@AGUGrizzlies: AGU Volunteer Delivers #Immigration Letter To Senator @KellyAyotte Today




Today a volunteer from the American Grizzlies United Pennsylvania team is hand delivering letters to Senators about his concerns in the Amnesty Immigration Bill. Here is a copy of the letter being delivered to Senator Kelly Ayotte‘s office:

June 19, 2013

Dear Senator Kelly Ayotte

I am a grassroots volunteer for American Grizzlies United. In the 2010 election cycle I helped many candidates get elected. I donated my time, my energy, and sometimes I even donated a dollar here and there when I could afford it.

You were one of those candidates. I worked very hard trying to get you and other candidates elected because I believed in the common sense conservative principles talked about in the campaigns.

I am very concerned about your vote on the immigration bill. I have tried my best to make it through the 1000 page bill, and to be honest it doesn’t even seem like an immigration bill at all. It seems more like yet another spending bill with an entirely political agenda.

It is likely that President Obama and Senator Reid will compromise just enough to make sure the bill first passes the senate and then fails in the house. Then, because immigration is a popular fundraising and wedge issue, it can be exploited in the 2014 midterms.

I believe that America deserves better. Immigration Reform is a very serious issue, and it should be done correctly.

I remember when President Reagan got duped by the Democrats in the 1980′s. President Reagan was promised border security after amnesty. It never happened.

This bill, in its present form is not in the best interest of all Americans. This bill completely contradicts the positions you talked about in your 2010 senate campaign. I believed you when you spoke during your campaign. That is why I worked so hard to help elect you.

If you vote for this bill it will ensure President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into a country our founders would not recognize.

I plan on working very hard in the 2014 midterms and then again in the 2016 general election, to make sure good candidates get elected. I will work very hard for candidates who I trust and believe in.

If you vote YES on this very serious bill, it will be very difficult for me to help you in your reelection bid for the senate.

I respectfully ask that you consider my concerns before you vote on this bill.


Christopher H Fromme

American Grizzlies United

Our work continues.

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