Master List of Gov. Palin’s 2015 Accomplishments

Master List of Gov. Palin's 2015 Accomplishments

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond

2015 Master List of Gov. Palin’s Accomplishments

2015 Accomplishments – This page compiles all of Gov. Palin’s news and accomplishments for 2015.

Amazing America, Sportsman Channel

Candidate Endorsements, Stumping

Candidates Endorsed: 0

Primary / Runoff Elections Held*: 0

Primary Election Wins: 0

Candidates Elected**: 0

2015 Endorsement Success Rate: No Candidates Endorsed

*In cases involving a runoff, we are counting the runoff as the election having been held for purposes of calculating the success rate of Gov. Palin’s endorsements.

**The number of Candidates Elected increments only on special and general elections. Should a candidate be endorsed during a primary and win the primary, the endorsement success carries over to the point of the general election. Should such a candidate win the general, the Endorsement Success Rate remains unchanged. Should a primary season endorsed candidate lose the general, the loss is docked against the Endorsement Success Rate.

Prior Years’ Endorsement Success Rates:


2014 Overall: 59.46% (22 out of 37 candidates)
2014 General Only: 82.35% (14 out of 17 candidates)
2013 Overall: 50% (1 out of 2 candidates)
2012 Overall: 57.14% (8 out of 14 candidates)
2012 Primaries Only: 75% (6 out of 8 candidates)
2011 Overall: No Endorsements
2010 Overall: 67.9% (55 out of 81 candidates)
2010 Take Back the 20: 90% (18 out of 20 candidates)
2009 Overall: 67.67% (two out of three candidates)

Overall Average 2009 – 2014:

60.43% – Rounded:

Please see: Endorsement Success Rates for important information on how Endorsement Success is calculated; what Endorsement Success is and is not; and what constitutes an endorsement.

Charity, Humanitarian Work, Philanthropy, Causes

SHOT Show 2015 – January 22

Sarah Palin fed wild boar to 1,000 needy for the Salvation Army for Sportsman Channel’s Hunt.Fish.Feed event. This was part of our SHOTSHOW 2015 story.

SHOTSHOW2015 – Sarah Palin, Sportsman Channel

Editorials, Columns, Sarah Palin Channel, Facebook Posts, Tweets, SarahPAC


Gov. Palin: Merry Christmas! – Facebook Status – December 26

Gov. Palin Shared – GOP Gave Away the Store – Facebook Status – December 23

Breitbart News EXCLUSIVE – Sarah Palin: Congressional GOP Are Abusers And We’re Their Battered Wife – Breitbart News, Facebook Status – December 19, 2015

Gov. Palin: I don’t necessarily like to be known as a “politician.” – Facebook Status – December 18

Gov. Palin: Informative, energizing time at CNN’s GOP debate in Vegas – Facebook Status – December 16

Gov. Palin: ISIS Declares Death to Children with Down Syndrome. Note to Muslim Terrorists: Over my Dead Body. Sincerely, Sarah Palin – Facebook Status – December 16

Gov. Palin: Great Discussions on The Lead, Politics on Tap – Facebook Status – December 16

Gov. Palin: About to join Jake Tapper on CNN’s “The Lead” live from Las Vegas! – Facebook Status – December 15

Gov. Palin: Thank You CNN, Double Barrel, Jake Tapper for Great Event – Facebook Status – December 15

Gov. Palin Shared: People Magazine ->
‘Over My Dead Body’ – Sarah Palin Throws Down the Gauntlet with ISIS After Group Allegedly Targeted Babies with Down Syndrome
– Facebook Status – December 15

Gov. Palin: ISIS Declares Death to Children With Down Syndrome – Facebook Status – December 14

Gov. Palin: The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – December 14

Breitbart EXCLUSIVE – Sarah Palin: Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and 16 Centuries of Christian France – – Facebook Status – December 14

Gov. Palin Shared – Praising A&E’s Down Syndrome Docu-Series ‘Born This Way,’ Sarah Palin Talks Faith and Son Trig – Facebook Status – December 11

Gov. Palin: I know it’s easier said than done, but be governed by faith not fear! ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – December 11

Gov. Palin: Gov’t Isn’t Sifting Pro-Americans From Those Following Sharia – Facebook Status – December 10

Gov. Palin Shared – Faith gives you an inner strength, a sense of balance and perspective in life” – Facebook Status – December 9

Gov. Palin: Hey, Media, Try Again To Take Down Trump (and Cruz for Understanding the Trump Context) – Facebook Status – December 9

Gov. Palin: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – December 8

Gov. Palin Shared: – Sarah Palin Books Sell Out at California Gun Range Signing – Facebook Status – December 7

Gov. Palin: Catch my discussion on ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ with Mario Lopez tonight on ‪#‎ExtraTV‬ – Facebook Status – December 7

Gov. Palin: Happy Hanukkah – Facebook Status – December 7

Gov. Palin Shared Daily Signal – Pearl Harbor Day: Remembering the ‘Unbounding Determination’ of the American People – Facebook Status – December 7

Gov. Palin: But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. Psalm 39:7 ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – December 7

Gov. Palin: Journalists/Law Enforcement = Screw Up – Facebook Status – December 6

Gov. Palin: Thank You to all who Celebrated Sweet Freedom at the Range! – Facebook Status – December 6

Gov. Palin: Join us at Oak Tree Gun Club for Sweet Freedom Book Signing – Facebook Status – December 5

Sarah Palin Interview with Mario Lopez Airs 12/7 on ExtraTV – Facebook Status – December 4

Gov. Palin: This is how we know what love is… – Facebook Status – December 4

Gov. Palin: Thank You YAF, Reagan Ranch for Great Lunch, Discussion – Facebook Status – December 4

Gov. Palin: Honored to be at the The Reagan Ranch Center – Facebook Status – December 4

Gov. Palin: Life happens. Deal with it – Facebook Status – December 4

Gov. Palin: Sweet Freedom Limited Edition on Sale – Facebook Status – December 2

SarahPAC: Still Time to Receive Signed Copy of Sweet Freedom w/ $75 Donation – SarahPAC – December 2

Gov. Palin Shared – Children With Down Syndrome Recreate Famous Paintings To Prove That Everyone Is A Work Of Art – Facebook Status – December 2

Gov. Palin: Get Your Chin Up; Look to God – Facebook Status – December 2

Gov. Palin: Watch Me Discuss Sweet Freedom at Reagan Ranch – Facebook Status – December 2

Gov. Palin Confirms SoCal Book Signing 12/5 – Facebook Status – December 1


Gov. Palin Shared – Dana Loesch: “So Glad Sweet Freedom is out there” – Facebook Status – November 30

Gov. Palin Shared – Kevin Scholla: “Sweet Freedom an Incredible Book” -Facebook Status – November 30

Gov. Palin: Today, try to remember it’s our responsibility to always tell the truth—including calling a sin a sin. ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – November 29

Gov. Palin: Prayers for Col. Springs victims, families – Facebook Status – November 28

Gov. Palin: Desperately need CIC for such a time as this – Facebook Status – November 28

Gov. Palin: Sweet Freedom Almost a Norman Rockwell Type Thing – Facebook Status – November 27

Gov. Palin: Give Thanks – Facebook Status – November 26

Gov. Palin: God’s Mercy Shines Down in Deep Sorrow, Confusion – Facebook Status – November 25

Gov. Palin: thanks @RealDonaldTrump for your “Sweet Freedom” shout out! – Facebook Status – November 24

Gov. Palin Shared: Laura Ingraham – Sweet Freedom Wonderful Way to Decompress from Crazy Day

Gov. Palin Shared: Tom Sullivan – Sweet Freedom About Looking at Word of God as Guding Light – Facebook Status – November 24

Gov. Palin Shared: Bieber’s latest concert ‘like a church service’ – Facebook Status – November 24

Gov. Palin: The Bible doesn’t give us the option of wallowing in self-pity. ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – November 24

Gov. Palin: Thanks to the “Great One” Mark Levin for his shout out to “Sweet Freedom” – Facebook Status – November 24


12:35 [AM Nov. 24] on Late Night with Seth Meyers, NBC!” – Facebook Status – November 23

Right on Dana Loesch – thanks for the ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ shout out, keep shooting straight! – Facebook Status – November 23

Robin Roberts pillar of strength, fairness in today’s journalism – Facebook Status – November 23

Gov. Palin: Discouraged About State of Nation? God is our Strength! – Facebook Status – November 23

SarahPAC: Need Strong Leader to Destroy ISIS – Email Fund-raiser – November 23

Gov. Palin: #‎sweetfreedom‬ Make every place you go the happiest place on earth! – Facebook Status – November 21

Gov. Palin: Dashed off a quick response to Adele’s recent comments – Facebook Status – November 21

Gov. Palin: we are all created in the image of God. ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – November 20

Gov. Palin Shared: Mama Grizzly Unplugged: Sarah Palin Talks Trump, Feminism, Populism, PC Outrage, Islam, & ‘Sweet Freedom’ in Hour-Long ‘Breitbart News Daily’ Special – Facebook Status – November 20

Gov. Palin: Thrilled to be back in Orlando! – Facebook Status – November 20

Please join me at Books-A-Million – Facebook Status – November 18

Gov. Palin: JESUS WOULD FIGHT FOR OUR SECOND AMENDMENT – Facebook Status – November 18

Gov. Palin: Buy Sweet Freedom– Facebook Status – November 18

Gov. Palin: Signing Sweet Freedom for Louic C.K. at LGA – Facebook Status – November 17

Gov. Palin: Bidding adieu to the Big Apple for now – Facebook Status – November 17

SarahPAC: Faith is cornerstone of nation, future – SarahPAC Email – November 17

Chatting w/A.J Calloway about ‪#‎SweetFreedom ‬ – Facebook Status – November 17″

Gov. Palin: Thanks for your support of ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬! – Facebook Status – November 17

Gov. Palin: Joining Sean Hannity on FOX News tonight to discuss ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬– Facebook Status – November 17 (Pre-empted by Air France flight diversions)

Gov. Palin: Joining Robin Roberts live on Good Morning America right now to discuss ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ – Facebook Status – November 17

Gov. Palin: Honored to meet Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Florent Groberg at Fox & Friends this morning – Facebook Status – November 17

Gov. Palin: Joining Fox & Friends at 7:30 AM to spread the message of ‪#‎SweetFreedom‬ !– Facebook Status – November 17

Gov. Palin: My new book Sweet Freedom is FINALLY in bookstores! – Facebook Status – November 16

Gov. Palin: Sweet Freedom Book Signing Stop, Orlando, FL – Facebook Status – November 15

Gov. Palin: Sweet Freedom Book Signing Stop, Concord, NC – Facebook Status – November 15

Gov. Palin: Great to visit with Donald J. Trump in NYC – Facebook Status – November 15

Gov. Palin: From St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC – Facebook Status – November 14

Gov. Palin: With my favorite standup comedian (and favorite nephew-living-in-NYC!); – Facebook Status – November 14

Gov. Palin: honor the bravest souls in our country’s history – Facebook Status – November 11

Gov. Palin: Prayers for Paris Attack Victims – Facebook Status – November 13

Gov. Palin Shared: The Media Assault on Ben Carson Is Worse Than Malice — It’s Incompetence – Facebook Status – November 10

Gov. Palin: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! – Facebook Status – November 10

Gov. Palin Shared: NewsMAX’s Top 100 Pro-Life Advocates – Facebook Status – November 7

Gov. Palin: “First Dude” has been taken for sometime now – Facebook Status – November 6

Gov. Palin: Another Obama Screw Up – Facebook Status – November 6

Gov. Palin: Congratulations Kentucky! – Facebook Status – November 4

Gov. Palin: Love! – First Female Jockey Wins Melbourne Cup, with Down-Syndrome Brother as Groom – Facebook Status – November 4

Gov. Palin: Sen. Sasse Has Guts, Gumption to Address America’s Foundational Problems – Facebook Status – November 3



Gov. Palin Shared: Funny: Bad lip-reading — the first Democratic debate – – Facebook Status – October 30

Gov. Palin: Finally it occurs to folks this idiotic practice of “throwing GOP candidates to the wolves”? – Facebook Status – October 30

Gov. Palin: John Nolte – we need to thank God you’re there, calling out unethical reporters – Facebook Status – October 29

Gov. Palin Shared: Time for Truth Ted Cruz Anthem – Facebook Status – October 29

Gov. Palin: Having a “sweet” time recording the audio version of my new book “Sweet Freedom – Facebook Status – October 27

Sarah Palin to Tell NewsMax Who Won 3rd GOP Debate – Facebook Status – October 27

Gov. Palin Shared: No, The Tea Party Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Waiting. – Facebook Status – October 27

“Sarah Palin was right: Look where Russia is building a HUGE military base.” – Facebook Status – October 27

Gov. Palin Shared: Bill Daley Blames Sarah Palin for Obama’s Mess – Facebook Status – October 26

Gov. Palin: ‘Good job, shepherd’ on Bizarre Anti-2A Rant – Facebook Status – October 19

HAPPY BIRTHDAY(s)! – Facebook Status – October 18

OBAMA’S IMPOTENCE; WHY HE CAN’T “DRILL, BABY, DRILL” – Facebook Status – October 16

Gov. Palin: @spannsworld – thank you for your courage, and support! – Facebook Status – October 7

The Iconic Drudge – His Interview! And, Disliking Facebook – Facebook Status – October 7

#‎IamaChristian‬ – Facebook Status – Oceober 3

Ronald Reagan Tribute — Bel Air Presbyterian Church – Facebook Status – October 2

Gov. Palin: Please watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s UN speech – Facebook Status – October 1


SarahPAC: Who Should Be the Next Speaker of the House? – Facebook Status – September 28

Gov. Palin: Reasons to applaud Dean Cain: superb acting skills, unconventional courage in Hollywood – Facebook Status – September 25

Breitbart Exclusive — Sarah Palin To Boehner: Enjoy Lobbying, Golf – Breitbart News – September 25

“Paleo Palin” – Facebook Status – September 23

Gov. Palin: Winter’s Arrival Made Sweet – Facebook Status – September 22

Gov. Palin: Obama – Is It Too Much To Defend Christianity? – Facebook Status – September 21

Gov. Palin Shared: Pope Francis – More Zeal Protecting Other Species than Human Beings – Facebook Photo – September 20

Gov. Palin: Obama Admin Slams Conservative School as ‘Not a Real College'” – Facebook Status – September 20

Sarah Palin Cleans Obama’s Clock on Muslim Teen’s Sketchy Device – Facebook Status – September 20, 2015

Gov. Palin: Kasich to Sign Bill Outlawing Down Syndrome Abortions – Facebook Status – September 20, 2015

Gov. Palin: I Guess Muhammad’s Pencil Box is Cooler Than the Palin Kids’ – Facebook Status – September 19, 2015

Gov. Palin: Great to visit with amazing team at Regnery Publishing – Facebook Status – September 11

Gov. Palin: 911 Never Forget – Facebook Status – September 11

Gov. Palin: Bristol Recaps Anti-Nukes Rally – Facebook Status – September 11

Gov. Palin: Don’t Reward Terrorism. Kill it! – Facebook Status – September 10

Gov. Palin: More Things Change More They Stay Same in Orwellian Obama World – Facebook Status – September 8

Gov. Palin – Vets are heroes America has always relied on – Facebook Status – September 7

Gov. Palin: Will Rally in D.C. Against Asinine Iran Deal – Facebook Status – September 6

Gov Palin: Patriotic Superstar Lee Brice Rocks AK State Fair – Facebook Status- September 6

Gov. Palin to be on CNN State of the Union Sep 6 9 AM, Noon ET – Facebook Status – September 5

Gov Palin – What the Prez Didn’t See from Alaska – Facebook Status – September 4

Gov. Palin Shared: Prager University – The Nuclear Deal with Iran -Facebook Status – September 1


Gov. Palin: WTH, Lamestream Media! Stay Out of my Bible – Facebook Status – August 28

Gov. Palin: ESPN a Journalistic Embarrassment – Facebook Status – August 28, 2015

Sarah Palin interviews Monsignor Christopher Nalty on “On Point” – Facebook Status – August 26

On Point with Gov. Sarah Palin & WeBeSisters ‘Diamond & Silk’ – Facebook Status – August 26

Gov. Palin: Thanks Renee Bargh for stopping by the ‪#‎OnPoint‬ set – Facebook Status – August 25

Palin Cousin’s Son Leaves for Boot Camp – Facebook Status – August 25

SarahPAC – Caption This – SarahPAC – August 24

Gov. Palin – Stand With Rand Rally Anchorage, AK – Facebook Status – August 24

Gov. Palin: Temporary Return to Journalism Roots – Facebook Status – August 23

Planned Parenthood: When Shipping Dead Baby Heads, Make Sure Eyes are Closed – Facebook Status – August 23

Gov. Palin – Georgia’s Heart of Gold – Facebook Status – August 22

Gov. Palin: Thankful Thursday – Facebook Status – August 20

Gov. Palin: Abuse of Birthright Citizenship Unacceptable to Americans – Facebook Status- August 20

Gov. Palin: Classified Series – Orange is the New Black – Facebook Status – August 18

Gov. Palin Shared: EPA Pollutes River – Facebook Status – August 17

Gov. Palin: Publicly Expose Classified Info – Prison; Privately – President? – Facebook Status – August 17

Gov. Palin: Happy National Airborne Day – Facebook Status – August 17

Gov. Palin Accepts Eric Erickson’s “After-you-have-been-busted” Apology – Facebook Status – August 14

Gov. Palin: Glad for strong lineup of 2016 candidates – Facebook Status – August 12

Gov. Palin Shared: #OffTarget Target’s Gender-Neutral PC Absurdity – Facebook Status – August 11

Gov Palin: Who do you think won the Fox debate? VOTE NOW! – Facebook Status – August 6

Gov Palin – Happy 225th Birthday U.S. Coast Guard
– Facebook Status – August 4

Gov. Palin: Alexis de Tocqueville Offered Solutions – Facebook Status – August 2


Gov Palin: 7 Years Ago Obama Targeting Conservatives Unbelievable – Facebook Status – August 6

Gov Palin: Trump Stumps Media Kingmakers -Facebook Status – July 31

Gov Palin: Proud AK new home of the Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital – Facebook Status – July 31

Very Few Americans Trust The Federal Government – Sarah Palin Channel – July 31

Gov. Palin: Thank you, Sens Fischer, Ernst for leading fight to ‪#‎DefundPlannedParenthood‬! – Facebook Status – July 30

Joining The O'Reilly Factor tonight on FOX News at 8:00 PM – Facebook Status – July 29

Gov. Palin: Obama Calls Y’all Crazy, America. Says Americans Having Guns is Worse Than Islamic Terrorism – Facebook Status – July 29

Gov Palin: BlackLivesMatter….Even in the Womb – Facebook Status – July 29

Is Convention Of States a “Constitutional Convention? – Sarah Palin Channel – July 29

School Choice: Saving Public Education – Sarah Palin Channel – July 27

#DefundPlannedParenthood – Sarah Palin – Six Facebook Statuses – July 25 – 27

Gov. Palin – Abortion: Greatest Destroyer of Love, Peace – Facebook Status – July 25

Gov. Palin: Prayers for Chick-Fil-A Founder Family – Facebook Status – July 24

The Resolve To Lead And Succeed – Sarah Palin Channel – July 24

Gov. Palin – Planned Parenthood: do you really think any parent planned for THIS? – Facebook Status – July 23

Gov. Palin: Shut Down Planned Parenthood – Facebook Status – July 22

Gov Palin: Happy Birthday (all week), Payton! – Facebook Status – July 22

“McFarland, USA” – Sarah Palin Channel – July 22

Gov. Palin – Planned Parenthood Haggles over Baby Body Parts: 2nd Vid – Facebook Status – July 21

Gov. Palin: Demand Obama Lower the Flag – Facebook Status – July 20

Gov. Palin: McCain, Trump Heroes in Their Arenas – Facebook Status – July 20

Defending Our Indispensable Freedom – Sarah Palin Channel – July 20

Criminalize Actual Crime, Not Gun Ownership – Sarah Palin Channel – July 17

Pray Madness Driving Murder Sprees Ceases – July 16

The Courage To Save Our Nation – Sarah Palin Channel – July 15

Palins: Invasion of the Baby Body Part Snatchers – Two Facebook Statuses – July 14

A very happy birthday to a special friend – Franklin Graham – Facebook Status – July 14

The Proper View Of The Presidency – Sarah Palin Channel – July 13

Gov Palin: Happy Birthday Jason Recher – Facebook Status – July 11, 2015

Real Health Care Reform Vs. Obamacare – Sarah Palin Channel – July 10

Gov Palin: Crosshairs are Back – Facebook Status – July 9

Gov. Palin: Liberals are famous for conveniently rewriting their history – Facebook Status – July 8

Gov. Palin: Second Amendment Saves Lives! – Facebook Status – July 8

Wisconsin Witch Hunt – Sarah Palin Channel – July 8

Gov. Palin Shared: Greta Van Susteren – Operation Heal Our Patriots! – Facebook Status – July 7

Gov Palin: Happy Birthday Mrs. Reagan! – Facebook Status – July 6

Veterans Independence Act – Sarah Palin Channel – July 6

Gov. Palin: Congratulations to Team USA for their amazing Women’s World Cup victory! ‪#‎FightLikeAGirl‬ – Facebook Status – July 5

Happy Fourth of July! – Sarah Palin Channel – July 4

Gov. Palin: Happy Fourth of July! – Facebook Status – July 4

Gov. Palin: Remembering last 4th of July family reunion in Coeur d’Alene – Facebook Status- July 3

Honoring Selfless Heroes – Sarah Palin Channel – July 3

Debt And “Taxing The Rich” – Sarah Palin Channel – July 1


Raising Patriots – Sarah Palin Channel – June 29

Gov. Palin: YOU are the success of SarahPAC! – Facebook Status – June 29

Gov. Palin: An Appeal to Heaven – Facebook Status – June 27

Gov. Palin: Too much to ask "Constitutional Scholars" to be faithful to the Constitution? – Facebook Status – June 26

Religious Liberty – Sarah Palin Channel – June 24

Gov Palin: Politicians to Create $10 Bill Featuring Woman – Facebook Status – June 23

Still No Obama Plan To Defeat ISIS – Sarah Palin Channel – June 22

Gov Palin: Why can’t politics be put aside in the wake of South Carolina’s mourning? – Facebook Status – June 20

Flag Day Should be Everyday – Sarah Palin Channel – June 19

Gov Palin: Sincere Sorrow on this Day of Darkness – Facebook Status – June 19

Gov Palin: Gretchen Carson – “Getting Real” – Facebook Status – June 17

Moose Meat: It’s What’s For Dinner! – Sarah Palin Channel – June 17

Gov. Palin: Trump Doing Something Right, Press Malcontents Go Ballistic – Facebook Status – June 17

Gov. Palin: Encouraging to see strength, diversity GOP offers voters as 2016 race unfolds – Facebook Status – June 15

Gov Palin: Alaska is home of the most diverse place in America – Facebook Status – June 15

Gov Palin: Hey Girls! You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Government to Succeed! – Facebook Status – June 15

Gov Palin: Backwards PC Judges on Color not Character – Facebook Status – June 12

Mom-In-Chief: The Best Title Of All – Sarah Palin Channel – June 12

Gov. Palin: Didn’t We Learn Last Time About Obama’s Fast-Track Deals? – Facebook Status – June 12

Submit Your Flag Day Pics – SarahPAC – June 11, 2015

Gov. Palin: Thank you for this reminder, friends in the great state of Minnesota! – Facebook Status – June 10

Remembering the Bus Tour – Sarah Palin Channel – June 9, 2015

Gov. Palin to be on Hannity Tonight 10 ET – Facebook Status – June 8

Gov. Palin: Family grows with a new critter! – Facebook Status – June 7

Gov. Palin: God bless our Greatest Generation for the sacrifices they made for our freedom – Facebook Status – June 6

Funding Future Favors? – Sarah Palin Channel – June 5

Gov. Palin: Radical Libs in Media are Disgusting Hypocrites – Facebook Status – June 4

Gov Palin: Clinton Cash Scandals Keep Piling Up – Facebook Status – June 3

Gov. Palin: A Coach with Influential Integrity – Facebook Status – June 2, 2015

Spending Snafu Benefits Spanish Speakers – Sarah Palin Channel – June 2


Gov. Palin: Prayers With Biden Family – Facebook Status – May 31

Gov. Palin: Yet Another Anti-Freedom Politico Runs for POTUS – Facebook Status – May 30

Gov Palin: Every Day is Memorial Day – Facebook Status – May 28

Patriotism Challenged – Sarah Palin Channel – May 28

Obama’s “Less Than Loving” Christian Comments – Sarah Palin Channel – May 26

Gov Palin: Don’t Forget Selfless Souls Who Made Freedom Possible – Facebook Status – May 25

Gov. Palin: Here’s to any and all looking for a bridge over troubled waters – Facebook Status – May 23

Gov. Palin: Memorial Day – In Case You Thought it was BBQ Day – Facebook Status – May 21

Who Will Take On VA Reform? – Sarah Palin Channel – May 20

Gov. Palin: Celebrating Last Day of School – Facebook Status – May 19

Gov. Palin: Jihad on the March Must be Stopped – Facebook Status – May 18

Gov. Palin: Bristol/Dakota Wedding Off 5/23; Dakota Legally Divorced Years Ago – Facebook Status – May 18

No Endorsement…Yet – Sarah Palin Channel – May 18

Gov Palin to Attend SEAL-NSW Family Foundation fundraiser Aboard USS Iowa – Facebook Status – May 16

California’s Water Politics – Sarah Palin Channel – May 11

Gov Palin: Hand that Rocks the Cradle Makes the World Go Round… – Facebook Status – May 10

Gov. Palin – Never Outgunned – Facebook Status – May 9

Gov Palin: Never Allow God to Booted from Public Square – Facebook Status – May 8

Gun Free Doesn’t Equal Crime Free – Sarah Palin Channel – May 8

What About the Children? – Sarah Palin Channel – May 7

Nanny State’s Sugar Tax – Sarah Palin Channel – May 5

The True Environmentalists – Sarah Palin Channel – May 4

Gov. Palin: Obama Dangerously Compromised America’s Interests – Facebook Status – May 2


Bad Choice – Sarah Palin Channel – April 30

Gov. Palin – The Slap Heard ‘Round the World – Facebook Status – April 29

Stop Sowing Waste – Sarah Palin Channel – April 28

Immigration Mess – Sarah Palin Channel – April 27

Win a Hockey Stick Signed by Gov. Palin! – SarahPAC – April 24

Gov. Palin: Happy Happy Happy Birthday Phil – Facebook Status – April 24

Brave Women – Sarah Palin Channel – April 24

Gov. Palin: Congratulations to our friend Marylou Whitney “First Lady of the Oaks”! – Facebook Status – April 23

SPC – Lerner And DOJ: Too Close For Comfort – Sarah Palin Channel – April 22

Gov Palin – Celebrating the boys’ birthdays – in new snow on 4/20! – Facebook Status – April 21

Gov. Palin: Taya Kyle shows her strength, grace again last night at ACM! – Facebook Status – April 20

Standing Up For Christians – Sarah Palin Channel – April 20

Shared by Gov Palin: Game-Changing New Video that Drops Bomb on Hillary – Facebook Status – April 18

SarahPAC: What Hillary Moment was the Biggest Scandal? – SarahPAC – April 17

Defamation: Reid’s Go-To Tactic – Sarah Palin Channel – April 17

End The ATF – Sarah Palin Channel – April 16

Thank a Vet – Sarah Palin Channel – April 14

Obama Builds As Veterans Die – Sarah Palin Channel – April 10

Gold Star Wives – Sarah Palin Channel – April 9

Defending The Second Amendment – Sarah Palin Channel – April 8

Take a Mulligan Mr. President – SarahPAC – April 7

Why A Convention Of States Is Safe: Debunking The Myth Of A Runaway Convention – Sarah Palin Channel – April 7

Fighting Common Core – Sarah Palin Channel – April 6

Gov. Palin: Happy Easter! – Facebook Status – April 5

Obama’s Defense of a Traitor Over True American Patriots – Sarah Palin Channel – April 4

The Mainstream Media’s Idea of a Traitor – Sarah Palin Channel – April 3

Gov. Palin Shared: Dakota Meyer on How to Stop ISIS – Facebook Status – April 3.

SarahPAC: You Won’t Even Believe This! Not Even Nixon… – SarahPAC – April 3

Obamacare Before The Supreme Court, Again – Sarah Palin Channel – April 1


Federal Government Makes Nearly $125 Billion In Improper Payments – Sarah Palin Channel – March 31

Gaming The Immigration System – Sarah Palin Channel – March 30

Gov. Palin: U.S. Citizen Who Joins Terror Groups Should be Revoked – Facebook Video – March 27

Free Speech on Campus – Sarah Palin Channel – March 27

Gov. Palin: Obama Prisoner Swap High Crimes, Misdemeanors – Facebook Status – March 26

Gov Palin: Dolly Parton lets the Lord’s light shine right through her! – Facebook Status – March 25

Boko Haram Pledges Allegiance To ISIS – Sarah Palin Channel – March 25

What Is Citizenship? – Sarah Palin Channel – March 23

Gov. Palin Shared: 21 Beautiful Faces of Down Syndrome From Around The World – Facebook Status – March 22

Gov. Palin – Important issues discussed on – Facebook Status – March 20

Cheating Our Veterans – Sarah Palin Channel – March 20

SarahPAC: When Israel is Safe, We are Safe – SarahPAC Facebook Status – March 18

Gov. Palin: Congratulations PM Netanyahu – Facebook Status – March 17

Gov. Palin: Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Facebook Status – March 17

IRS Bonus For Lois Lerner – Sarah Palin Channel – March 17

Palins: It’s Karma, Dear – Facebook Status – March 16

The ISIS Threat At Home – Sarah Palin Channel – March 16

Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer Engaged – Includes Facebook Statuses – March 14

SHARE if you agree that Hillary must hand over her server! – SarahPAC – March 13

Government Takes Over The Internet – Sarah Palin Channel – March 13

Gov. Palin: Our prayers with families of Soldiers, Marines lost last night in FL – Facebook Status – March 11

Mama Grizzlies – Sarah Palin Channel – March 11

Obama Kills Jobs By Vetoing The Keystone Pipeline – Sarah Palin Channel – March 10

Gov. Palin: I faced tough questions over email, so should Hillary Clinton – Facebook Status – March 9

We Can Not Trust Iran With Nukes – Sarah Palin Channel – March 9

Gov. Palin: Honor to visit with Gold Star wives at our home – Facebook Status – March 6

Palins – Convention of States Victory Due to Swell of Grassroots Support – Facebook Status – March 6

Palins – AR Legislators: Don’t Just Show Up! Support a Convention of States NOW – Facebook Status – March 5

SPC CPAC Behind the Scenes Released Free to Facebook by Sarah Palin – Facebook Status – March 4

If You Love Your Freedom, Thank a Vet – Sarah Palin – SarahPAC YouTube, Facebook Status- March 4

Reflections On Iowa – Sarah Palin Channel – March 4

Palins – Watch Netanyahu’s True, Gracious, Powerful Congressional Address (FULL VIDEO) – Facebook Status – March 3

Palins – Netanyahu Teaches About Violent Islam, Courage – Facebook Status – March 3

Gov. Palin: Obama Admin’s Shocking Insult to Israel – Facebook Status – March 3

Nutrition Group Fights Obama’s Lunch Plan – Sarah Palin Channel – March 3

Gov. Palin: Congratulations to all the teams in this year’s brutal Iron Dog! – Facebook Status – March 2

Behind The Scenes At CPAC – Sarah Palin Channel – March 2

Small Town Alaska Business – Sarah Palin Channel – March 2


Remembering The Bus Tour – Sarah Palin Channel – February 26

Major Advances For Concealed Carry On Campuses In Several States – Sarah Palin Channel – February 26

Gov. Palin: What Kool Aid is Susan Rice drinking? – Facebook Status – February 25

China’s Military Buildup – Sarah Palin Channel – February 25

Suing the EPA – Sarah Palin Channel – February 24

Gov. Palin: Jesus is coming to NBC! – Facebook Status – February 23

Naming Terror – Sarah Palin Channel – February 23

Illegal Right To Work – Sarah Palin Channel – February 20

Gov. Palin: The Last Frontier is First in Happiness – Facebook Status – February 19

Obamacare Is Sharing Your Data – Sarah Palin Channel – February 19

Saddle Up with Sarah Palin, Sportsman Channel at Priefert – Includes Facebook Status – February 18

Bigger Government…Again – Sarah Palin Channel – February 18

Closer To Keystone – Sarah Palin Channel – February 17

Quit Making Things Up – Sarah Palin Channel – February 16

Gov. Palin at SNL 2008 – Facebook Status and Sarah Palin Channel – February 15

Gov. Palin: Drill, Baby, Drill Works! – Facebook Status – February 11

Gov. Palin: This week’s episode of “Amazing America” has gone to the dogs – Facebook Status – February 11

Gov. Palin Shared: Bibi Netanyahu – Determined to speak before Congress to stop Iran – Facebook Status – February 10

Gov. Palin: Serious problem with the liberal media’s herd mentality – Facebook Status – February 6

Standing Up For Life – Sarah Palin Channel – February 6

Gov. Palin: Media Still Making Things Up? Been There – Facebook Status – February 5

Gov. Palin: Lying Williams – Facebook Status – February 5

Gov. Palin: Amazing America Tonight – Survival Trial – Facebook Status – February 5

Elitist Hypocrisy – Sarah Palin Channel – February 5

Yemen Falls To Islamists – Sarah Palin Channel – February 4

Gov. Palin Shared – Mark Levin: VA, You’re Up! – Facebook Status – February 3

Convention Of States – Sarah Palin Channel – February 3

Banning The Bible – Sarah Palin Channel – February 2

Gov. Palin Shared – Breitbart: Patriots Coach Belichick Wears ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Shirt to Super Bowl 2015 – Facebook Status – February 1


Gov. Palin: Yet again Mr. President, you lie – Facebook Status – January 31

Gov. Palin: Give It Up, Media. We Will Win This War – Facebook Status – January 31

Drowning In Regulations – Sarah Palin Channel – January 30

Atheists Bully A Small Town – Sarah Palin Channel – January 29

States Suing To Block Obama’s Executive Amnesty – Sarah Palin Channel – January 28

Taxing the Internet – Sarah Palin Channel – January 27

Gov. Palin Shared – “A Huge Void in our Hearts” by Rush Limbaugh – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin: Obama Undoes Much of What Troops Do to Secure America – Facebook Status – January 26

Common Core And The 2016 Contenders – Sarah Palin Channel – January 26

Gov. Palin: Kudos to Speaker Boehner for inviting Israeli PM Netanyahu to address Congress – Facebook Status – January 24

Gov. Palin: Capped off an awesome trip with Dakota Meyer, Taya Kyle, Special Ops Vets – Facebook Status – January 23

Gov. Palin Shared – Stop Bibi: J Street Gives Netanyahu the Sarah Palin Treatment – Facebook Status – January 23

Will Anyone Ever Be Held Responsible? – Sarah Palin Channel – January 23

Gov. Palin: Amazing feast tonight on “Amazing America” at 9pmEP on Sportsman Channel – Facebook Status – January 22

Not Lovin’ It – Sarah Palin Channel- January 22

Gov. Palin: Good new developments in the case of American pastor Saeed Abedini – Facebook Status – January 21

Congressional Voting And “The Giver” – Sarah Palin Channel – January 21

Yawn SOTU – Sarah Palin – Includes Facebook Status – January 21

Our Vets Deserve Better – Sarah Palin Channel – January 20

Gov. Palin: God bless our troops, especially our snipers – Facebook Status – January 19

Gov Palin: re-read Dr. Alveda King’s wonderful book “King Rules”… – Facebook Status – January 19

What’s The Real State Of Our Union? – Sarah Palin Channel – January 19, 2015

Gov. Palin: Iowa! Can’t wait to be back next weekend – Facebook Status – January 18

Gov. Palin: Overflow crowds of independent tea party Americans packed Myrtle Beach – Facebook Status – January 18

Making Main Street Bail Out Wall Street – Sarah Palin Channel – January 18

Isn’t Homeland Security Supposed To Keep Our Homeland Secure? – Sarah Palin Channel – January 16

Amazing America Journey Began Tonight – Facebook Status – January 15

Gov. Palin: Pack the bags … all roads lead to the new season of “Amazing America” – Facebook Status – January 14

Gov. Palin: Feel great experiencing the inspiration that true American heroes provide! – Facebook Status – January 13

Gov. Palin: Hear Green Beret Viet Vet in Wasilla – Facebook Status – January 12

Gov. Palin’s Voice Speaks out For The American people – “Je suis Charlie!” – Facebook Status – January 12

Gov. Palin: America! Are you ready for good news?! – Facebook Status – January 9

A Beloved Family Dog – Sarah Palin Channel – January 6

Obama’s Enemy-Centric Foreign Policy – Sarah Palin Channel – January 6

Gov. Palin: Gunning for Gohmert, Yahoo for Yoho – Facebook Status – January 6

Gov. Palin: I’m excited to visit with Sean Hannity tonight via satellite from the crisp far North! – Facebook Status – January 5

Gov. Palin Shared – Open Letter to Jill Hadassah Palin from Rex Scholla – Facebook Status – January 5

Top Dogs Defend Sarah Palin as Enemies Howl – Includes Facebook Status – January 3

The Cross Confirmed – Sarah Palin Channel – January 2

Gov. Palin Shared – Scalise yet another example of what’s wrong with GOP, Washington – Facebook Status – January 2

Gov. Palin: Happy New Year! – Facebook Status – January 1

Honors, Awards


Media Appearances and Interviews

Sarah Palin: Trump vs. Cruz? – “A Great Problem To Have”

Trump or Cruz? For conservative voters, that would be “a great problem to have”

The Lead with Jake Tapper, December 15

Hours before a prime-time GOP presidential debate, Governor Sarah Palin had words of support for both businessman Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Politics on Tap with Jake Tapper, CNN, December 14

Sarah Palin plays a game of word association with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Mario Lopez, ExtraTV, December 4

Sarah Palin Sounds Off on Gun Control After San Bernardino Attack

Sarah Palin Talks Donald Trump, Sweet Freedom

CBN, December 3

Two presidential campaigns ago, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin became a conservative superstar. Seven years later, the self-proclaimed “Mamma Grizzly” is calling 2015 one of the toughest years of her life

Ben Shapiro & Brian Whitman, December 2

Sarah Palin joins ‘The Morning Answer’ hosts Ben Shapiro and Brian Whitman for an extended interview

The Kevin McCullough Show, December 1

Sarah Palin joined radio host Kevin McCullough for an extended interview

Chris DeBello, November 25

Sarah Palin • Issues, Ideas with Chris DeBello

Sue Henry, November 25

Sarah Palin • Sweet Freedom • Sue Henry

Bill Wills, November 25

Sarah Palin • Sweet Freedom • Bill Wills

The Bill Cunningham Show, November 25

Sarah Palin • The Bill Cunningham Show

Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart News, November 24

Sarah Palin: Madonna, Roseanne, and Rosie are the Antithesis of a Feminist

Late Night with Seth Meyers, November 23 (aired November 24 ET)

Sarah Palin Talks Syrian Refugees, SNL 40 on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Hugh Hewitt Show, November 19

Sarah Palin Rates Prez Candidates on Hugh Hewitt Show

Laura Ingraham Show, November 17

Sarah Palin • Sweet Freedom • The Laura Ingraham Show

Mike Gallagher Show, November 17

Sarah Palin • Sweet Freedom • The Mike Gallagher Show

Mark Levin Show, November 17

Sarah Palin • Sweet Freedom • The Mark Levin Show

Eric Metaxas, November 17

The Eric Metaxas Interview

The Dana Show, November 17

Sarah Palin Discusses Sweet Froom on the Dana Show

Brian Kilmeade, November 17

Sarah Palin Talks Sweet Freedom, Politics with Brian Kilmeade

GMA, November 17

Sarah Palin tells Good Morning America she would run for office if the public supports it

Fox & Friends, November 17

Sarah Palin spoke about Obama, ISIS, Putin, Sweet Freedom with Fox & Friends

Sarah Palin Talks ISIS, Obama, 2016 Election on Hannity Radio

Sarah Palin Talks ISIS, Obama, 2016 Election on Hannity Radio

CBS News, Tracy Smith, Correspondent, November 15

Sarah Palin: I am a Voice for Those Without

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, September 9

Iran Deal Can Be Stopped Sarah Palin Tells Greta – SEE IT

Renee Bargh, ExtraTV, September 6

Surprised Caitlyn Jenner a Republican – Sarah Palin – SEE IT

One America News Network Hosting, August 25 – 29

Sarah Palin On Point OANN Day 5 – SEE IT

Sarah Palin On Point OANN Day 4 – SEE IT

Sarah Palin On Point OANN Day 3 – SEE IT

Sarah Palin On Point OANN Day 2 – SEE IT

On Point with Sarah Palin Premieres – SEE IT

Sarah Palin Mama Grizzly Radio Exclusive, August 3

Mama Grizzly Radio Exclusive

Palin-Palooza with Rusty Humphries, August 3

It was a Palin-Palooza with Rusty Humphries

Mark Levin Show, July 31

We Have Enough Candidates – Sarah Palin tells Mark Levin

O’Reilly Factor, July 30

Planned Parenthood Bogus Barbaric Biz – Sarah Palin – SEE IT

ExtraTV, June 10

More 2016 Goodness – Sarah Palin, ExtraTV – SEE IT

Hannity, June 8

Double Duggar Standard – Sarah Palin Tells Hannity – SEE IT

ExtraTV, May 16

2016 See What Happens – Sarah Palin – SEE IT

Bristol, Dakota Wedding Postponed – ExtraTV – SEE IT

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, February 15

Live from NY – it’s Sarah Palin on SNL

Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards Presenter, January 22

Ted Nugent Wins Fan Favorite Golden Moose, Palin Presents

Hannity, January 27

America Deserves the Best – Sarah Palin, Hannity

SHOT Show 2015 – January 22

SHOTSHOW2015 – Sarah Palin, Sportsman Channel

Inside Edition – January 14
USA Today – January 14
Fox 40 – January 14
Good Morning LA – January 14
KTUU – January 14

Will Go Where God Leads – Sarah Palin

Varney & Co. – January 6

Obama Balls to the Wall on Failed Policies: Sarah Palin

Today Show – January 6

No Harm Done by Trig Stepping on Dog: Sarah Palin, Today

Hannity – January 5

PETA Hypocrites – Sarah Palin, Hannity

Political Capital / Influence / Referent Power, Use of


Sarah Palin was in Columbia, KY with Bristol, Tripp and Dakota Meyer. – “Anyone who knows me knows that Sarah Palin is my biggest hero not only in politics, but in life. Well today I ran into her at the Mexican restaurant. She encouraged me in my mission to help women across the world. It’s been a good day,” AllisonF55 wrote in an Instagram post.

She posed for a photo with another woman in the same restaurant. MollyKirby95 posted her photo to Instagram.

Significant Speeches, Q&As

Christmas Tea at The Reagan Ranch with Sarah Palin – SEE IT – December 4, 2015

Christmas Tea at The Reagan Ranch with Sarah Palin – Sarah Palin discusses Sweet Freedom and politics at the Reagan Ranch in this 54-minute video.

Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet for Life, Grand American Hotel, 555 Main St E., Salt Lake City, UT – October 2, 2015 5:30 PM MDT

Sarah Palin Speaks at Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet

Southwest Christian Care 23rd Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction Gala featuring Former Governor Sarah Palin, Georgia International Convention Center, College Park, GA – August 21, 2015 5:30 PM

Gov. Palin: Thankful Thursday

SEAL-NSW Family Foundation, U.S.S. Iowa, May 16, 2015

Sarah Palin Honors SEALs Aboard USS Iowa

The Year of the Woman Hunter – Safari Club International Lake Superior Chapter 17th Annual Banquet – Grand Casino Hinckley, MN – April 11, 2015 3 PM

Year of the Woman Hunter – Sarah Palin

NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, Music City Center, 201 5th Ave. South, Nashville, TN April 10, 2015 – CANCELLED

BREAKING – Sarah Palin Cancels NRA 2015 Speech

Sarah Palin to Speak at NRA-ILA 2015 Leadership Forum

The Cambridge Union Society, 9a Bridge Street, Cambridge. CB2 1UB United Kingdom of Great Britain March 2, 2015 – CANCELLED

Sarah Palin Cancels England Speech

Cambridge Union Termcard to Feature Sarah Palin March 2

CPAC, Marriott Gaylord, Washington, D.C., February 26

Vets Ordinary Americans Doing the Extraordinary – Sarah Palin, CPAC

CPAC 2015 Sarah Palin Hot News Pics – SEE IT

CPAC 2015 VIP Pass – Sarah Palin Hot News Pics

National Association of Tower Erectors Unite 2015, Disney World’s Lake Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida February 25, 2015

Tower Erectors to Headline Sarah Palin

“Groundbreakers, mavericks and trailblazers: How women are showing 21st century leadership,” Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center, Midland, TX February 12, 2015

Women Lead – VIDEO – Sarah Palin Hot News Pictures

Trailblazers – Women Smash Glass Ceilings: Sarah Palin

2015 NAPE Decision Makers Breakfast, Hilton Americas, 1600 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010 February 12, 2015

Drill Baby Drill – Sarah Palin Says at NAPE

Freedom Summit, Hoyt Sherman Place, 1501 Woodland Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 January 24, 2015

Yes We Can Beat Hillary! – Sarah Palin IAFreedom Summit

To Be Continued….