America Deserves the Best – Sarah Palin, Hannity


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America Deserves the Best – Sarah Palin

America deserves the best, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight told Sean Hannity as she weighed in on the 2016 elections. Gov. Palin said in considering her own future, she is a Christian and would first seek inspiration and guidance from God. Following this would be approval from her family. If Sarah Palin were to take action toward a run, her small team would expand, she said. She declined to give Hannity odds of her running. She said it is too early to give a decision and other hopefuls would say the same. Scott Walker, who today formed an exploratory committee also declined to give Hannity odds of him running.

Sarah Palin gave a summation of her Yes We Can Beat Hillary speech from this past Saturday and laid out what could be a potential campaign platform. She aims to eliminate corporate taxes; ease restrictions on oil and gas drilling; eliminate crony capitalism; reduce the size of the federal government; and secure our borders. “A nation without borders is not a nation,” she said. America should not look to Saudi Arabia to develop energy, she said.

She plans to continue doing what she is doing to advance the Reagan conservative message outside of her serious interest in a run for President. She said America deserves the best candidate. Competition ensures the best one emerges.



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  • @SarahPalinUSA @hannity Great Clip Hannity ( You know the one lil mess up ?
    Sarah was pissed rightfully so ..

  • Great interview.

  • Go go go, Sarah Palin for president!!

  • Yes America deserves the best and I think you would make the best President

  • PALIN 2016

  • LastMomStanding

    Sarah Palin is a national treasure that the majority does not even begin to know how to appreciate.

  • falling321

    If she runs, she has my vote and I’ll be ready to do anything I can to help her campaign.

  • Angermanagement

    Very poor on foreign policy. She wonderful but not as president of the US. We need a fighter, a moral firebrand, a honest, super intelligent conservative like Ted Cruz. Sarah as VP would be great. Foreign policy is a nightmare under Obama , it’ll take a skilled natural leader to get it back on track.

    • What’s your basis to support your opinion that Sarah Palin is “poor on foreign policy?” She called it right on Russia invading Georgia (the country) and Ukraine. She supports Israel. She believes in peace through strength. She’s delineated a clear five-point military doctrine in 2011. Are you familiar with it?

      Gov. Palin outlined her five-point military doctrine in detail:

      First, we should only commit our forces when clear and vital American interests are at stake. Period.

      Second, if we have to fight, we fight to win. To do that, we use overwhelming force. We only send our troops into war with the objective to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. We do not stretch out our military with open-ended and ill-defined missions. Nation building is a nice idea in theory, but it is not the main purpose of our armed forces. We use our military to win wars.

      And third, we must have clearly defined goals and objectives before sending troops into harm’s way. If you can’t explain the mission to the American people clearly and concisely, then our sons and daughters should not be sent into battle. Period.

      Fourth, American soldiers must never be put under foreign command. We will fight side by side with our allies, but American soldiers must remain under the care and the command of American officers.

      Fifth, sending in our armed forces should be the last resort. We don’t go looking for dragons to slay. However, we will encourage the forces of freedom around the world who are sincerely fighting for the empowerment of the individual. When it makes sense, when it’s appropriate, we will provide them with material support to help them win their own freedom.

  • PALIN for PRESIDENT 2016! Amen