Flashback: Gov. Palin Introduces JD Morgan at 2010 Martinez Rally



by Lynda Armstrong,
Sarah Palin…The Teacher’s Daughter

In 2010, I met former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at a campaign rally for Susana Martinez, who was elected Governor of New Mexcio. I documented my experience in “This was not on my List of Things to do”, but after hearing The National Anthem sang by an America patriot, (thank you for sharing the video Gov. Palin) – my mind flashed back to that rally. There, I learned that JD Morgan is Gov. Palin’s first cousin. When asked in an interview if people knew Gov. Palin is his cousin, he said “no.” That changed when, she came to Albuquerque to endorse Susana Martinez for governor of New Mexico and introduced JD as her cousin. I laughed, because I realized I was there, and had taken a few pictures of him and his wife.

JD is a lot like Gov. Palin. He has a servant’s heart. For 20 years, he served his county and stands back and calls everyone else a hero. JD is a true American patriot.


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