@AGUGrizzlies: Fight The #Democrat Media Complex! #WiseItUp At; The Wake Up America 2012 Rally!


Obama’s Lap-dogs in the LSM, and the Hollywood Nerd Herd are working double time to distract, to distort, to deceive, and to…well…lie.

Watching all the Obama-mania, fawning, and the carrying of Obama’s poop bucket on the TV these days you would think that the failed president and the rest of his devoted followers in the Democrat Party are a shoe-in this November.

Not so: HERE

Obama and his devoted followers know they are in trouble. However, we have a lot of work to do to circumvent the Democrat Media Complex, or once again the media will win, and the country will lose.

If we work hard, and wisely play our cards right; we can repeal and replace Barack Obama and send our new president a new congress to fix this mess. We can #WiseItUp.

We have to work hard to help our candidates get their message out to the electorate. Together, (just like Obama’s Lap-dogs and the Hollywood Nerd Herd) we too must work double time. We must work double time to get our candidates message to the electorate through the filter of a biased, a deceptive, and a forked-tonguedagenda-drivenmedia.

In order for us to win this thing and send our new president a new wise congress to restore America, we’re gonna have to work just as hard (if not harder) than Obama’s Lap-dog media and his drooling Hollywood Nerd Herd.

As proven HERE, the most dangerous thing for the radical left is for common-sense Americans to talk to each other. It really is that simple.

American Grizzlies United is helping to promote the Wake Up America! rally in Los Angeles, California on October 7, 2012 from 2-4:30pm.

If you do not live in Los Angeles there are still many ways for you to help make sure that our candidates message is not lost. Our army of David’s can fight the Big Government Goliath and Obama’s Lap-dogs from anywhere.

Do you have family or friends in Los Angeles? Do you have Facebook and/or Twitter friends in Los Angeles? Please forward them this post today.

Do you have or know of an event in YOUR COMMUNITY that takes our message (your message, the right message) straight to the people?

An event that circumvents the Democrat Media Complex?

If you do please contact American Grizzlies United and we’ll be more than happy to help you get the right message to the electorate. All hands on deck!

Email: [email protected]


October 7, 2012 (one month before the November election) from 2:00­-4:30pm


Federal Building in Westwood (with undisclosed backup location)


The event will inspire attendees, including existing activists and people who have never been involved in the political process, to take concrete action to (1) elect politicians who are serious about solving the fiscal problems of our state and nation, (2) support California ballot propositions that will reduce government control over the citizenry and oppose those propositions that do the opposite, and (3) restore integrity to our electoral process. With media coverage, the event will also inspire others across the country to engage in political action by demonstrating that fiscal conservatism is on the rise even in a liberal bastion like Los Angeles.


Constitutionally limited government, liberty, individual opportunity, entrepreneurship, American exceptionalism, and free enterprise.

Target Market:

People and groups of all political stripes from Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and the Central Valley.

Guest Speakers:

Stephen Bannon, Chairman of Breitbart News, is a confirmed guest speaker. Michael Reagan, Dennis Prager, David Mamet, John & Ken, Ann Coulter, Larry Elder, Mark Meckler, Tammy Bruce, Clint Eastwood, Hugh Hewitt, Star Parker, Tom McClintock, Dennis Miller, Kelsey Grammer, Gary Sinise, S.E. Cupp, Jon Voight, and Tom Selleck are being contacted to be guest speakers.


The event will have a family­friendly, festival ­like atmosphere, including comedians and bounce houses for children. Madison Rising, a popular conservative band that has appeared at Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze.com and on Fox News, will provide music entertainment at the rally.


There will be numerous booths that offer opportunities for new and existing activists to get politically engaged before the election. Other booths will sell patriotic jewelry, clothing, accessories, and paraphernalia.


There will be a raffle drawing for various prizes, including ten liberty silver dollars, and a competition for the best political sign.


Food trucks, including In­N­Out Burger and Chick­fil­A, will be invited to the event.

Media Coverage and Promotion:

The organizers of this event will not consider this rally a success unless it receives major media coverage, and a team of PR professionals is being assembled to make that happen. The event will be promoted through all media channels. Please follow the event on Twitter and Facebook at “WakeUpAmerica2012” and at


Current Supporters:

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers’ Association, TeaPac, Beach Cities Republicans, Hancock Park Patriots, California Republican Party, Republican Party of Los Angeles County, Santa Monica Tea Party, Downtown LA Lincoln Club, California Tea Party Groups Coalition, Redlands Tea Party Patriots, Young Americans for Freedom, South Orange County 912, Santa Ana Tea Party Patriots, PopModal Videos, USC College Republicans, North San Luis Obispo Tea Party, Eagle Forum of San Diego, Central Valley Tea Party, Inland Empire Patriots, Mark Isler, Biola College Republicans, Chino Tea Party, Chino Hills/Chino Valley Tea Party, College Republicans of UCSD, Cal State San Bernardino College Republicans, Restoring Patriotism, and SMYR. The organizers are also reaching out to Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots, and many local groups for their support.

Let’s work together like we did in 2010; we have some unfinished business to take care of. It’s time to finish what we started when millions of regular, ordinary Americans like us came together to form a movement.

Across the country, everyday Americans took a stand and spoke out against this president’s fundamental transformation of America. By working together, we sent new Congresswomen and new Congressmen to the United States House of Representatives. We sent new Senators to the United States Senate. We seized power of 20 legislative Houses from Democrats across the country. We captured 125 State Senate seats. We snatched 550 seats in State Houses.

In 2010, we achieved an absolute, all-out, unmitigated, 675 seats across this great land!

Now it is 2012!

Our chance to continue the mission and finish the job is finally here!

Our work continues.

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