Bristol Palin Discusses What’s Next on “Breaking it Down With Bristol”


Bristol Palin’s run on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars ends with a bang! Bristol and Mark wow viewers with an incredible rock and roll routine and earn their highest scores of the season. Now that Bristol the Pistol has been eliminated, she talks to Kevin Scholla about her DWTS adventure. Hear what dancers Bristol will be rooting for, what’s next for Bristol, and much more. It’s Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 5.

Sign-On and Introduction

“A bittersweet ending to Bristol Palin’s run on Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. Bristol Palin was just fantastic last week receiving her highest scores of the competition, delivering a fun sock-hop type routine, but in the end Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas were eliminated,” Kevin Scholla said as he opened the final episode of “Breaking it Down with Bristol.” He continued, “now let’s find out what Bristol the Pistol thought about her second go-around on Dancing With the Stars.”

“Hey Bristol! How are you?” Scholla asked. “I’m good. How are you?” Bristol responded. “I’m doing well, and listen. I want to congratulate you. You were doing great all through Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. Your scores improved. You did everything you could. You can’t control stuff out of your power, so again, congratulations on a great run,” Scholla said. “Thank you so much. I had a blast,” Bristol said.

Rock and Roll

“Now, you and Mark were eliminated last week, but certainly not for a lack of trying. Your dance gave you your highest score yet: straight eights, and you danced in 50’s outfits and we finally found out what rock and roll meant exactly. We talked last week and you and I thought at first it would be more contemporary: AC/DC, maybe Aerosmith, but it looks like they went into Mitt Romney’s iPod instead of Paul Ryan’s,” Scholla said. “Yeah, Amen!” Bristol said as she laughed. She continued, “totally not the route I would have taken with rock and roll, but I thought it was fun. I liked our routine and I’m glad we went out with the highest scores that we had this season.”


“Did you enjoy the dance itself? It seemed like you had fun,” Scholla asked. “Well, we had a blast. I was laughing throughout the whole thing. I think we went out on a good note. I don’t regret anything with the dance, or the choreography and I think it went well,” Bristol said. “Yeah, you never know with these contests. Your score was your best yet, and that’s the week you go home,” Scholla said. “I know. The second week, I did have the lowest scores. It kind of sucks, but it’s all good. It’s a fun competition. The other competitors are on a whole ‘nother level of dancing. They’re just awesome performers. They’re just amazing and just good luck to all of them,” Bristol said. “And your mom said you got out of there just in time for Alaska’s snow, so a silver lining or a white lining, I guess,” Scholla said. As Bristol laughed, she said, “yeah, I’m excited to get home. I know there’s snow on the ground. Tripp’s excited to be home, build snowmans, and going out snowmachining.”

“Tripp and Trig got to see you. I’ll bet that will be a memory you’ll get to keep,” Scholla said. “Yeah, it was awesome having them there, and they both thought it was so loud. I could hear them yelling and stuff when we were in the green room – but it was a blast having them there,” Bristol said.


“What do you take from this experience overall? Second time you did it and, you know a little different with the All Stars, but certainly this has to be quite an experience for you on many levels so I know it’s fresh off being eliminated, but can you look back already and think what you take back from this experience?” Scholla asked.

“Well, it’s only been a couple of days since I was eliminated, so I can’t really look back yet, but every time I do something like this, I just know that it’s something that’s fun and enjoyable, and employment. I think it was a good experience, and I know I’m going to walk away with more confidence than I had going into it and it’s just all in good fun. And I know that God’s on my side, and it’s just fun, and another chapter to close I guess,” Bristol said.

Predictions and Favorites

“Do you have any predictions or do you have anybody you’re rooting for who’s left on the program dancing?” Scholla asked. “Um, I think Shawn’s going to do awesome. I loved Sabrina on the show, and I also loved Emmitt. He was awesome. He’s such a good guy, so I’m rooting for them all,” Bristol said.

The Immediate Future: Tripp Learns to Bike Ride

“So, what’s next for Bristol Palin immediately and in the coming weeks and months?” Scholla asked.

Bristol laughed, then said, “well right now, I’m going to spend some time with my son and trying to teach him how to ride his bike. We’re here in Arizona, so I just took off his training wheels. We’re working on that today. I’m just going to enjoy my time with him, and then we’ll do the finale in a couple of weeks, and then I’m not sure what’s next or what’s going to be in store for us.”

Bristol an Inspiration

“Bristol, I know it was tough at times. You got treated unfairly by a lot of people, but you also served as an inspiration to many, especially young women and girls. You never backed down. You kept things in persepective, and in the end you helped you and your son, and all that is very commendable,” Scholla said. “Well, thank you. I think when you fall down, you’ve got to get back up and hopefully that is something I can show other young girls,” Bristol said.

“I gotta tell you – you had some dedicated supporters out there too. People from coast-to-coast – in the heartland, Oklahoma, Alaska, New Jersey – really everywhere, so you know – when you hear some of the nonsense out there, remember not only a strong family, but you have some backers. I mean, they’ve been knocking my door down the last couple of days. ‘Is there another show? Is she coming on again?’ I mean, they can’t wait to hear from you,” Scholla said.

“Well, I’m just so thankful to have so much support across the country. You know, they voted me through 14 episodes of Dancing With the Stars. I’m so thankful and grateful to have people who are supporting myself, and supporting my son and my family and my mom – just everyone. It feels awesome, and I’m just very blessed and thankful to have all that support,” Bristol said.

Fans Share Palinesque Optimism

Scholla said,

“Another thing I picked up on. It seems the Palin supporters – whether it’s you, your mom or any of your family – they seem to be like the Palins. Instead of – you know – yes they were bummed and people certainly were upset that you went home, because everybody invested so much time and effort and were rooting for you, and know what kind of person you are – but they also turned it around to optimism right away. You know, saying what a wonderful job you did, how you got your high scores, how they rooted for you the whole way, so I think that’s another thing to take from this for everybody involved. It comes out as a positive thing overall.”

“Yeah, absolutely. I think it was my turn to go on the show, and that’s fine with me. I’m just very grateful for all the support I received on the show,” Bristol said.

Bristol to be on DWTS Finale

“Now, there will be a finale of the program I guess the night that they crown the champ, and that is something you’ll participate in?” Scholla asked. “Yes, I will be there,” Bristol said. “And do you dance in that or is that something you just attend?” Scholla asked. “You know, I don’t really remember. I haven’t been eliminated on the show before so I don’t know all the rules or what’s going on that night, but I think there will be a little performance by Mark and I. I think. I’m not positive,” Bristol said. “Okay, because I have tell you, there’s people out there who didn’t watch the show before you and they’re not going to watch it now until you come back, but on that finale, the DVRs will be set in all time zones,” Scholla said. Bristol laughed and said, “yeah, I know that’s how my family is too. I don’t think anyone’s watched it before or after I’ve been on.”

Back to Reality

“What did you get from your parents and from your family aferwards? What did they think about your adventure this time around?” Scholla asked.

“You know, everyone was just grateful for it – for the experience we all got to have. You know, I had my family in the audience a couple of weeks and it’s just something fun for all of us to be doing and they’re excited though to get back to normal life, to get back to reality. You know, I feel like my real life has been put on hold for a while. It was on a little time out, so we’re just excited to get back to our normal lives,” Bristol said.

Grandma Liked At the Hop

“And you said last week that you thought the selection of music that you thought your grandmother may have liked – did she?” Scholla asked. “Yes, she did. She definitely did,” Bristol said as she laughed.

Even Chicago Democrats Love Bristol…

“Well, Bristol we enjoyed it. Certainly, we were bummed when you went home, but again we can all get back to reality like you said. It was a dance contest and a lot of fun. But, it does – you know – serve as a metaphor and serve as other things too, because you really did inspire a lot of people out there. I told you my daughter enjoyed it. Every time she dances now, she says, ‘Bristol,’ and a lot of people out there that I hear from: women of all ages and men as well – and people who back your mom, but also people who just think you did a good job. I’ll tell you what – I got a Facebook message the other day from a friend of mine – a Chicago Democrat – who said to me, ‘you did a wonderful job and you didn’t deserve to go home,’ and I said, ‘I have to mention that one to her,'” Scholla said.

“Well, thank you so much. I just appreciate all the love and support that we’ve received and thank you to everyone who voted for me for those weeks. It was awesome. It was a great experience,” Scholla said.

Farewell and Sign-Off

“Bristol Palin, you’re welcome on SarahNET Radio anytime, and thanks so much for doing these programs and keeping everybody updated and best of luck with everything with you and Tripp as you move forward,” Scholla said. “Thank you so much. I’ll talk to you soon,” Bristol said.

“What a wonderful person – Bristol Palin – and we had a blast going on this Dancing With the Stars journey with her,” Scholla said as he prepared to sign off. “Breaking it Down with Bristol” was a special SarahNET Radio and Six Seeds Faith and Family Channel series dedicated to covering each week of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol was guest blogging for Access Hollywood while on the show.

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