Chuck Heath, Jr.’s “American Party” Posts Covered by Bloomberg, Huffington Post



Both Bloomberg News and Huffington Post have covered Chuck Heath, Jr.’s Facebook Posts in which he proposes the “American Party” as a third major political party. With these two outlets having picked up the story, it is well on the way to being a major news story.

On Monday, Chuck Heath, Jr. first proposed that a new third party called the American Party be formed. As previously reported, US for Palin Editor, Josh Painter covered the story, and weighed in with his thoughts on the subject. Yesterday, Chuck Heath, Jr. followed up with further details about this proposed party and some basic safeguards that would be put in place to prevent it from becoming corrupted. Today, he followed up with a post about a speech by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell who expressed his exasperation with the Obama administration’s trampling of the Constitution and out-of-control spending.

Chuck Heath, Jr. is the brother of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Along with their father, he co-authored Our Sarah, Made in Alaska and publishes

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