Master List of Gov. Palin’s 2016 Accomplishments

Master List of Gov. Palin's 2016 Accomplishments

“Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to do great and good things. Believe that no mountain is so high that you cannot climb it. Believe that no storm is so great that you cannot weather it. You are not destined to be a scrub. You are a child of God, of infinite capacity.

Believe that you can do it whatever it is that you set your heart on. Opportunities will unfold and open before you. The skies will clear when they have been dark with portent…He who is our Eternal Father has blessed you with miraculous powers of mind and body. He never intended that you should be less than the crowning glory of His creations.”

Gordon B. Hinckley

2016 Accomplishments

2016 Accomplishments – This page compiles all of Gov. Palin’s news and accomplishments for 2016.

Candidate Endorsements, Stumping

Candidates Endorsed

51 Down-Ticket of whom 46 ran
Donald Trump counts as 56 candidates in 56 elections since he ran in 56 primaries. President-Elect Trump won 42/56 primaries making Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Success Rate on him alone 75%.

102 Candidates Total

Elections Held*: 102

Election Wins**: 84

Candidates (Actual Persons) Elected***: 42

2016 Endorsement Success Rate: 82.35%

*In cases involving a runoff, we are counting the runoff as the election having been held for purposes of calculating the success rate of Gov. Palin’s endorsements.

**Primary / Runoff Elections Held applies to all non-Presidential candidates. The barometer of primary success for POTUS candidate is securing the nomination and calculation is made based on the number of primaries won out of the 56 held.

***The number of Candidates Elected increments only on special and general elections. Should a candidate be endorsed during a primary and win the primary, the endorsement success carries over to the point of the general election. Should such a candidate win the general, the Endorsement Success Rate remains unchanged. Should a primary season endorsed candidate lose the general, the loss is docked against the Endorsement Success Rate.


Donald J. Trump – Win

Iowa – Second Place – 7 Delegates
New Hampshire – Winner – 11 Delegates
South Carolina – Winner – 50 Delegates
Nevada – Winner – 14 Delegates
Alabama – Winner – 36 Delegates
Alaska – Loser – 11 Delegates / 28 winner-take all for Trump at convention
Arkansas – Winner – 16 Delegates
Colorado – Loser – 1 Delegate*
Georgia – Winner – 42 Delegates**
Massachusetts – Winner – 22 Delegates
Minnesota – Third Place – 8 Delegates
Oklahoma – Second Place – 13 Delegates
Tennessee – Winner – 33 Delegates
Texas – Second Place – 48 Delegates
Vermont – Winner – 8 Delegates
Virginia – Winner – 17 Delegates
Louisiana – Winner – 25 Delegates
Kansas – Second Place – 9 Delegates
Kentucky – Winner – 17 Delegates
Maine – Second Place – 9 Delegates
Puerto Rico – Loser – 0 Delegates
Hawaii – Winner – 11 Delegates
Idaho – Second Place – 12 Delegates
Michigan – Winner – 25 Delegates
Mississippi – Winner – 25 Delegates
Washington, DC -Loser – 0 Delegates
Guam – Winner – 9 Delegates
US Virgin Islands – Winner – 9 Delegates
Wyoming – Third Place – 1 Delegate*
Florida – Winner – 99 Delegates
Illinois – Winner – 69 Delegates (54 proportioned currently)
Missouri – Apparent Winner – 37 Delegates
Northern Marianas Islands – Winner – 9 Delegates
North Carolina – Winner – 29 Delegates
Ohio – Loser – 0 Delegates
American Samoa – Winner – 9 Delegates
Arizona – Winner – 58 Delegates
Utah – Loser – 0 Delegates
North Dakota – Winner – 17 Delegates
Wisconsin – Loser – 6 Delegates
New York – Winner – 89 Delegates
Connecticut – Winner – 28 Delegates
Delaware – Winner – 16 Delegates
Maryland – Winner – 38 Delegates
Pennsylvania – Winner – 17 Delegates + 42 Committed out of 54 by district
Rhode Island – Winner – 12 Delegates
Indiana – Winner – 57 Delegates
Nebraska – Winner – 36 Delegates
West Virginia – Winner – 32 Delegates
Oregon – Winner – 18 Delegates
Washington – Winner – 41 Delegates
California Primary – Winner – 172 Delegates
Montana Primary – Winner 27 Delegates
New Jersey Primary – Winner – 51 Delegates
New Mexico Primary – Winner – 24 Delegates
South Dakota Primary – Winner – 29 Delegates

Source for Delegate Counts: The Green Papers

As of the Roll Call of States at the Republican Convention, Donald Trump had 1,725 delegates, and became the nominee. He had been projected to have 1,537 with 80 of them unbound.

1,237 delegates required to secure GOP nomination. Primary success is counted upon confirmation that this number has been achieved and GOP acknowledgement that he is the candidate to be nominated. Remember, achieving the required number of delegates wins the nomination, irrespective of popular vote!

Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election

U.S. Senate (6):

*Friends of Pat Toomey, U.S. Senate, PA Primary April 26, 2016 – Win

*Stutzman for Senate, U.S. Senate, IN Primary May 3, 2016 – Lose

*Grassley Committee Inc. U.S. Senate, IA Primary June 7, 2016 – Win

*Tim Scott for Senate, U.S. Senate, SC General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Friends of Col. Rob Maness, U.S. Senate, LA – Blanket Primary on General Election Day – Lose

Darryl Glenn, U.S. Senate, CO – General Election, November 8 – Lose

U.S. House (43):

*Mo Brooks for Congress, AL-5 Incumbent – No Primary – General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Gary Palmer for Congress, AL-6 Incumbent – No Primary – General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Louie Gohmert for Congress Committee, TX-1 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Hurd for Congress, TX-23 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Jim Jordan for Congress, OH-4 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Andy Harris for Congress, MD-1 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Patriots for Perry, PA-4 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
Tom Marino, PA-10 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
Lou Barletta, PA-11 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Rothfus for Congress, PA-12 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Mooney for Congress, WV-2 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Raul Labrador for Idaho, ID-1 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Thomas Massie for Congress, KY-4 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Jody Hice for Congress, GA-10 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

Duncan Hunter for Congress, CA-50 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Blum for Congress, IA-1 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Steve King for Congress, IA-4 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Scott Garrett for Congress, NJ-5 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Pearce for Congress, NM-2 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Walter Jones Committee, NC-3 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Meadows For Congress, NC-11 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Mulvaney for Congress, SC-5 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Buck for Colorado, CO-4 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Chris Gibson for Congress, NY-19 Primary June 28, 2016 – Did not Run
*Elsie for Congress, NY-21 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
Tom Reed for Congress, NY-23 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Friends of Jim Bridenstine, Inc., OK-1 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Justin Amash for Congress, MI-3 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

Paul Nehlen, WI-1 Primary August 9, 2016 – Lose
*Duffy for Congress, WI-7 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Lummis for Congress, U.S. House WY at Large Primary August 16, 2016 – Did not Run

*Paul Gosar for Congress, AZ-4 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Salmon for Congress, AZ-5 Primary August 30, 2016 – Did not Run
*Friends of David Schweikert, AZ-6 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Committee to Re-elect Trent Franks to Congress, AZ-8 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win
*Ted Yoho for Congress, FL-3 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Friends of Bill Posey, FL-8 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Daniel Webster for Congress, FL-11 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win

*Fleming for Congress, LA-4 Primary – Blanket Primary on General Election Day – Not Listed
*Jeff Duncan For Congress, SC-3 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Trey Gowdy for Congress, SC-4 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Friends of Dave Brat, VA-7 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win
*Morgan Griffith for Congress, VA-9 General Election November 8, 2016 – Win

State Senate:

Deanna Ballard for NC Senate, State Senate District 45 General Election, November 8, 2016 – Win

*Candidates were endorsed in July 2015 and given starter donations by SarahPAC of $500 to $1,000 each. They are running for 2016 elections, thus they count as 2016 endorsements.

Prior Years’ Endorsement Success Rates:


2016 Overall:82.35% (84 out of 102 candidates)
2015 Overall: No Endorsements
2014 Overall: 59.46% (22 out of 37 candidates)
2014 General Only: 82.35% (14 out of 17 candidates)
2013 Overall: 50% (1 out of 2 candidates)
2012 Overall: 57.14% (8 out of 14 candidates)
2012 Primaries Only: 75% (6 out of 8 candidates)
2011 Overall: No Endorsements
2010 Overall: 67.9% (55 out of 81 candidates)
2010 Take Back the 20: 90% (18 out of 20 candidates)
2009 Overall: 67.67% (two out of three candidates)

Overall Average 2009 – 2016:

66.90% – Rounded:

Please see: Endorsement Success Rates for important information on how Endorsement Success is calculated; what Endorsement Success is and is not; and what constitutes an endorsement.

Sarah Palin Stumps for Trump in San Diego

Sarah Palin Stumps for Trump in Wisconsin

Sarah Palin arrives at Zingers & Flingers in Wausau, WI 4/3/2016

This video posted by Larry Lee, © 2016 Midwest Communications, Sarah Palin arrives to speak to Donald Trump supporters at Zingers & Flingers gun/archery/indoor range, Wausau, WI today, April 3, 2016.

Kayla Utley in her US for Palin tee shirt is front, center, and first up to meet and greet Sarah Palin. Utley had been on location at Trump rallies in Wisconsin this weekend.

Sarah Palin campaigns for Donald Trump in Racine, Wisconsin • 4/2/16

FULL SPEECH: Sarah Palin advocates for Donald Trump in Wisconsin (4/01/16)

Trump Will Kick ISIS’ Ass Sarah Palin Says in Tulsa

Sarah Palin talked about ISIS and said Trump as commander-in-chief would kick ISIS’ ass.

Sarah Palin Boards Trump Train in Iowa

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has boarded the Trump Train, the NY Times reported. Sarah Palin appeared with Trump at his Ames, Iowa rally. “I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement,” Mr. Trump said in a statement trumpeting Mrs. Palin’s decision. “She is a friend, and a high-quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support.”

Charity, Humanitarian Work, Philanthropy, Causes

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What is it about the lack of ability to just stop lying… – Facebook Status – August 6

Palin Doubles Down on Ryan Snub – Facebook Status – August 6

Her Husband Called Their Baby With Down Syndrome ‘Defective.’ Here Are the Photos Proving Him Wrong – Facebook Status – August 6

Glad for our good Union brothers & sisters; they’ve got something to say… – Facebook Status – August 6

Limbaugh: Palin Knows; Trumps’s Getting “Palin’d” by Media – Facebook Status – August 6

After Haters Bash Her Husband Over Kids and Guns, Bristol Palin Shows Exactly How Much She Cares – Facebook Status – August 5

Happy Birthday US Coast Guard! And Thank You! – Facebook Status – August 4

What an inspiration – and a wake up call for what goes on in America’s streets… – Facebook Status – August 4

Clint Eastwood weighing in… drops the bomb on slackers. – Facebook Status – August 4

Good! Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Paul Nehlen – Facebook Status – August 4

Crowd Cheers Clinton Call to ‘Raise Taxes on Middle Class’ – Facebook Status – August 4

Obnoxious drunk, meet a real man flying from Kentucky! – Facebook Status – August 3

Media’s despicable double standards in covering fallen soldiers’ families at the conventions… what a sinful difference. – Facebook Status – August 3

Gun Owner Who Saved Cop’s Life Gives Gripping Reason Why He’s the One Who Should Be Saying Thank You – Facebook Status – August 2

Americans ARE “confused” alright. Confused about her refusal to accept any responsibility for failure. – Facebook Status – August 2

If truth-telling just isn’t your thing, then we’ve got your candidate. – Facebook Status – August 1

After Watching ‘Clinton Cash,’ You’ll Understand Just How Fat Of A Fat Cat Hillary Is – Facebook Status – August 1


We can ignore the rhetoric we’re hearing and instead share heart-warming stories like these. – Facebook Status – July 31

I guess I just ❤️ men. – Facebook Status – July 29

If you didn’t notice… Orchestrated chants by leftist sheep following orders is really a pretty scary thing – Facebook Status – July 29

The Democrats missed the real action going on outside… – Facebook Status – July 28

While the Democrats continue to disrespect our nation’s police officers, we need to keep pushing stories like these about the American heroes that Democrats don’t want to talk about. – Facebook Status – July 28

Dakota Meyer Posts Photo of Gun Next to His Baby. And Boy Do Commenters Have Something to Say – Facebook Status – July 28

And the radical ruse rolls on… Hillary’s “Berned” once again – Facebook Status – July 28

Why, when suggesting support for law enforcement, does the left get all wee-wee’d up – Facebook Status – July 27

Various surveys are showing immigrants choosing to vote “democrat” because they’ve been led to believe it means a vote for “democracy.” – Facebook Status – July 27

Exceptional America or Hillary America – Choose – Facebook Status – July 26

Congratulations to Adrienne Ross on her new book! – Facebook Status – July 26

Some good humor for your week. – “Country Singer Writes A Ballad About Why His Dog Is A Democrat. 1.6 Million Views Later…” – Independent Journal Review – July 25

CNN reporter smacked down with how kosher it is for Black Panthers and other racists to support liberals. – Independent Journal Review – July 25

We Need To Be Better, Not Bitter, As Trump’s Opponents Start Hopping On Our Bandwagon – Independent Journal Review – July 25

Another example of the media mocking those who work jobs liberals deem beneath them – Facebook Status – July 23

Who HASN’T Worked Jobs the Left Feels is Beneath Them? Greatest Life Lessons Are Learned Through Actual WORK! – Facebook Status – July 23

One of the highlights of the RNC in case you missed it – Facebook Status – July 23

One of those career-ending ‘read my lips’ moments. – Facebook Status – July 21

The Time I Visited Trump Tower And Learned That Donald Trump Is With Us – LJ Review – July 21

Breitbart Exclusive — Sarah Palin to Ted Cruz: Delete Your Career – July 21

Ohhhh, yes! – Facebook Status – July 21

“Make America Safe Again” Convention – So Far, So Good – Facebook Status – July 19

CONGRATULATIONS PENCE FAMILY; Illegitimi non carborundum – Facebook Status – July 16

Always nice to share some victory and justice with you all – Facebook Status – July 15

DRUDGE REPORT Russian Spies, Political Lies; DNC Docs, Convention Ops; Gruccifer Hacks… and Sarah Palin? Oh, My: – Facebook Status – July 13

Supervising da’ boys as they prep for the wall… – Facebook Status – July 13

#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us – Facebook Status – July 8

Happy Birthday Willow Bianca! – Facebook Status – July 5


LET FREEDOM RING! – Facebook Status – July 4

Those with commonsense, concern, and tremendous love of country are pitching in and helping out the GOP nominee win for America – Facebook Status – July 1

Wow! Finally got to spend time with Colorado’s next US Senator – the GOP Primary winner Darryl Glenn! – Facebook Status – July 1

Beautiful day in the Rocky Mountain state! – Facebook Status – July 1


Loading up on protein in NYC – ready to take Alec Baldwin’s Match Game on ABC challenge tomorrow! 🐮 – Facebook Status – June 29

Congratulations Darryl Glenn, U.S. Senate Nominee, Colorado – Facebook Status – June 28

HILLARY LIES, SOLDIERS DIE – Facebook Status – June 28

In the hot seat with moderator James Carville at Politicon – Facebook Status – June 26

Happy Birthday to my new son-in-law, Dakota Meyer! – Facebook Status – June 26, 2016

Stopped by cousin’s house yesterday on the way to Anchorage airport for trip to POLITICON convention in California. Here’s Trig’s sweet send-off! – Facebook Status – June 26

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another… – Facebook Status – June 24

Colorado – 5 days left to vote for Darryl Glenn for US Senate! – Facebook Status – June 24

Time out between kids soccer games to tune in to good news of UK voting to leave the European Union – Facebook Status – June 24

Watch the Best Father’s Day Video of the Year – Facebook Status – June 21

OBAMA IS A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID – Facebook Status – June 17

WHY WE DON’T LIKE POLITICIANS – Facebook Status – June 17

Exclusive — Sarah Palin: Speaker Ryan Proves He Is Out of Touch When He Jumps to Condemn Trump on Islamic Threat – Facebook Status – June 12


All our families’ hearts are filled with love for Dakota, Bristol, Tripp, and Sailor Grace – Facebook Status – June 9.

Katie Couric Accused of Deceptive Editing in Second Documentary – Facebook Status – June 8

On a date with Trig at the Rays vs D’backs game! – Facebook Status – June 7

I’m proud to endorse a proven warrior for US Senate in Colorado – Darryl Glenn is who this country needs! – Facebook Status – June 7

Thank You Parents, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, & All Who Are the Greatest Generation; Your Ethos Made America Exceptional – Facebook Status – June 6, 2016

Infuriatingly, Disgustingly, All-Too-Predictable MSM Doing What It Does Best.
But We Shall Overcome!
– Facebook Status – June 3, 2016

ON THE ROAD AGAIN!! – Facebook Status – June 2, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday – a great day to highlight great Americans – Facebook Status – June 2, 2016



So great to join our next President, Donald J. Trump, today in San Diego! – Facebook Status – May 27

#‎throwbackthursday‬ – Recalling Todd and I honored to ride with thousands of vets in Rolling Thunder through Washington DC for the POW-MIA cause – Facebook Status – May 26

Nahhh, Katie Couric would never edit an interview to make a conservative look bad – Facebook Status – May 26

Just in Case You Thought Memorial Day was another Excuse to Get Drunk, Cook Out – Facebook Status – May 25

Trump has a pow-wow with unsupportive GOPe House leader Paul Ryan today – Facebook Status – May 12

Happy Mother’s Day from some favorite moms & daughters way up North who love their families and their country oh-so-much – Facebook Status – May 8

Sarah Palin: Happy Mother’s Day Mom! – Facebook Status – May 8

Prayers for America’s fallen hero Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV – Facebook Status – May 5

Proud to stand with our nominee Donald J. Trump! – Facebook Status – May 4

Sarah Palin: Time to Unite – Facebook Status – May 3

Sarah Palin Shared – Donald Trump, Jr. Hoosier Daddy…It’s the Donald – Facebook Status – May 3

Congratulations Donald Trump Winner of Indiana GOP Primary – Facebook Status – May 3

Legendary Coach Lou Holtz is an inspiration! – Facebook Status – May 2


ESPN is ok with rapists, racists, slanderers, but not with Curt Schilling’s common sense – Facebook Status – April 29

Bobby Knight Endorses Trump! – Facebook Status – April 27

It’s smarter to actually put the ball through the HOOP before you claim victory – Facebook Status – April 27

Trump Sweeps 5 Primaries – Facebook Status – April 26

Congratulations Donald Trump Winner of Delaware Primary – Facebook Status – April 26

Congratulations Donald Trump Winner of Rhode Island Primary – Facebook Status – April 26

Congratulations Donald Trump Winner of Maryland Primary – Facebook Status – April 26

Congratulations Donald Trump Winner of Pennsylvania Primary – Facebook Status – April 26

Congratulations Donald Trump Winner of Connecticut Primary – Facebook Status – April 26

Heads Up, America! – Facebook Status – April 22

In honor of “Earth Day” tomorrow let’s take note of politicized scientific issues that are only used to divide the nation down partisan lines – Facebook Status – April 21

Subject: Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road? – Facebook Status – April 21

ESPN Continues to Screw Up – Facebook Status – April 21

Climate Hustle: Are Polar Bears Disappearing? – Facebook Status – April 20

Amen Diamond And Silk – it’s time to unify! – Facebook Status – April 19

Sarah Palin: Congratulations Donald J. Trump Winner of the New York Primary – Facebook Status – April 19

Sarah Palin: ‘Bill Nye Is As Much A Scientist As I Am.’ – Facebook Status – April 19

Happy Birthday Trig Paxson Van Palin! – Facebook Status – April 18

I love a victory to share! – Facebook Status – April 16

Wow. Media Really Sux – Facebook Status – April 16

Media Idiots: Quit Making Things Up. Does My Daughter ALWAYS Have to Ding You On Your Constant Lies? – Facebook Status – April 16

GLOBAL WARMING HUSTLING IN DC – Facebook Status – April 15, 2016

In Washington, DC talking with (from left) Climate Hustle executive producers Craig Rucker and David Rothbard, and film host Marc Morano – Facebook Status – April 15

Republicans Believe Every Day is the 4th of July. But Democrats Believe Every Day is April 15 – Facebook Status – April 15

We Will Rise Up and Say Our Vote Does Count, Our Activism Does Count – Facebook Status – April 15

Commonsense Conservatives: We’re All Coloradans Now – Facebook Status – April 13

Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson! – Facebook Status – April 13

Palins: Azealia, which of your songs will teach me your values? – Facebook Status – April 6

Hey Female Rapper – listen up, little darling – Facebook Status – April 5

Thank you Wisconsin! What a blast in Wausau! – Facebook Status – April 4

Thank you Donald J. Trump for .. supporting Jerry Kramer’s long-awaited, much deserved admittance into the Pro Football Hall of Fame – Facebook Status – April 4

Golf affectionados! And everyone else! Excited for more Americans to know more of Trump’s inspiration – Facebook Status – April 4

Proudly clinging to our 2nd Amendment rights! – Facebook Status – April 3

On Wisconsin! – Facebook Status – April 3

Sarah Palin Shared: Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback – Facebook Status – April 3

Hey, Gobsmacked Lamestream Media… Listen Up – Facebook Status – April 2

#‎JerryKramer4HOF2017‬ – Facebook Status – April 2

Thank you, Milwaukee GOP, for letting me crash your Fish Fry at the historic Serb Hall tonight! – Facebook Status – April 1

Just touched down in the great state of Wisconsin to ‪#‎Stump4Trump‬! – Facebook Status – April 1


So grateful for your prayers and support during Todd’s recovery! – Facebook Status – March 31

With a Servant’s Heart, Col. Rob Maness (ret.) for US Senate! – Facebook Status – March 31

Another GREAT endorsement from the people, not the powerful – Facebook Status – March 30

Donald Trump’s touch of humanity shines without the media filters – Facebook Status – March 30

Sarah Palin: Want a great summary of memes and reports to keep you up to speed on a myriad of news topics? – Facebook Status – March 29

Sarah Palin Shared – World Down Syndrome Day Video – Facebook Status – March 28

Congratulations Ivanka & Jared on your beautiful blessing this Easter Day with the arrival of your son Thedore James – Facebook Status – March 27

He Is Risen! – Facebook Status – March 27

Shout out to AZ patriots who waited in line for hours even after race called for Donald J. Trump – Facebook Status – March 23

Sarah Palin – Donald Trump – Winner of AZ GOP Primary – Facebook Status – March 23

Prayers and condolences for victims of the evil atrocities today at the hands of, yet again, Islamic terrorists in Belgium and Turkey – Facebook Status – March 22

Join the Blacklist! – Facebook Status – March 22

Sarah Palin Shared – “YOU’RE HIRED!” Trump Pulls Unemployed Vet From Audience And Hires Her On The Spot – Facebook Status – March 22

This is our friend, Pearl – Facebook Status – March 21

Hooray For the Blacklist! Revelation “The Man” Was Either Lying Then or They’re Lying Now -Facebook Status – March 21

Thank you for lifting Todd up in prayer. He’s still in ICU under care of a superbly skilled staff. – Facebook Status – March 17

Todd Palin is in intensive care at an Alaskan hospital – Facebook Status – March 15

Todd is our rock… toughest guy I know – Facebook Status – March 14

Never had such luscious strawberries in my life! Thank you, legendary Plant City Strawberry Festival! – Facebook Status – March 13

Thank you to the Arcadia All-Florida Rodeo for letting us stop by today to ‪#‎Stump4Trump‬! – Facebook Status – March 13

Gov. Palin: Loading up the truck to leave one sunny state for The Sunshine State and beyond! – Facebook Status – March 12

Gov. Palin: Donald Trump – Winner of Hawaii Caucus – Facebook Status – March 9

Gov. Palin: Donald Trump – Winner of Michigan Primary – Facebook Status – March 8

Gov. Palin: Donald Trump – Winner of Mississippi Primary – Facebook Status – March 8

Gov. Palin: Liberal NY billionaire politician Michael Bloomberg announces he won’t run for President after all. – Facebook Status – March 8

Gov. Palin: Rest In Peace, Nancy Davis Reagan – Facebook Status – March 6

Gov. Palin: ice fishing with 2 favorite boys today! Heath & Trig ❤ at the base of Mt. McKinley – Facebook Status – March 5

Thank You, Mitt – Facebook Status – March 3

Donald Trump, Don’t Take the Bait – Facebook Status – March 3

Donald Trump Wins Vermont – Facebook Status – March 2

Had a great time exercising the right to vote with long lines and enthusiastic fellow voters – let’s make America great again! – Facebook Status – March 1

Donald Trump Wins Arkansas – Facebook Status – March 1

Great to see Tom Anderson Show in the long voting line tonight – Facebook Status – March 1

Donald Trump Wins Massachusetts! – Facebook Status – March 1

Donald Trump Wins Tennessee! – Facebook Status – March 1

Donald Trump Wins Alabama! – Facebook Status – March 1

Donald Trump Wins Georgia! – Facebook Status – March 1

Alaska – tonight we vote! – Facebook Status – March 1

Suicide By GOP Establishment Vote – Facebook Status – March 1

Gov. Palin Shared: BENGHAZI HEROES Endorse Donald Trump=> “There Is No Question Trump Will Protect Our Warriors” – Facebook Status – March 1


Gov. Palin Shared: This Donald Trump video “The Snake” is going viral in Europe – Facebook Status – February 29

Gov. Palin: Bold, smart, respected, conservative Senate icon endorses Donald Trump – Facebook Status – February 29

Gov. Palin Shared: First they Ignore You, Then they Laugh at You, Then they Fight You, Then You Win – Facebook Status – February 24

Gov. Palin: For our solvency and sovereignty, lovers of America knew the status quo had to go. We knew we needed a revolution. We found a revolutionary. – Facebook Status – February 24

Trump Smashes Records, Again; Democrat Turnout Declines, Again; Media Ignores the Reason, Again – Facebook Status – February 24

Last minute prep before the green flag (two)- – Facebook Status – February 21

In Anchorage, Piper and Jim Palin (Papa Jim) cheer on Todd – at yesterday’s ceremonial start of this year’s Iron Dog. 2,031 miles to go! Good luck to all the racers! Check out the hat! – Facebook Status – February 21

Last minute prep before the green flag (one). – Facebook Status – February 21

Today is the day South Carolina! Get out and vote for Donald J. Trump! Make America Great Again! – Facebook Status – February 20

Gov. Palin: Most beautiful and honorable display of fallen troops’ dog tags” – Facebook Status – February 19

Gov. Palin: Ted Cruz’s star spokesman, campaign partner, Glenn Beck’s Antics – Facebook Status – February 18

Gov. Palin Shared: OMG! Piper Palin Got To Meet Taylor Swift AND Ashton Kutcher Last Night!” – Facebook Status – February 16

Gov. Palin Shared: “Did your French gun control stop a single [expletive] person from dying at the Bataclan? – Facebook Status – February 16

Gov. Palin: Happy President’s Day – Facebook Status – February 15

Gov. Palin: Let’s hope they are sincerely committed to this! – Facebook Status – February 13

Gov. Palin: The passing of Justice Antonin Scalia today is a great loss for America. – Facebook Status – February 13

Gov. Palin Shared: Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be – Facebook Status – February 12

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln! – Facebook Status – February 12

Gov Palin Shared: Who is the Real Ted Cruz? – Facebook Status – February 12

Gov Palin Shared: No, Senator Cruz, Donald Trump Does NOT Support Single Payer Health Care… – Facebook Status – February 12

SarahPAC: Happy Birthday Governor Palin! – SarahPAC – February 11

Gov. Palin: NH Living Up to State Motto: “Live Free or Die” – Facebook Status – February 9

Gov. Palin: New Hampshire Debate Busts the Real Trump – Facebook Status – February 7

Gov. Palin: Congrats Broncos! AND Panthers… what a great season. Head up; fans thank you for great effort. – Facebook Status – February 7

Gov. Palin: Happy Birthday to our beloved Ronald Reagan – Facebook Status – February 6

Gov. Palin: Best Date Ever! – Facebook Status – February 6

Gov. Palin: Big. Wild. Fish. – Facebook Status – February 6

SarahPAC: Super Goal to raise $5K – $2.89K Remaining – SarahPAC – February 5

Gov. Palin: For President: who is best on national debt, the economy, jobs? – Facebook Status – February 5

Gov. Palin: No Vetting Process to Keep Bad Guys Out – Facebook Status – February 5

Phony GOP Establishment Preaches “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” – Facebook Status – February 4

Gov. Palin: Thank you Sen. Rand Paul for running positive, principled, productive campaign – Facebook Status – February 3

Dirty Politics: Witnessing Firsthand It’s Always Heartbreaking, Never Surprising – Facebook Status – February 3

Time to Call Out the Jackals In the Lamestream. Again – Facebook Status – February 3

Nice to Be Stuck at DSM with Santa Monica IA Caucus Field Trip – Facebook Status – February 2

Gov. Palin: American People Win, Permanent Political Class Loses – Facebook Status – February 1

Gov. Palin: Willow and I just landed back in Des Moines after a beautiful day in Iowa hitting the Stump4Trump… – Facebook Status – February 1

Gov. Palin: Cheering on our next President in Cedar Rapids with his family earlier today! – Facebook Status – February 1

Chatting with Jake Tapper on CNN’s The Lead from beautiful Drake University here in Iowa. Tune in now if you can. – Facebook Status – February 1


Shooting Straight in Iowa RV’s… We Wish – Facebook Status – January 31

America’s tv remote controls feature two buttons tonight – victory and defeat – Facebook Status – January 28

Gov. Palin: Genuine Game Changer – Facebook Status – January 28

Gov. Palin: Standing with the Jewish community – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin: Welcome aboard the ‪#‎TrumpTrain‬, Jerry Falwell, Jr.! – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin: Donald Trump’s Iowa Caucus Finder – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin: No Need to Beg Bureaucrats’ Forgiveness for Exercising God-Given Rights – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin: Celebrating a Great Life in Alaska – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin Hard-Core Iron Dog Training Time – Facebook Status – January 27

Gov. Palin: Trump Running a Positive, Energized Movement! – Facebook Status – January 26

Gov. Palin: Prayers with Families of 12 Missing Marines – Facebook Status – January 23

Gov. Palin: Need Someone New Who Has Power, Position to Bust up Establishment – Facebook Status – January 23

Gov. Palin Shared – Rush Limbaugh: Conservatism not what GOP Establishment Defines – Facebook Status – January 23

Gov. Palin Shared – Rush Limbaugh – Same People who tried to Smear Palin, Supporters doing it to Trump – Facebook Status – January 22

Rush Limbaugh – “She’s got substantive, logical reasons for doing what she’s doing…” – Facebook Status – January 22

Gov. Palin: I told you it’s going to be a lot of fun Making America Great Again! – Facebook Status – January 22

Gov. Palin: Thank you for the love expressed on Bristol’s blog post – Facebook Status – January 21

SarahPAC: In order to get Sarah to political events to support endorsed candidates we need your help to fundraise for her travel… – SarahPAC – January 20

Gov. Palin: Tulsa is Trump Country – Facebook Status – January 20

Trading in the beautiful snow of Iowa for the red dirt of Oklahoma as planned – Facebook Status – January 20

Gov. Palin: It’s what you do for deserving public servants, Hillary, so darn right we’ll have our next President’s back – Facebook Status – January 20

Gov. Palin: So very sorry about the loss of Braden Joplin – Facebook Status – January 19

Life is precious, and equal opportunity is the cause. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, America! – Facebook Status – January 18

Gov. Palin: Here we go again, coddling the enemy… – Facebook Status – January 14

Gov. Palin: Happy Birthday Rush! – Facebook Status – January 12

Sarah Palin: Obama Wept – Breitbart, Facebook Status – January 5

2,500 Iowans joined with Franklin Graham putting prayer over politics – Facebook Status – January 5

Obama has gone too far this time and over stepped his authority as president!” – SarahPAC – January 5

Proudly Clinging To God, Guns, and Constitutional Rights to Keep ‘Em – Facebook Status – January 4

Gov. Palin: Ahhhh. Relief. A new season… this new year – Facebook Status – January 2

Honors, Awards


Media Appearances and Interviews

Jake Tapper, CNN, May 8

Sarah Palin on State of the Union: Full Interview


Jake Tapper, CNN, February 1

(CNN)Sarah Palin told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday that she took issue with recent mailers distributed by Ted Cruz’s campaign to “shame” Iowa voters into caucusing

Today Show, Segment 2, February 1

“I can do and say whatever I want,”

Today Show, Segment 1, February 1

Sarah Palin on TODAY Show: Talks Iowa caucuses, controversial PTSD comments, more

Political Capital / Influence / Referent Power, Use of


Significant Speeches, Q&As

Western Conservative Summit, July 1, 2016

Politicon, June 26, 2016

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