Bristol Palin to Kick Off “Mother of All Wife Swaps”



Bristol and Willow Palin and Joan and Melissa Rivers are kicking off what ABC calls the “Mother of All Wife Swaps,” though none of the four are wives. Melissa Rivers moved in with the Palins, while Bristol moved in with Joan Rivers.

In an Access Hollywood interview, Joan Rivers described Bristol as “very pretty, shy, closeted….very nice, not a mean bone in her body.” Bristol and Joan Rivers and Willow and Melissa Rivers bonded on the show, though Joan Rivers still aparrently has no love for Bristol’s mom, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. In the Access Hollywood interview she said Bristol and Willow live in fear of “making a wrong step,” because their mother “is so out there and opinionated.” It is only logical that children of any political figure would have at least some concern about “making a wrong step,” so Rivers’ statement is not an indictment of Gov. Palin despite being presented as such.


Joan Rivers lamented that the eldest Palin daughters had not been to Europe or a Broadway musical. In 2010, Rivers piled on with the blood libelers blaming Gov. Palin for the Gabby Giffords shooting, and calling Gov. Palin, “stupid” and a “threat.”

Celebrity Wife Swap could have moderated some of Rivers’ anti-Palin sentiment and it puts the Palin family before a new mass market audience where they need to be seen and liked.

The show premieres Sunday, June 23 2000 / 8 PM Eastern; 1900 / 7 PM Central.

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