For the Ladies: How to do Gov. Sarah Palin’s Beehive & Half Up-Do’s


During the prior campaign, Team Sarah asked the ladies to wear Sarah Palin up-dos to show support. The Up-Do is “classic Sarah” and wearing it is one of the most visible means of support. As a typical man, I’m probably not at all qualified to be writing a blog post on women’s hairstyles and God help me if my wife sees it. 😉 Conversely, maybe a little male perspective on the subject might be helpful.

Engineering and Design of the Up-Do

Gov Palin actually has two Up-Dos. The first is the full or complete Up-Do or classic “Beehive.” In fact, the beauty salon where she has hers done is called “The Beehive Beauty Salon and Boutique” located in Wasilla, AK (Hoffman, 2008, p. ST1). The second Up-Do is a partial or half Up-do and Governor Palin wore that at the Republican Convention (Segrest, 2008, ¶2). The complete Up-Do is the more formal of the two, while the partial is considered casual. According to the Beehive Shop’s owner, Jessica Steele, “Sarah wanted to look more professional and ready to work and not come across as high maintenance and fussy.” The complete Up-Do also makes her look taller. (Hoffman, 2008, p. ST1).

Gov. Palin is best known for the Complete or Beehive Up-Do, thus it is the preferred one to use at rallies and other venues when showing support.

The hair must fall at least to shoulder length, or the Up-Do will be very difficult if not impossible to create. The perfect length is six to nine inches below the shoulder or at the bottom of the shoulder blade. This translates to about 1/3 of the way down the back. Seen from a profile view that would be about the top half the length of the upper arm.

Without Further Adieu — How to do the Complete and Half Up-Dos

This YouTube video shows you how to do the Complete/Beehive Up-Do quickly….

This article on provides text and pictures on doing Governor Palin’s Complete/Beehive Up-Do:

The article is accompanied by a video:


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This article by Lynne Chapman of BellaOnline explains how to do Governor Palin’s Half Up-Do:


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