Dustin Hawkins: Palin’s Golden Endorsement Touch


Dustin Hawkins, who covers conservative politics for About.com, comments on Palin Power, noting that just days after a poll indicated Deb Fischer was trailing by 16 points in Nebraska, Sarah Palin endorsed the underfunded underdog, and Fischer came out of nowhere to win an improbable upset victory:

Many naysayers have dismissed Palin’s influence, instead suggesting that her endorsements had little effect as the candidates were rising in the polls anyway. But the coincidences are far too many and the number of out-of-nowhere candidates to win (or come darn close to winning) are simply too plentiful to ignore. In 2010, it was Governor Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Joe Miller in Alaska, and Karen Handel in Georgia (among many others) who were given big boosts in their eventual underdog primary bids.

Most notably, Sarah Palin did not endorse a candidate for President in 2012, though both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum claimed at one point or another they had her support. (Palin stated she voted for Newt in Alaska, but her “keep the race going” strategy was hardly a ringing endorsement.)

In addition to Fischer in Nebraska, Texas Republican Ted Cruz is touting his Palin endorsement as he attempts to pull a Rubio in Texas and defeat the establishment candidate in the Senate Primary. Two weeks ago, Richard Mourdock ousted longtime US Senator/professional RINO Richard Lugar in the senate primary in Indiana. While many expected to win late, his Palin endorsement was most buzzworthy and his 20+ point margin was much greater than anyone anticipated.

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Despite how the Palin deniers try to spin it, Mama Grizzly has the golden touch when it comes to political endorsements, and she’s simply picking up where she left off in the 2012 midterm elections.

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