BREAKING – Sarah Palin Cancels NRA 2015 Speech


BREAKING - Sarah Palin Cancels NRA 2015 Speech

File Photo: Sarah Palin addresses the NRA 2014 Leadership forum.

Sarah Palin cancels NRA 2015 Speech Forum

Sarah Palin Cancels NRA 2015 Speech, the Tennessean tonight reported. Sarah Palin was to have spoken this Friday. The NRA has scrubbed her name and picture from their website. Jennifer Baker, director of public affairs for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, confirmed the cancellation to the Tennessean, but would not give a reason for it.



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  • We don’t know why? Very strange she wouldn’t attend. I know Ted Cruz is going to make a speech.

    • At this time, we don’t know and we can’t speculate. We hope Sarah will reveal the reason, but we don’t know that she will.

  • Oh no

  • Why

  • I can’t help but wonder who cancelled who.

    • HonestToAtee

      Really? Duh!

    • HonestToAtee

      You Liberals, every news agency is reporting that SARAH cancelled, not the NRA.

  • ???

  • Sarah is no dummy… Could it be about Grover Norquist?

    • Norquist has been involved with CPAC for years and Sarah has spoken there three times in a row. This is why speculating is not a good idea. We still don’t know.

      • HonestToAtee

        Glen Beck just busted out Norquist and his capacity at the NRA, I busted out Norquist in 2010 at my Tea Party, he was on that board also, and I said what Glen said, Grover is out or I am. They finally checked the Gaffney info, they knew and trusted Frank Gaffney and so they threw his muzzie a$$ out. I met him and was present for a luncheon speech he gave about taxes and “shrinking the Fed Govt small enough to drown in the bathtub”. He really was a waste of our time, everyone can talk taxes and smaller Govt, he uses it to snake his way into Conservative groups.
        And he was the one who brought convicted Terrorist Sami Al Arian into the Bush circle in 2000.

        • I agree that Grover Norquist is no good. But, we still don’t know for a fact that Sarah cancelled over him. She has said nothing and the NRA has said nothing.

      • HonestToAtee

        And CPAC is also under assault by the Establishment wing of the GOP who also is in bed with the Norquist MB gang.

  • Ken

    I hope and pray that it is not a matter of health for her or her family members, anything else we can work around !

  • Felicity Freeman

    We know there will be a very good reason for this cancellation, even if we never find out what the reason is.

    Btw – the NRA website is advertising *Jed* Bush (Former Governor of Florida) as one of the speakers.

    • We noticed the misspelling, yes.

  • ClaudeFlesh

    She saw the event was a sham

  • ClaudeFlesh

    This is my opinion. She wants her own event to make her 2016 splash . She doesn’t want to share an event with Bush, Cruz, Walker, Carson, Trump, Lindsey Graham.

  • Good morning all. As of 5:37 AM EDT, we still don’t know and we still should not speculate.

  • RUexperienced

    Didn’t she also cancel her Cambridge speech set for last month?

    • MJUdall

      ^^^^^^^^ this is a pds troll.

      • Not sure if you are referring to “RUexperienced” or the person who posted the “National Report.” That site is satire and we deleted that comment.

        Sarah did cancel Cambridge last month. Stating that is not PDS/hate.

        If anyone comes here to hate on Sarah and / or her family they’ll be gone in rapid order.

  • Georgia Calvi

    The “lamestreaming” has already started.

  • All:

    Anything by “National Report” is satire.

  • PalinRepublican

    Have you considered… she gave from her Pac to cruz and Paul …our money to hire them for the Senate to work there and get things done! Now both, Jr senators, quitting to run for president, which both are not experienced enough to do.
    After she expressed interest in running herself…
    Maybe she trying to pull the knives out of her back… just a guess.

  • The only one that knows the true reason why she canceled is Sarah herself. So until I hear from directly from the source which is Sarah herself I will not even try to guess the reason.

  • janzak3

    Yes, we all want to know why? What is happening? Haven’t heard from Sarah in a while and she has not appeared on FOXX. Everything has been pretty quiet. As you see by me in writing, I am use to keeping up with all things Sarah as you. When she is quiet, it is not comfortable and for her to back out of NRA engagement (which means so much to her) …. something is happening, right? The latest I saw is that Bristol will be starring in Annie Oakley starting in Branson Missouri and touring for 6 months, this is all being sponsored by NRA. Is this true?

    • If the Bristol story appeared in “National Report” or “Daily Currant,” no it’s not true. Those are satire sites.

      Yes, Sarah’s silence can be discomforting, but she has done that many times over the past six years. It goes with the territory of supporting her or even just being a fan.

      Yes, something happened to impel the cancellation. What that something is, we just don’t know – and we all have to accept the fact that we don’t know – and may never know. She may never reveal the reason – and we have to accept that possibility.

      We are sympathetic toward those who took time from work and other obligations and spent money to be there for her now cancelled speech. Unfortunately, the risk with all these is that they are subject to change without notice.

      Some people (I don’t mean you, Janzak3) like to concoct all sorts of theories, political “strategeries,” – all speculative and forward-looking – and hold these things out as fact. It’s very unhealthy behavior and we don’t encourage it at all here – whether it’s about this cancellation or things like whether she is running for President.

    • John Robinson

      I think she cancelled because it’s just been leaked that Hillary will [finally] announce this weekend. She may actually be preparing to announce herself, immediately afterwards.

  • Richard Oberlander

    This is how the Supreme Court will define “natural Born”.

    What Our Framers Knew: The Constitution, Vattel, and “Natural Born Citizen” – Freedom Outpost . . .

    Rubio & Cruz are ineligible because their parents were not citizens at the time of birth. Dems & RINOs will wait until the bitter end to challenge them & then shove Jeb Bush down our throats, at the last minute, as the only alternative.

  • At some point, we will know why…….and, as many others, I trust Sarah………

  • She has another speech planned….which will give her more exposure…the NRA knows she supports them…

    Sarah Palin

    Happily enroute to Minnesota to break bread with great Safari Club International hunters and conservationists! I…

  • falling321

    Cancelling the NRA speech was the first real mistake I have seen her make and it is HUGE! She was advertised as one of their main speakers and just as many people follow her where ever she speaks, many paid to go to this convention, plus flights, hotel rooms, etc. only to find out that she had cancelled at the last minute with no apparent explanation. The NRA has support Gov. Palin and those she has endorsed financially, with boots on the ground and get out the vote efforts. This cancellation left many, including my own father, not only very disappointed as this is the first time he would have gotten to hear her in person, but angry. She has most likely lost the NRA’s endorsement should she run. Heart breaking. I know people are going to come down hard on me for holding her responsible for her actions on this, but while she is my political hero, I refuse to become the hypocrite that Obama and Hillary supporters are, by not recognizing a serious mistake just because it was made by my preferred candidate!