Bristol Palin: Happy 52nd Anniversary!


Bristol Palin today posted on Bristol’s Blog:


Thankful for their example of a life-long love!

My Uncle Chuck has a sweet post up today honoring my grandparents:

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of our parents, Chuck and Sally. We will always be grateful for what they’ve given us… not the material things, but the intangibles. Through a lifetime of outdoor experiences, Dad instilled in us a sense of adventure, an appreciation of nature, and a love of animals. He also showed us what hard work really means. Mom gave us a softer example. She comforted us always; whether it was a bad dream, sickness, injury, or personal hardships as we got older, Mom has always been there for us. She taught us compassion, patience, and most importantly, to trust in God.

To read the story of how they first met, click here.

Happy Anniversary!!  We love you!

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