Master List of Governor Palin’s 2012 Accomplishments

Gov. Palin Must Summit and Triumph in 2012

Candidate Endorsements and Campaigning

Deb Fischer, US Senate Candidate, Nebraska

Sarah Palin lunches in Nebraska with Deb Fischer – August 4

Sarah Steelman, US Senate Candidate, Missouri

Video streaming by Ustream

Gov. Palin Stumps for Sarah Steelman and Serves BBQ in MO – August 3

Ted Cruz, US Senate Candidate, Texas

Video streaming by Ustream

Gov. Palin Stumps for Ted Cruz in Houston with Rousing Speech – July 27

Candidates Endorsed: 14

Elections Held: 14*

Candidates Elected: 8

2012 Endorsements Success Rate: 57.14% of endorsed candidates in which an election has been held. In cases involving a runoff, we are counting the runoff as the election having been held for purposes of calculating the success rate of Gov. Palin’s endorsements. Six out of the eight wins were endorsed during the primary season and went on to win the general election. The success rate on this subset is 75%.

August 2012

US House of Representatives Candidate Paul Gosar, AZ-4
SarahPalinUSA: Paul Gosar for AZ-4… – August 23
Won General on November 6, 2012
Won Primary on August 28, 2012

US House of Representatives Candidate Ted Yoho, FL-3
Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Yoho for Congress in Florida – August 21
Won General Election on November 6, 2012

US Senate Candidate, Maryland: Dan Bongino
SarahPalinUSA: DAN BONGINO FOR U.S. SENATE… – Tweet and Facebook Status – August 20
General Election: November 6, 2012

US House of Representatives Candidate Kirk Adams, AZ-5
Sarah Palin Endorses Kirk Adams for U.S. Congress – August 2
Primary on August 28, 2012

July 2012

US House of Representatives Candidate Martha Zoller, GA-9
Runoff was on August 21, 2012
Gov. Palin endorses Martha Zoller in GA-9 – July 24

US Senate Candidate, Arizona: Jeff Flake
Won General Election on November 6, 2012
Won Primary on August 28, 2012
Sarah Palin Endorses Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate – July 23

US Senate Candidate, Missouri: Sarah Steelman
Primary on August 7, 2012

US House of Representative Candidate Sandy Adams, FL-7
Primary on August 14, 2012
Sarah Palin endorses Sandy Adams in Florida’s 7th District – July 12

May 2012

US Senate Candidate, Utah: Orrin Hatch
Won General Election on November 6, 2012
Won primary on June 26, 2012
Gov. Palin: ‘Mr. Balanced Budget’ for Utah – May 22

US Senate Candidate, Texas: Ted Cruz
Won General Election on November 6, 2012
Won Runoff on July 31, 2012
Primary was held on May 29, 2012 and Ted Cruz forced a runoff.
Ted Cruz ‘humbled and honored’ to have Gov. Palin’s support – May 10

US Senate Candidate, Nebraska: Deb Fischer
Won General Election on November 6, 2012
Won Primary on May 15, 2012
Sarah & Todd Palin endorse Deb Fischer in Nebraska US Senate race – May 9

April 2012

US Senate Candidate, Indiana: Richard Mourdock
Won Primary on May 8, 2012
Mourdock For Indiana – April 27

March 2012

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, WI (and Governor Scott Walker)
Recall Election held June 5, 2012 – Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch won.
As Goes Wisconsin, so Goes America; Support Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch – March 29

Editorials, Op-Eds, Columns – Non-Facebook

September 2012

Gov. Palin to Romney & Ryan: ‘Go Rogue’ – Weekly Standard – September 22

Sarah Palin: Did Joe McGinniss Condemn an Innocent Man? – Breitbart – September 17

August 2012

Gov. Palin’s statement on the 2012 Republican Convention – GretaWire Blog – August 12

April 2012

Sarah Palin, National Review: Environmentally Sound Energy Independence – April 22

February 2012

Life With Trig: Sarah Palin on Raising a Special-Needs Child – February 5

January 2012

Gov. Palin: “In Favor of Girls with Guns” – January 5

Facebook Notes and Statuses

December 2012

“Swing and a miss” – Facebook Status – December 19

The Only Hope – Facebook Note – December 17

Gov. Palin: heart goes out to families of victims of CT Tragedy – Facebook Status – December 14

Americans will never forget those who died on this day of Infamy – Facebook Status – December 7

Thomas Sowell’s Fiscal Cliff Notes Part 2 – Facebook Status – December 6

Thomas Sowell’s Fiscal Cliff Notes Part 1 – Facebook Status – December 6

C’mon Now, GOP, Don’t Go Wobbly on Us – Facebook Note – December 4

November 2012

Politicians. Were they lying then or are they lying now? – Facebook Status – November 27

Sweet angel Vanessa! We’re praying for you – for your health, happiness! – Facebook Status – November 27

We stand with Israel and Netanyahu’s Strength – Facebook Status – November 16

Gov Palin: “Who is Running our Country?” – Facebook Status – November 14

Gov Palin: Listen to Sen. McCain’s expertise, integrity on Benghazi – Facebook Status – November 14

Happy Veterans Day! If you love your freedom, thank a Vet! – Facebook Status – November 11

Don’t Lose Heart – Facebook Note – November 7

This Tuesday our country’s future is in our hands…. – Facebook Status – November 4

Deb Fischer needs our help to win her crucial Senate race – Facebook Status – November 2

Gov. Palin: A vote for Obama is a vote for foreign oil
– Facebook Status – November 1

October 2012

Gov Palin: Eric Bolling Says, “Obama Annihilating Middle Class” – Facebook Status – October 26

Gov Palin: Video Project Proves Obama Foreign Policy a Shambles – Facebook Status – October 26

Gov. Palin: Ted Turner’s comments disgusting, shameful – Facebook Status – October 25

There are many questions about the Benghazi attack… – Facebook Status – October 25

Sarah Palin on the outrage from ‘perennial hypocrites like Chris Matthews’ – Facebook Status – October 24

Obama’s Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies – Facebook Note – October 24

A very powerful ad… “The Dinner Table” – Facebook Status – October 22

Isn’t it a little premature to call the race for Obama? – Facebook Status – October 22

New Billy Graham Ad Campaign – Facebook Note – October 19

Outrageous Gas Prices Are Such a Good Thing! Really! – Facebook Status – October 18

Gov Palin: “We had a really good presidential debate tonight” – Facebook Status – October 16

Waiting for the show to start. #DWTS – Facebook Status – October 15

How to Vote for Bristol and Mark – Facebook Status (Link to Bristol’s Blog) – October 15

The boys are busy waiting for mom and mom/grandma to exit… – Facebook Status – October 10

Backstage in Bristol’s trailer at #DWTS. You can call 800-868-3409 to vote for Bristol, Mark – Facebook Status – October 8

Happy Columbus Day. Thank goodness for the determination of all bold explorers – Facebook Status – October 8

Thank you to everyone who has supported my dad and my brother on their book tour! – Facebook Note – October 7

Here’s my brother Chuck talking to the Great One… – Facebook Status – October 5

Breitbart: Obama Tries to Block ‘Blockbuster’ Donor Scandal – Facebook Status – October 4

Gov. Palin: Obama Dishonest, Divisive in 2007 Speech – Facebook Status – October 3

Bristol and Mark thank all you awesome supporters for voting… – Facebook Status – October 3

Will PolitiFact Reverse Death Panels “Lie of the Year” Tag on Gov Palin? – Facebook Status – October 1

Atty Gen Holder in “Armed Takeover” of College ROTC Office While Student – Facebook Status – October 1

September 2012

Gov. Palin: Here’s Chuck Jr. & Sr.’s Book Signing Schedule – Facebook Status – September 30

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for Bristol last night! – Facebook Status – September 26

Gov Palin Wishes Peace, Joy on Yom Kippur – Facebook Status – September 25

Tripp surprised his mama backstage at DWTS tonight – Facebook Status – September 24

Gov Palin’s Hannity Interview Postponed for MidEast Turmoil – Facebook Status – September 24

Here’s another photo of the girls out hunting – Facebook Status – September 24

Bristol Palin from Wilds of AK to LA Dance Floor – Facebook Status – September 24

Gov Palin’s Brother, Dad to be on Hannity Tonight – Facebook Status – September 24

Gov Palin: new book by father, brother – Chuck Heath Sr., Jr. – Facebook Status – September 18

President Obama is clearly revealing his rapid loss of any… – Facebook Status – September 13

Gov. Palin: ‘How’s that Arab Spring working out for us now?’ – Facebook Status – September 12

SarahPalinUSA: We remember that eleven years ago today… – Facebook Status – September 11

August 2012

Gov. Palin weighs in on ‘direct attack on grassroots activists’ by GOP-e – Facebook Status – August 27

SarahPalinUSA: Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan… – Facebook Status – August 11

July 2012

SarahPalinUSA: “Stars Earns Stripes” is honoring our veterans and first responders – Facebook Status – July 26

Support Ted Cruz – July 3

Celebrating America, Palin Style – July 3

June 2012

*Thank You SCOTUS… – June 28

*This was a Facebook Status, however, the landmark nature of the article warrants its inclusion here as being considered in the same class as a Note and a permanent part of Gov. Palin’s public record.

“Death Panel” Three Years Later – June 25

May 2012

Memorial Day and Rolling Thunder – May 25

Congratulations to Deb Fischer – May 16

Ted Cruz for Texas – May 14

Deb Fischer for Nebraska – May 14

April 2012

Mourdock For Indiana – April 27

Dear America, Our Orwellian President Fails on Energy – April 17

“Paying at the Pump” Solutions to Relieve Pain at the Pump – April 11

Happy Easter! – April 9

Happy Passover – April 6

Good Friday: It’s About What’s Been Done For Us – April 6

We Remain Determined to Defeat Crony Capitalism – April 4

Governor Palin: Autism Awareness Day and ‘The Today Show’ – Facebook Status – April 2

March 2012

As Goes Wisconsin, so Goes America; Support Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch – March 29

God, Guns, the Constitution – Still Clinging – March 28

The Audacity of Obama’s Intentions Revealed – March 26

Last Frontier Women Don’t Tolerate Misogynists – March 24

SarahPalinUSA: Mr. President, you’re conspicuously absent… – Facebook Status – March 23

World Down Syndrome Day – March 23

Mark Levin’s “Ameritopia” Explains How We Got In the Mess We’re In – March 15

Let’s Talk About the Real Issues, Mr. President – March 12

SarahPalinUSA: Pres. Obama says he called Sandra Fluke… – Facebook Status – March 6

Our Warriors Deserve Better – March 5

Rest in Peace, Andrew Breitbart – March 1, 2012

February 2012

Iron Dog! – February 20

Happy Presidents’ Day – February 20

Professor Dershowitz Is Right About Media Matters – February 13

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln – February 12

Happy Birthday, President Reagan – February 6

Lessons to Learn from Komen and Planned Parenthood – February 4

January 2012

Alaskan Grit Exercised Amidst “Global Warming”! – January 31

How Obama Repaid Notre Dame – January 31

Beautiful Bella Santorum – January 29

Cannibals in GOP Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left – January 27

Alaska Airlines’ Prayer Cards; It’s Hip to be offended? – January 26

Fox News Political Analysis

December 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘We were lied to’ about Benghazi – On the Record With Greta Van Susteren – December 19

Gov. Palin: U.S. Bankrupt Under Socialist Obama – Hannity – December 3

November 2012

Gov Palin: Obama Admin Appalling, Atrocious on Benghazi; US Over “Fiscal Cliff” – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – November 30

Gov. Palin Reiterates Obama’s Re-Election “Catastraphic for Economy” on Greta – November 6

Sarah Palin sees ‘catastrophic setback’ in economy if Romney loses – Neil Cavuto, Fox Business – November 6

Gov. Palin: Democrats booing God won Romney evangelical votes – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – November 5

Gov. Palin: ‘Revenge against who, against what?’ – Hannity – November 4, 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘Four more days. It can’t come soon enough’ – Hannity – November 2

October 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘People will be held accountable’ for Benghazi – Hannity – October 30

Sarah Palin: Obama admin lies about Libya attack ‘atrocious’ and ‘appalling’ – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – October 23

Gov. Palin: Obama ‘showed desperation’ in third debate – Neil Cavuto, Fox Business – October 22

Sarah Palin: Obama ‘arrogant’ and ‘factually untrue’ in debate tonight – Fox News – October 22

Gov. Palin doesn’t rule out a future run for office – Fox News, America’s News Headquarters – October 14

Sarah Palin: Raddatz ‘did a really lousy job’ moderating VP debate – Fox News Radio, Kilmeade and Friends – October 12

Gov. Palin: Biden was ‘passionate about all the wrong things’ in debate – Hannity – October 11

Sarah Palin: ‘Like a musk ox’ Biden was ‘allowed to run roughshod’ in debate – Neil Cavuto, Fox Business – October 11

Gov. Palin chides Bill O’Reilly, ‘Read my book’ – The O’Reilly Factor – October 11

Sarah Palin: Who’ll be more nervous tonight? Barack Obama. – Fox News America (Megyn Kelly) – October 11

Gov. Palin: Obama ‘seems to have no core convictions’ – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – October 4

Gov. Palin: ‘Inept’ Obama ‘didn’t have his buddy the teleprompter’ tonight – Hannity – October 3

Sarah Palin: ‘This was Romney’s Night’ – Neil Cavuto, Fox Business – October 3

September 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘How’s that apology tour working out for you, Mr. President?’ – Hannity – September 20

Sarah Palin: How much longer do we support ‘Sharia democracy?’ – Hannity – September 13

Sarah Palin: Romney needs to get ‘severely aggressive’ on Obama – The O’Reilly Factor – September 11

Sarah Palin: Voters must choose freedom or ‘free stuff’ – Hannity – September 7

Sarah Palin: ‘This is a bunch of bunk tonight’ – Neil Cavuto, Fox Business – September 6

August 2012

Gov. Palin: ‘Politics drives me crazy’ (and she’s not crazy about politicians)Ed. Note: Two Shows – Hannity and Cavuto on Fox Business – August 30

Gov. Palin finds ‘inspiration’ and ‘encouragement’ in Tues. RNC speeches – Fox News – August 28

Sarah Palin: ‘The status quo has got to go’ – Hannity – August 27

Gov. Palin to undecided voters: ‘Please give Romney a shot’ – Fox: America’s News Headquarters – August 25

Sarah Palin: Akin should fold his cards in Senate race – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – August 21

Gov. Palin: Dems should replace Biden with Hillary – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – August 14

Sarah Palin: ‘I’m all in for Romney and Ryan’ – Shannon Bream, Fox News – August 12

Sarah Palin: Obama’s lecturing on civility is ‘nauseating’ – Hannity – August 9

Gov. Palin: ‘No hatchet to bury’ with Mitt Romney – Your World with Neil Cavuto (Eric Bolling Substitutes) – August 1, 2012

July 2012

Gov. Palin Says Her Attendance at Convention Is in RNC’s Hands – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – July 31

Gov. Palin: Nancy Pelosi is ‘one paranoid politician’
– On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – July 12

Gov. Palin: Democrat attacks ‘insanely hypocritical’, Hannity – July 10

June 2012

Video: Gov. Palin tells Hannity, ‘Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat’ – June 29

Sarah Palin: ‘Democrats walked out on a patriotic American family’ – The Five – June 29

Gov. Palin on ObamaCare: ‘Absolutely it’s a tax, a trillion-dollar tax’ – Greta – June 28

Gov. Palin will vote for Romney ‘in a heartbeat’ over Obama – June 19

Gov. Palin: Discussion of possible Romney admin. post would be ‘pretentious‘ – America’s News Headquarters – June 9

Gov. Palin: ‘Obama’s goose is cooked’ – Greta Van Susteren – June 5

Sarah Palin predicts Walker, Kleefisch will not be recalled – Fox Business, Neil Cavuto – June 5

Gov. Palin: Obama ‘clueless’ about energy policy – John Stossel, June 1

May 2012

Sarah Palin endorses Hatch, predicts Walker recall win – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – May 22

Sarah Palin suggests Allen West for VP, slams GOP consultants – Hannity – May 21

April 2012

Gov. Palin to Fired Agent: ‘Hope Wife Puts You in Doghouse. Don’t Eat Dog’ – Greta Van Susteren – April 19

Gov. Palin: Obama ‘terrifyingly naive’ about energy production – The Five – April 17

Gov. Palin on Paying at the Pump Special: Drill Now for Prosperity, Security – April 13

Palin: Reagan Was Right, Government Problem, Not Solution – April 12

Gov. Palin: ‘We will be silent no more’ – Hannity – April 12

Gov. Palin: Obama is ‘outright lying’ to American people – April 3

‘The Five’ Discuss Sarah Palin’s ‘Today’ Show Appearance – April 3

March 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘Romney will have his hands full’ as ‘father of ObamaCare’ – March 26

Gov. Palin: Obama has ‘very selective ways of showing compassion’ – March 23

Sarah Palin: I voted for Newt Gingrich – Fox News, Megyn Kelly & Bret Baier – March 7

Gov. Palin: ‘It would take a real ballsy candidate’ to pick her for VP – Fox Business, Neil Cavuto, March 6

Sarah Palin: Romney is ‘not a strong front-runner’ – March 6

Gov. Palin: For VP slot, ‘I would first look to Col. Allen West’ – Fox News Weekend Live – March 3

Gov. Palin on Greta: Anyone but Obama! – March 2

February 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘The establishment will never come to me’ – February 21

Sarah Palin keeping her options open: ‘Everything’s on the table’ – February 17

Gov Palin on TMZ: Knicks’ Lin an American Story – February 16

Gov. Palin Talks Energy Independence, Free Markets on Fox Radio – February 16

Gov. Palin on Asman: Candidates Must Step Up Game to Beat Obama – February 16

Sarah Palin: We’re not going to let ‘a machine’ choose our candidate (Fox News Happening Now) – February 16

Gov Palin on Bolling: Would Answer Brokered Convention Summons – February 15

Sarah Palin surprises ‘The Five’ – February 15

Gov. Palin has no regrets: ‘We’re doing fine’ (Fox News, Martha McCollum) – February 15

Sarah Palin: Obama ‘not fit’ for office of president (Fox & Friends) – February 15

Gov. Palin: Obama’s contraception coverage mandate is ‘un-American’ – February 14

Video: Gov. Palin on ‘Fox News Sunday’ – Feb. 12, 2012

Gov. Palin on Greta: GOP Must Focus on Obama’s Defeat – February 6

Video: Sarah Palin on ‘Power and Money’ – (David Asman, Fox Business) February 2

Gov Palin on O’Reilly: Candidates Should Focus on Beating Obama – February 1

January 2012

Gov. Palin on Fox News: Debate Solutions, No More Negativity – January 31, 2012

Gov. Palin on Hannity: More Vetting, No Endorse, Any Better than Obama – January 30

Gov. Palin on Freedom Watch: Be Practical Not Naively Idealistic – January 30

Gov Palin on Pirro: Keep Vetting, No Endorse, but Strong Newt Support – January 28

Governor Palin on Tom Sullivan Show – January 28

Gov Palin on Stossel: Obama’s Policies are Shared Misery – January 26

Gov Palin on Bolling: No Run, No Endorse, Unite, GOP Field Strong – January 23

Gov. Palin on Hannity: Endorsement Not Worth Hill of Beans; More Vetting – January 23

Gov Palin on Fox: Still Early; 47 States Left to Go – January 21

Gov. Palin on Fox: More Vetting, Ideas Better for Electorate; No Endorse – January 21

Gov Palin on Hannity Radio: Poltics of Destruction by Dumb-Arses – January 19

Gov. Palin on Hannity: Vote Newt in SC “to keep this thing going” – January 17

Gov. Palin on Pirro: No Endorsement, No SC Predicted Winner – January 14

Gov. Palin Analyzes NH, Discusses SC Prospects on Hannity – January 11

Gov. Palin on Bolling: GOP Must Contrast; 1st Dude Went Rogue – January 10

Todd Palin on Greta: Gingrich Best to Win Against Obama – January 9

Gov. Palin on Baier/Kelly: No Drop-Outs till SC, FL – January 10

Gov Palin on Pirro: No Regrets, Anyone But Obama – January 7

Gov. Palin on Hannity: Can’t Win Being on Defense All the Time – January 4

Governor Palin on Fox Business and Fox News about Iowa Caucuses – January 3

Eric Bolling Asks Gov. Palin if She’s Considering Jumping into 2012 Race – January 2

Gov Palin on Cavuto: No Endorsements, No Run – January 2

Honors and Awards

Flashback: Gov. Palin CBLPI 2012 Woman of the Year – February 11, 2012

Media Appearances, Non-Fox

August 2012

Gov. Palin: Left will ‘stop at nothing’ to distract voters – Mark Levin – August 28

April 2012

Gov. Palin: Send a copy of ‘The Undefeated’ to Roger Ailes – Breitbart News – April 12

Gov Palin Calls In To Mark Levin Show From Hannity Show – April 12

Bonus Footage: Gov. Palin on Today Show Outdoor Segments – April 3

More video of Gov. Palin on the Today show – April 3

Sarah Palin: ‘Things aren’t getting better fast enough’ – Today Show – April 3

MSNBC: From Wasilla to Studio 1A: Sarah Palin on co-host role – April 2

March 2012

Gov. Palin on possible 2016 run: ‘Anything in this life is possible’ – CNN – March 6

February 2012

Gov. Palin in NY Times: Will Support Romney if Nominee, but he Must Rally Base – February 29, 2012

Grizzly Fest: Gov Palin: Because of Supporters, Confidence in Saving Country – February 25, 2012

January 2012

Larry the Cable Guy Visits Palins, Heaths: Complete Footage – January 11

Political Capital / Influence / Referent Power, Use of

August 2012

Bruce Rastetter Summer Party, Iowa

Gov. Palin surprise guest at Rastetter summer party in Iowa – August 4

“Invitations to Rastetter’s annual summer soiree are highly sought after by the movers and shakers in Republican politics, and not just those who are Iowans.”

Articles on Gov. Palin’s Power:

David Cantanese, Politico, “Sarah Palin, Senate Kingmaker” – August 4

Neil King, Jr., Wall Street Journal, “With a Few Big Wins, Palin Finds Nothing Succeeds Like Success” – August 3

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for Politico and Wall Street Journal articles lead.

June 2012

Sarah Palin ‘Influence Index’ a Powerful 96% – June 24

Yes, Referent Power can be quantified!

“[Muckety, a website which specializes] in uncovering the “power relationships” of high profile people across politics and industry, has done an in-depth analysis of the connections between Sarah Palin and other people of influence.

They make the remarkable discovery that Palin has, in their analysis, 902 such power inter-actions. They have created a wheel chart (illustrated below) of some they consider of particular significance. Palin has, according to their discovery, a “influence index” number of 96 out of 100 which appears to be a massive power/influence situation. Her “connections” level is “higher than 99% of all entries.”

Bethenny Talks Woman-to-Woman with Gov Palin – June 19

Desire to meet, stand next to, be with Gov. Palin as a leader is not confined to just ordinary citizens. Other celebrities also share this desire. Bethenny Frankel, a Fox host and founder of the Skinnygirl cocktail brand comped Gov. Palin with product and sat with her for over half an hour. They discussed their marriages, motherhood and “things women talk about” for over a half hour. Frankel described the experience as “surreal” in her video. She could not believe it was really happening. “They looked like old girlfriends catching up, relaxing and hanging out,” a witness told US Magazine Weekly. Frankel did not want to let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip. “Sometimes you have to intervene in your own life.

April 2012

Lucky NY’ers Meet Gov. Palin Outside Fox News – April 12

This small group of lucky New Yorkers stumbled upon former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as she exited Fox News yesterday. My city is a liberal bastion, and even here something very special was exchanged between Gov. Palin and each person she encountered. What Gov. Palin has cannot be bought, manufactured or contrived. Here is 2:21 of grace, poise, stateliness, leadership – wanting to be her people; and her people wanting to be with her.

March 2012

Let’s Talk About the Real Issues, Mr. President – March 12

Obama released an attack ad featuring Gov. Palin correctly saying that his association with Prof. Bell is a subject of concern for voters, as his past may have shaped his current thinking. Obama by producing this ad unwittingly recognized Gov. Palin’s power and influence – not bad for someone who neither holds office nor is running for office.

January 2012

Newt Gingrich Credits Governor Palin for Surge – January 21

Gov. Palin on January 17, 2011 urged voters in the South Carolina primary to choose Newt Gingrich so as to keep the vetting process going and not have the 2012 primaries turn into a coronation. Gingrich won by 41% with Romney a distant second at 27%. He credited and recognized Gov. Palin for his win.

In the days prior to the Iowa Caucus, Gov. Palin noted that Rick Santorum was consistent on the positions he takes on various issues. Though Romney was initially declared to be the winner by 8 votes, Santorum was ultimately declared the winner by 34 votes.

SarahPAC Posts (non-Bus Tour, non-Facebook)

May 2012

Gov. Palin: ‘Mr. Balanced Budget’ for Utah – May 22

March 2012

Obama’s Empty Recycled Rhetoric Exposed, Again
– March 26

SarahPalinUSA: Bristol has a new blog at Patheos. Her recent… – SarahPAC – March 19

Statement on Game Change – March 7

Game Change We Can Believe In – March 1

February 2012

SarahPAC: Chords of Memory – February 20

Here they go again… – February 17

Significant Speeches – Commercial

Jefferson Company Investment Conference, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, LA, October 24 – 27, 2012

Jefferson Company Offering DVDs of Gov Palin’ NOLA Speech

Isabel Matos Provides First-Hand Report of Gov Palin’s NOLA Speech

Video: Gov. Palin Addresses New Orleans Investment Conference

Gov Palin on Investment Conference Panel: Drill in ANWR

Gov Palin on Investment Conference Panel: Drill in ANWR

Gov. Palin to Keynote, Panel NOLA Investment Conference

PowerUP Idaho, Idaho Center, Nampa, ID, October 17, 2012

Sarah Palin Electrifies PowerUp Live 360

Sarah Palin is excited to be at PowerUp Live Boise on October 17th at The Idaho Center from PowerUp Live on Vimeo.

Patriots in the Park, Wayne County Fairgrounds, Belleville, MI, July 14, 2012

Governor Palin Lights Up ‘Patriots in the Park’ in Michigan

Right Online, The Venetian Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, June 15, 2012

Sarah Palin Rocks Right Online

“The Heart of a Rogue Trailblazer”, Dairy-Deli-Bake ’12, International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association, New Orleans Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA (To the Trade Only), June 11, 2012

Gov. Palin Electrifies Dairy-Bakery Trade Conference Crowd of 5,000

Skybridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference, Bellagio Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, May 11, 2012

Gov. Palin to Deliver Closing Keynote at Las Vegas SALT Conference

Extraordinary Women Conference, Birmingham, AL, April 27 – 28, 2012

Gov Palin Keynotes Extraordinary Women Christian Conference in Birmingham AL

Video Clip: Gov. Palin at Birmingham Extraordinary Women Conference

Governor Palin’s Brother Shares Email from Lee Davis

Extraordinary Women Conference, Greenville, SC, March 16 – 17, 2012

Gov. Palin Rocks eWomen, Meet/Greet, Complete Video, Photos – March 17

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC, February 11, 2012

Gov Palin’s Closing Keynote at CPAC 2012 Sights and Sounds

To Be Continued….