AGU: #CAGOP, #LAGOP; Will You Vote on Tuesday?


In the November 2008 elections there were 500,000 Los Angeles County Republicans who did not vote.

In theory, if every Republican in Los Angeles County voted, the GOP would win the County. If the GOP won Los Angeles County, Republicans would win the State. If Republicans won California, the GOP would win the National Election.

If only it were that easy.

After the dust had settled on the Tea Party success of the 2010 midterms Sarah Palin wrote in National Review; Lessons Learned and the Way Forward:

“Another important lesson is that we will need the mother of all GOTV efforts if we wish to win in 2012. Sending donations isn’t enough when push comes to shove. Millions of boots on the ground are needed, and voter-fraud prevention must be addressed before election eve.”

This was particularly true in the case of the 2010 California Senate race.

The fact that Barbara Boxer had to fight at all is hands down a complete victory for California Conservatives. Our nominee almost pulled it off too. Carly Fiorina would have won if the DNC (after realizing the massive losses they were about to face nationwide) had not consolidated all their money to California and Nevada, and bused in out of state Union Ground Teams two weeks before the election.

Sarah Palin is correct. Sending donations isn’t enough. Not when our Grassroots Ground Teams are so heavily outnumbered by taxpayer funded, out of state, bused in Union Ground Teams.

A massive engaged citizenry ready to put their boots on the ground, and GOTV for candidates is what keeps Conservatives out of power in California.

Although California is considered a Blue State, it is still REAGAN Country. California’s densely populated cities are mainly liberal, yet it’s counties (especially those in inland California) are mainly conservative.

There have been some coalitions built in California these last 3.5 years. These coaltions have had some victories, and they will continue to grow.

This will take some time.

Right now getting voters to the polls on election day is vital, and needs to be the main focus.

If you live in California, and are a member of American Grizzlies United you will be getting a voting reminder in your email soon.

If you are not a member of AGU you can join very quickly HERE.

Or you can TEXT: PALIN to 90210 and fill out the form.

If you live outside of California, perhaps you have some family or friends who reside in the state? It would certainly help if you could pick up the phone or shoot them an email and remind them to vote on Tuesday June 5, 2012.

You can even forward them this post.

AGU has some GRRREAT candidates running in California who are ready to go to Sacramento and Washington D.C. and fight for a smaller, smarter government.

Here are some of the AGU 2012 Primary Candidates in California:

Matthew Lin

CA-49 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter


Mark Reed

CA-30 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter


Jeane Ensley

CA-47 State Assembly

Website, Facebook


Paul Cook

CA-8 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter


Elizabeth Emken

CA-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter


Christopher David

CA-33 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter


Rick Tubbs

CA-3 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

We are a long way from making Reagan Country rise again. But with a united engaged citizenry ready to put their boots on the ground we are taking a major step in the right direction.

California Republicans, will you vote on Tuesday?

Please join our cause and help in anyway that you can.

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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