A Surprise from Sarah Palin!


Ed. Note: This story originally ran briefly on Sunday, March 21, 2010, just before ObamaCare was passed. It is being re-promoted to the top of the stack today. Much has been written about the ugliness in our political discourse this week. This story gives a sweet glimpse at who Gov. Palin is as a human being, and why she is our Sarah. Enjoy.

When I was home over Christmas break, my friend Rachelle Friberg and I talked about sending Sarah Palin a gift for her birthday.  We knew we wanted the gift to be unique, something that came from the heart, and something that Sarah could have in her possession for a life time!  So Rachelle and I did some thinking, and the the help from a dear friend of Sarah, we came up with an idea.

We picked out a beautiful coverlet and had Rachelle’s mom embroider several quotes from people who Sarah admires and looks up to.  We also added some powerful quotes from Sarah Palin herself because we look to her as a role model as she looks up to the many individuals represented on the coverlet.

On Wednesday, we came to find out that Sarah received our gift and she was gracious enough to take a picture with it!  I couldn’t believe it!  Getting the email with this photo put a huge smile on my face.  Rachelle and I were not expecting anything in return.  We just wanted to send a gift to Sarah Palin for her birthday because she deserved it!

Sarah, thank you for all that you do.  You have inspired me to be the best I can possibly be!  I have learned from you to never let anyone change who you are and to always stand by what you believe in no matter what others think.  Continue to do what you do best-continue to be the wonderful wife and mother that you are and also continue to represent and speak put for the American people!

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