Everyone KNOWS What Sarah Palin is Doing in 2016…


Everyone KNOWS What Sarah Palin is Doing for 2016...

Sarah Palin speaks at the Iowa Freedom Summit, January 24, 2015.

Everyone KNOWS what Sarah Palin is Doing…

Everyone KNOWS what Sarah Palin is Doing in 2016…apparently except Sarah Palin. On our side of the fence, we have those who KNOW she is running. They’re not her husband. They’re not her children. They’re not inner circle SarahPAC staff. They’re not confidantes who speak with her on a daily basis. But they KNOW she’s running. They’ve read all the tea leaves. Dammit, they KNOW.

Meanwhile, those who loathe and detest Sarah Palin KNOW she is not running. Why “she is just teasing it up to the moon to make headlines.” That’s what CNN, Time, The Hill, and even Fox News – which cuts her pay check as a contributor – says. In their minds, because Sarah Palin has not set up a campaign, has not fund-raised, her serious interest is baloney. Dammit, they KNOW she is not running. Never mind that none of the 2016 hopefuls has declared a run.

Let’s cut through the noise and the BS, shall we? No one – supporter or hater – KNOWS whether Sarah Palin will or will not run in 2016. Both sides know Sarah Palin has the name recognition, star power, and fund-raising ability to shake the field up.

Let’s address the claim that Sarah Palin “teased a run just to make headlines.” In 2011, SarahPAC hired a new chief of staff and a foreign policy adviser. SarahPAC also researched filing dates for the Presidential primaries and caucuses, using the law firm of Baker and Hostetler, as reported in the PAC’s 2011 Year-End FEC Disclosures. The claim that Sarah Palin “teased a run” is prima facie false.

Since, Sarah Palin held herself out to be seriously interested in running, it is reasonable to conclude that she would take at least similar actions this year. She told Sean Hannity last night what will go into her decision-making process. Outside of a run, Sarah Palin said she would continue doing what she is doing. Candidates will start declaring mainly in the summer months.

In Titles, Shackles, Decisions, and Respect, back in 2011 I wrote:

We want Gov. Palin to run for President and have been egging her on for three years now. Many of us wanted her to run when wanting her to run was “not cool.” We supported her knowing that she might not run.

Second, no one forced anyone to support Gov. Palin. She did not extort, bribe, con, or cajole our support. We gave it willingly of our own volition. She does not owe us anything and people who think they’re owed need to get over it and get over themselves – especially those who think they did so much that she owes them a paid position. For those “supporters” who didn’t get the memo, Gov. Palin is not for sale, does not run a pay-to-play operation and is not a crony capitalist.

Third, Gov. Palin will make her decision on her terms after carefully considering all the factors, including – and especially – whether she can be more effective doing what she does now, or more effective campaigning for – and hopefully – winning the Presidency. Support means respecting her decision whatever it may be. It’s mind-boggling that some of the same supporters who want her to run for President and announce right now are ready to jump ship if she doesn’t do things their way and on their schedule. We’re back to some people needing to get over themselves.

Until the moment she announces her final decision, those who claim to KNOW she is running or not running don’t know a thing.

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  • Sarah is the one

  • She’s got my vote.

  • isabel matos

    She’s all that seems to be on people’s minds and has them talking. That can’t hurt imo!

  • Lisa Palinista Luerssen

    I feel in my heart that she wants to be asked. That’s all.


  • Sarah obviously believes in prayerful discernment, as do I.

    Sarah has obviously tuned out the consultants, therefore there is no one to leak to Polutico and other venues of corruption and thought control.

    I’ll support her in any way that I can, and I don’t expect any financial compensation or other fancy benefits for doing so…

  • wodiej

    Great article. She lets Jesus guide her which is what she should be doing.

  • @MoMama01 @SarahPalinUSA Being an incoherent lunatic? http://t.co/OQOSt0MG0a

  • If Sarah runs that is great, if she doesn’t run that is great to because no matter what she will always think how I think and have the same beliefs that I do therefore I will always support her.

  • Thank you all, for sharing your thoughts here with us.