Even President Obama makes verbal gaffes


Following his 50th town hall meeting in Massac County. U.S. Senator Obama poses in front of the Superman Statue in downtown Metropolis, IL. known as the home of the DC Comics super hero.

Whenever former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin makes a verbal gaffe, the media can’t wait to pounce. On Sunday, Palin made a mistake using “refudiate,” when she tweeted, “Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn’t it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate.”

Palin later corrected herself and tweeted, “”‘Refudiate,’ ‘misunderestimate,’ ‘wee-wee’d up.’ English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!”

Palin was citing when former President George W Bush used “misunderdestimate” and Obama last year referred to people in Washington being “wee-wee’d up.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs later tried to define it by saying, “I think wee-weed up is when people just get all nervous for no particular reason.”

Fact is, when you’re in the public’s eye, mistakes are bound to happen. They may be the leaders of the free world, but even United States Presidents are human. Yes folks, even President Barack Obama still flubs his lines like most politicians and we can expect to hear more. Here are five of the best “Obama-isms”…

1. “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” –Barack Obama

2. “This is like the Special Olympics or something.” –Barack Obama, on The Tonight Show, referring to his pitiful bowling game (March 13)

3. “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.” –Barack Obama

4. “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain…administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.” –Barack Obama

5. “It is wonderful to be back in Oregon,” Obama said. “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.” –Barack Obama

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