Celebrity Wife Swap Sneak Preview: Bristol and Joan Rivers Play Lacrosse


ABC released a 53-second sneak preview of the Season Premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap in which Bristol and Tripp Palin and Joan Rivers played lacrosse. Bristol said she enjoyed seeing “the more normal side of Joan,” and watching her “do regular things.” ABC has dubbed this episode “the Mother of all Wife Swaps,” even though none of the four women are wives. Melissa Rivers moved in with the Palins, while Bristol moved in with Joan Rivers.


ABC also released Bristol Palin’s Household Manual, in which she says, “Tripp is the one who runs this house. He owns me, and knows it. I think of it more of a team situation, but he is stubborn so he may not follow the team rules.” Tripp ruling the roost is a theme that runs throughout the document. Over a year ago, Bristol’s father, Todd warned her about being overly permissive with her son in the first four minutes of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, Episode Six.

Bristol’s Household Manual describes the family’s daily routine, household roles, relationships, and gives a good glimpse into life in Alaska.

An ABC press release on Celebrity Wife Swap describes how the show works:

In the series, two mothers of celebrity families, each with opposing values, trade households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) in a week-long challenge. In the first part of the exchange, each mom moves into the other’s home and agrees to follow a manual of “household rules” written by the departing mother, including: how to parent, manage their social life, do house work, unwind and more. Everything changes in the second half of the week, when “new” mommy” takes charge, introduces her own set of rules and runs the “nest” her way. At the end of the week the two couples meet for the first time. In a raw, honest and highly-charged exchange of views, the couples will make frank assessments of each another and discuss their experiences, having had a very real taste of what life would be like in someone else’s family.

In the case of the Palins and Rivers as the show has been marketed thus far “opposing values” revolve around structured time vs. spontaneity and discipline vs. permissiveness. Celebrity Wife Swap puts the Palins before a new mass market audience, thus Palinistas should support what Bristol and Willow are doing. Celebrity Wife Swap premieres Sunday, June 23 2000 / 8 PM Eastern; 1900 / 7 PM Central.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin Open Thread, June 20, 2013 for lead to Bristol Palin’s Household Manual.

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