Bristol, Willow Palin to Kick Off Celebrity Wife Swap



Bristol and Willow Palin will kick off Celebrity Wife Swap this June 23, according to USA Today and Hollywood Reporter. The Palin’s eldest daughters will be swapping lives with Joan and Melissa Rivers.

“Needless to say, snow in May is a surprise for L.A.-based Melissa and Joan, who arrive to find that Tripp rules the roost. According to ABC’s release, Melissa ‘finds it a challenge to deal with Tripp’s boyish exuberance.’ She thinks he needs more structure and a daily routine,” Ann Oldenburg wrote in the USA Today article. Indeed, Bristol’s father, Todd warned her about being overly permissive with Tripp in the first four minutes of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, Episode Six. Meanwhile, the Rivers’ house is over-structured, and the Palin daughters vowed to “lighten things up” Oldenburg wrote.

This past Sunday, US for Palin became aware of rumors purporting that Bristol and Willow Palin would be on Wife Swap but did not publish anything, because they originated from non-authoritative gossip sites.

Some Palinistas are upset that Bristol and Willow are partaking in the show. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said she would be leaving her comfort zones and expanding the venues where she delivers her message. She spoke about infiltrating pop culture, the arts, and sports. Some Palinistas had a royal hissy fit and disavowed their support of Gov. Palin when she appeared on on Oprah Winfrey’s show to launch Going Rogue as somehow being “un-Presidential/unprofessional.” I supported her with Oprah and and I support her daughters being on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Gov. Palin does need to ratchet up her appeal outside her “choir.” That means going into the mass market and selling not Gov. Palin, but Sarah. Part of selling Sarah is members of her family appearing on reality TV shows and proving that she is not the evil caricature she has been made out to be. The naysayers were wrong about her appearing on Oprah, they were wrong about her appearing on the Today Show and they are wrong about her daughters being on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Isabel Matos’ opinion mirrors mine. She writes:

I am supporting Bristol and Willow 100%. This is a great occasion to showcase Conservative lifestyles. Bristol and Willow are mature, charming and well-grounded. Wife Swap is a fun show, and their participation in it will make it more wholesome. That is already changing the culture in a positive way.

I have never heard Joan Rivers or anyone on her show ever utter a single rude thing about Sarah. She keeps things a little loose comedically, but professional overall.

Commenter AmazedOne on Conservatives4Palin, however, said Joan Rivers did disparage Gov. Palin in a TMZ interview blaming her for Jared Loughner’s deranged Tuscon shootings, calling her “stupid” and a “threat.” After Rivers made the remarks, her appearance on Fox and Friends was cancelled.

Matos continued:

I am giving a big thumbs UP to this mini-venture because we do need to try new things. It takes courage and confidence to INFILTRATE the culture like Sarah says, but it also takes patience. Nothing that is worth changing for the better happens overnight. We will never win the war culturally if we don’t even begin to fight. Does that phrase sound familiar?

Let’s give this a chance. I am turned off by the many whiny comments I have read. They do not reflect who we or the Palins are. Let’s not be holier-than-thou, and applaud this effort, at least for now.

H/T Lynda Armstrong, The Teacher’s Daughter…A Tribute to Sarah Palin for story lead.

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