American Grizzlies Launches Survey of Non-Romney Voters


When addressing Young Americans for Freedom in 1975, former President Ronald Wilson Reagan said,

“Some have suggested that the 1974 election – the disastrous results – were an indictment of what we stand for. Well, may I suggest that the meaning of the last election will not be found among those who voted. It will be found in my polling those who stayed home – the biggest non-voter bloc in our nation’s history. And why did they stay home?”

It is well-known that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan got 2.3 million less votes than John McCain and Sarah Palin did in 2008. Pundits have speculated about the reasons why, but there is no hard data to support their assertions.

This survey is an attempt to arrive at the truth of why these 2.3 million people either stayed home or abstained, chose existing third party candidates, or wrote in candidates. If you are among these voters, please take a few minutes to respond. You will not be asked to divulge any personal or contact information.

Our work continues…

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