Chuck Heath Jr. Completes Manuscript to Second Book



Chuck Heath, Jr., brother of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook that at 0043 / 12:43 AM he had completed the final page of the manuscript on his second book. He will release the book title and publication date once they are made available to him.

12:43 AM: I just finished editing the final page of my second book. I wrote the kind of book that I would like to read myself; a book that entertains and educates at the same time. If you’re interested in Alaskan adventures… especially gold mining, I think you’ll really enjoy this one. I’ve experienced quite a few crazier incidents than the ones you’ve seen on the recent cable network shows, and I wrote about many of them. I’ll let you know when the book’s going to hit the shelves as soon as I get the word.

Retrieved from: Chuck Heath, Jr. Facebook

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