Mark Levin: Sarah Palin ‘absolutely correct’ about GOP


On his radio program Monday, Mark Levin said Gov. Palin was “absolutely correct” when she said that the Republican Party fails to honor the planks of its own platform, conservatives may leave the GOP to become independents or possibly join a third party:

Video courtesy of SarahNET | Cross-posted at The SPJ

– JP

  • john norton

    The answer is a very simple one replace the leadership totally replace the old guard with all Conservatives with Steve King at their head leading the House Conservatives in a overtake of the GOPe ,used to be…

  • john norton

    Then in 2014 take the Senate bk,install Ted Cruz and thn paving the way for your’s truely…

    • Ron Devito

      I like your plan – a new first party raising a banner of Bold Colors….