Bristol Palin Joins Facebook


Bristol Palin today launched her official Facebook profile. Bristol, Gov. Palin’s eldest daughter  is a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and an advocate against teen pregnancy.

I would like to welcome everybody to my new official Facebook page! The launch of this page is part of a new and exciting chapter in my life.  I have decided to embark on something new and step out of my “comfort zone” in order to tell my story and advocate for the pro-life and pro-family cause.

I look forward to continuing to speak to organizations that are on the front lines of both movements every single day.  It is my honor to help these groups and organizations in any way I can.

Additionally, I am excited to be competing on Dancing With the Stars with my partner Mark Ballas, and I look forward to participating as one part of an ensemble cast on one of television’s more positive, and family oriented shows.  Since I arrived in LA with my son, Tripp, nearly a month ago to prepare for the competition, we’ve both had a memorable and exciting experience.

Please check in often for up to date information on DWTS, and on upcoming events which will include speaking engagements, television programs and other media appearances.

I look forward to keeping you updated, as we move forward.


Bristol Palin

PS:  Check out my DWTS performance

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  • Joanna

    Bristol, we are thrilled that you are helping make a difference in our country as you share your heart with especially young people across our great nation! May God continue to guide, bless and protect you and your little boy!

  • Frank Lane

    Hi…I am in Australia and cant get on to Bristol's facebook page…Is anyone else internationally having the same problem?

    Go team Ballin'….