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Now that the much anticipated Southern Republican Leadership Conference has come and gone, I thought you might like a sneak peek backstage as if you were Governor Palin waiting to take the lectern bringing a message of smaller government and common-sense conservatism to an enthusiastic crowd. Get ready for your close-up!

Establishing Shot— the Venue. The Riverside Hilton Hotel overlooking the Mighty Mississippi River in New Orleans, the site of the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Fair and Balanced. FOX News Channel prepares to go-live at SRLC.

Media Hounds Abound. Shhhhhush… Fox News Channel’s Carl Cameron is busy verifying his sources before going on the air.

The Best Laid Plans. Take a look at the architectural blueprints for the stage and podium constructed in the Grand Ballroom of the Riverside Hilton.

It Isn’t Easy Being Green… Room. Some politicians admit being nervous in the green room, the final stop before their big moment standing in the spotlight before potential voters, but not our fearless Governor Palin. She is always locked and loaded and coming with both barrels blazing. Bring it, Sarah!

On Your Mark… Get Set… GO! Be on your toe-mark as you are introduced and follow the arrows pointing the way to the podium. Don’t forget to wave as you take the stage!

There She Is… Sarah America! “America, do you love your freedom?” You betcha!

I hope you enjoyed your SRLC behind-the-scenes tour as the road to victory 2010 began right here in the Big Easy. Remember in November because as Governor Palin declares, “There’s nothing that a good old-fashioned election can’t fix.”

All photos courtesy of Keith and Missy Stewart

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  • LuvAK

    Wonderful photo montage Missy! The backstage shots really add to the event.

    • Missy Stewart

      Thanks for the thumbs-up! I enjoy taking photos and video and jumped at the opportunity to visit backstage. SRLC was the experience of a lifetime as I finally got to see and hear Gov. Palin live and in person. My batteries are STILL charged from her speech that afternoon. No one can like Sarah can!

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