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Note: This post was written by AGU-TX Regional Coordinator David Allan Kappeler.

Ted Cruz for Senate Majority Leader!


David Kappeler

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The battle lines are being drawn for 2014 in what will be an epic saga of tea party constitutional conservatives verse establishment republicans.

Many more patriots are needed in this crucial election year to step-up and take their place to restore our country to greatness. I know that many of you are busy with various responsibilities and some of you have never have gotten involved with public affairs before. Let me address the later first.

Gov. Sarah Palin, who is the leader of our movement, recognized that we need to be salt and light and the more people involved the greater the seasoning and illumination. We know that Gov. Palin started out serving in the PTA and later, city council, not thinking that her involvement would someday result in her being the leader of the conservative movement.

Secondly, I also believe you are thankful for the men and women who serve and sometimes sacrifice to the last great measure for this great country in keeping it free because freedom is not free.

We do have the opportunity to help those who keep our country free. We can do that by working in the trenches to help elect public officials that have a servant’s heart. These individuals believe in the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and America’s Judeo Christian Foundation”. Individuals who will help balance the Federal budget, support a strong National defense, and help build our economy based on free market principles.

Gov. Sarah Palin who has the courage to step out and speak the truth creates hope. Not the hoppy changy stuff the current administration campaigned for but that which comes from within. Hope that springs from the heart gives birth to that fire in the belly that Gov. Palin so often talks about, which is courage!

We admire Gov. Palin because her courage gives birth to more hope. Once courage gives birth to more hope, which lays the seeds for more courage because, our movement which started out as a snow ball can grow into an avalanche.

We know what happened on Wednesday, September 3 2008, when Gov. Palin, who was little well known outside of Alaska, spoke at the Republican National Convention. Gov. Palin electrified, energized, and gave hope and birthed our movement full of courage!

Right now, Gov. Palin does not hold any title or office; however, we know that true leadership does not come because someone holds a position. We know from the example in the movie Braveheart, “. . . men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.”[1]

Our example to inspire and encourage dozens if not hundreds of locations where Sarah Palin supporters gather can multiply hundreds if not thousands of other like-minded individuals to get involved in the 2014 elections.


2014 is going to be a huge year where five democrat senators are not seeking re-election which opens up the possibility of a republican pick-up, and the fourteen democratic senators who voted for Obamacare who are now vulnerable.

Finally, there are as many as seven seats held by establishment republicans which need to be replaced by common sense constitutional conservatives. In total there are twenty six Senate seats that potentially are in play for a common sense constitutional conservative to get the nomination in the republican primaries, which is where we will be most effective! “What would be the most immediate and greatest impact of nominating and then electing constitutional conservatives to the United State Senate? Sending in reinforcements to help elect a new Senate Majority Leader like Ted Cruz.”

How can such feat be accomplished one may ask?

Through technology that individuals can use right from their own home, where patriots can identify other patriots who support constitutional conservative candidates through phone banking. I know that some people do not like phone banking but, it’s what helped Ted Cruz get the GOP nomination in 2012. Remember also that our men and women who are or have served in the armed forces have sacrificed much more than what I am asking of others.

Those who serve in our armed forces have come together to make us strong and free and in the past have defeated tyranny like at King’s Mountain on October 7, 1780. Here, men from different parts of the country organized to stop the loyalist colonists and halted the northward British invasion and occupation of our country from Charleston, South Carolina. The actions of our patriots at King’s Mountain were the turning point of the Revolutionary War.[2] In the same way, we come together from all over this nation as patriots to defeat the establishment.

We can from our homes move like a mighty force from battle to battle and picking- off Rhino republicans and nominating one constitutional conservative after another through phone banking. Imagine 5000 people making 200 phone calls each, or every 2500 individuals calling 400 voters would make 1 million phone calls! 1 million phone calls would go a very long way in electing constitutional conservatives so much that Rhino republicans would fall like match sticks! This is possible in part because of the primary calendar of 2014 is spread out over eight months (Below is a list of 2014 US Senate primary dates and the GOP 2010 primary voter turn-out) When one US Senate primary race is done, we just move onto the next.

States like Texas, who has an early primary, can get involved with the rest of the GOP primary schedule while those states who do not senate seats up can participate from the beginning. Huge states California, Florida, New York, as well as moderate size Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin do not have a US Senate seat up in 2014.

2014 Senate Primary Dates[3] 2010 Primary Voter Turn-out

March 4 – Texas 1,484,111[4]

March 18 – Illinois 742,268[5]

May 6 – North Carolina 371,968[6]

May 13 – Nebraska 175,960[7]

West Virginia 87,190[8]

May 20 – Arkansas 142,260[9]

Georgia 558,298[10]

Idaho 160,482[11]

Kentucky 352,275[12]

Oregon 264,841[13]

June 3 – Alabama 480,588[14]

Iowa 229,732[15]

Mississippi 294,112[16]*

Montana 129,601[17]

New Jersey 227,330[18]

New Mexico 121,283[20]

South Dakota 82,041[21]

June 10 – Maine 131,407[22]

South Carolina (2) 412,658[23]

Virginia 489,252[24]*

June 24 – Colorado 409,330[25]

Oklahoma 247,902[26]

August 5 – Kansas 328,719[27]

Michigan 1,048,384[28]

August 7 – Tennessee 717,038[29]

August 9 – Hawaii 34,407[30]

August 12-Minnesota 130,408[31]

August 19 – Wyoming 106,970[32]

August 26 – Alaska 109,750[33]

Sept. 9 – Delaware 57,584[34]

New Hampshire 138,861[35]

Rhode Island 18,817[36]

Massachusetts 218,656[37]

Nov. 4 – Louisiana[38] (Jungle Primary)[39] 715,415[40]

Finally, let me leave you with a word of encouragement for the task set before us from December 31, 2013’s verse for the day from YouVersion:

“Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice.”[Isaiah 41:10]

We must remember that the GOP establishment has declared war on us[41], We The People, and it is now our time to shine so that the next generation of patriots can enjoy the same rights, freedoms, and prosperity. And if our rights, freedoms, and prosperity as a strong country are at stake, I say let it begin here and give them no quarter in 2014 and let’s get Ted Cruz elected as the next Senator Majority Leader! Unless of course Senator Cruz has “other” plans. ;)


[16]http://www.sos.ms.gov/elections/electionresults/Republican%20Certification_2012%20Primary.pdf, p. 7

*Base on 2012 GOP presidential results. Note 2011 GOP Gubernatorial GOP primary voter turn-out was 289,788. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mississippi_gubernatorial_election,_2011)


Our work continues.


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