Palin,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said at CPAC 2013 as he introduced her. His statement is at the 2:21 mark in the video. “She is fearless, she is principled, she is courageous and she is a mama grizzly.”

    1,580 Facebook Likes

  23. Sarah Palin is Perfect Example of Founding Fathers’ Vision – Ted Nugent

    Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin is the perfect example of what our founding fathers envisioned Ted Nugent told talk show host Lars Larson. She embodied self-government as a city council woman, mayor and governor. Nugent twice said Sarah Palin is his hero. He spoke about her resignation, and said she did right to transfer power. Leftist mongrels ground the state to a halt with their BS ethics charges.

    1,620 Facebook Likes

  25. Gov Palin Arrives in Israel, Visits Wailing Wall, Prays Near Holy of Holies

    2015 Palin Top 20

    Our modernization, SEO work and re-release of this 2011 classic went from nearly nothing to the Number 8 slot in no time flat….

    1,720 Facebook Likes

  27. If You Love Your Freedom, Thank a Vet – Sarah Palin

    2015 Palin Top 20

    I was honored to speak at CPAC this year about the issues facing our veterans — our brightest and best! Enjoy this video from CPAC and please remember, if you love your freedom, thank a vet!

    1,750 Facebook Likes

  29. Sarah Palin Outranks Entire GOP Field on Social Media

    2015 Palin Top 20

    Sarah Palin outranks the entire GOP field for social media influence. Even despite much less activity over the past four months, Sarah Palin’s Klout score is higher than all the declared candidates and those exploring a 2016 run.

    1,760 Facebook Likes

  31. Over My Dead Body…

    2015 Palin Top 20

    Our re-share of Sarah Palin’s “Over my Dead Body” graphic was a solid performer. Her threat to ISIS which is killing babies with Down Syndrome and other congenital disorders earned the number five slot in the 2015 Palin Top 20.

    1,770 Facebook Likes

  33. Sarah Palin Takes on Big Oil
    2015 Palin Top 20

    Originally re-written in 2014, our re-release propelled it to the number four slot.

    As you read Sarah Takes on Big Oil, you will see what we have all been writing about and why we stand with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Tom Irwin, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources who is quoted in the book said it best. “She is a real leader, our governor is grounded in a fundamental of honesty, integrity, her faith and understanding of the Constitution. I’ve never seen her once, ever, come close to the bright line of wanting to violate those.”

    1,840 Facebook Likes

  35. I am a Christian
    2015 Palin Top 20

    Our re-share of Sarah Palin’s hashtag #IamaChristian propelled itself to the number three slot.

    2,100 Facebook Likes

  37. Happy 51st Birthday, Sarah
    2015 Palin Top 20

    On February 11, 1964 at 1630 / 4:30 PM PST a Providential Journey began…now it’s your 51st birthday….

    4,100 Facebook Likes

  39. I am a Sarah Palin Supporter

    2015 Palin Top 20

    Oh, I have read the good, the bad, and the ugly written by so many so-called journalists, haters, and even a few so-called supporters.

    As a Sarah Palin supporter, I have been called an “idiot,” “cult follower,” and a few other choice names. I’m sure you have as a Sarah Palin supporter. You know that doesn’t really bother me. I just wish those who write their comments and articles could just put an iota of truth in what they write.

    4,710 Facebook Likes



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    I think if Trump is our nominee a cabinet position is perfect.
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