Candace Cameron Bure Dishes on Servant’s Heart, Travel Hockey, Christianity


Candace Cameron Bure was trending on social media earlier this week, which caused her older brother to ask if everything is OK. Sometimes, trending is not a good thing, Kevin Scholla replied in his interview with the Full House actress on the Palin Update. She reunited with the Full House cast recently. “The show sustained time, with good hope and values,” she said. Today’s shows are either marketed for children or adults, but not families. Bure is trying to bring back family entertainment.

Bure said her heart broke as a mom and as a Christian over some of the choices Miley Cyrus made. Cyrus, who was also brought up in a Christian household has made decisions that conflict with her faith. Bure said it was risque to Re-Tweet Sinead O’Connor who is known for her antics in the ’80s and railing against the Roman Catholic Church. But, Bure said O’Connor was right about Cyrus and giving advice as a mom and as someone with experience in the music industry.

Bure started going to church at age 12 with her family who were having marital problems. It worked and was her introduction to Christianity. A book her brother gave her and the “Left Behind” series, was very influential in her life. She said, it took her a long time to understand that she was a sinner. She said she wants to use her celebrity – the platform God gave her – to be as Christ-like as possible and share the message.

Bure completely agrees with Gov. Palin’s message about doing things with a servant’s heart. She said it was modeled at home. When you put others before yourself, it changes your heart and perception. It models the behavior that people like and want to emulate, and gets passed on.

Her movie, “Let it Snow” on the Hallmark Channel will air November 30. Her second book, Balancing It All is a follow-up to Re-Shaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness.

Her husband, Valeri Buri, a former NHL player is doing well and now coaches the family’s two sons in the sport. Bure said her home is insane with travel hockey and she had chatted with Gov. Palin about it. Her daughter plays tennis.

Commonwealth Commonsense: Local Politics Impacts Your Neighbor

Susan Stimpson said she agrees with Gov. Palin’s focus on Senate and other down-ticket races. She said politics at the local level impacts your neighbor and a local politician will see their constituents at the grocery story or at a local athletic event. Federal level politics is more detached and prone to trickery, due to lack of accountability. Local politics affects tangible things that affect your daily life.

Steel Resolve: Governing by Crisis Destroying Our Country

Sarah Steelman said most state governments take their budgets very seriously. In Missouri, most governors – Democrat or Republican – respect budgets and people’s money. She said most members of Congress have served in state legislatures but “must get amnesia when they hit the Washington Beltway.” In Missouri, the state budget is completed prior to the next fiscal year and the state’s Constitution requires a balanced budget. Bonds can only be issued if they have the revenue to pay them each year. Missouri has a AAA bond rating. She said Congress has abdicated its responsibility and governs by crisis year after year which is destroying our country.

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Candace Cameron Bure is on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! You may know her as DJ Tanner from Full House, but today she’s all grown up and doing exceptional things. Candace tells Kevin about her Christian faith, her upcoming projects, and even her take on Miley Cyrus. Governor Sarah Palin campaigns for Steve Lonegan at a huge rally in New Jersey. Also, Palin extends well wishes to an ailing Jim Inhofe, fights back against another attack on Christmas, and keeps a watchful eye on the Obama administration. Plus a brand new Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson and the latest segment of Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman.

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