700+ Greet Gov. Palin in Bethlehem


69 News reported that over 700 people attended Gov. Palin’s first Good Tidings book signing stop in Bethlehem, PA yesterday.


Kevin Scholla, Breitbart Sports Columnist, host of the Palin Radio Update on SarahNET Radio provided his dispatch, followed by an expanded dispatch on Breitbart.

The event was billed to run from at 6 PM-8 PM, but because the crowd was so large the signing went on almost two hours longer than scheduled. Palin seemed as fresh and enthusiastic at the end of the night as she was at the beginning, which was made more impressive because she had spent the whole day doing interviews with various outlets to promote her book.

A young man with Down Syndrome approached Palin and you could see an unmistakable connection. Palin wrote his name in his book and included a special message. A Christmas gift for the ages.

In a subsequent dispatch, Scholla added interviews from more fans and supporters.




Photo Copyright © Shealah Craighead


Photo Copyright © Shealah Craighead

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