Former Palin Aides Hold Conference Call to Denounce ‘Game Change’


By Adrienne Ross –

The Washington Free Beacon reported today that Governor Palin was taking steps to defend her record and reputation against the nonsense called Game Change that HBO is airing next month. The focus of the movie is to attack Governor Palin with the most absurd, demeaning, and dishonest characterization. Today, there was a conference call concerning the hit piece:

Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is holding a conference call Wednesday evening to push back against the upcoming HBO movie Game Change—a dramatic account of the ’08 McCain-Palin ticket.

During the 5 p.m. conference call, Palin is expected to challenge the representation of her in the film, which is due to air on March 10. The film reportedly will focus on the choice of Palin as a vice-president candidate and the interpersonal conflicts in the campaign.

On the Sarah PAC website on Friday, Palin aides called the movie a “fiction.”

“HBO Studio heads decided they would generate more profit by inventing facts and scenes for the purpose of fictionalizing a history written by people with no personal knowledge of the situations they attempt to depict,” the statement read in part.

The film is being produced by prominent Hollywood Democratic donors.

The New York Times provided information following the conference call, which actually was not facilitated by Governor Palin. Rather, her former staff members held the conference call with the media.

Michael D. Shears writes:

Several former aides to Sarah Palin, a former governor of Alaska, denounced Wednesday a coming HBO movie about the 2008 campaign, calling it a “fiction,” a “false narrative” and “sick.”

The half-dozen former top aides to Ms. Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, said the network did not allow them to see the movie, which is based on the book “Game Change,” in advance of its airing. But the advisers condemned it based on two short trailers and accounts of it in the press.

“It presents a false narrative cobbled together by a group of people who simply weren’t there,” Jason Recher, a close aide who traveled with Ms. Palin during the campaign, said of the movie, also called “Game Change,” which is scheduled to air on March 10.


The movie is largely limited to the parts of the book about Ms. Palin and — like the book — includes scenes in which Ms. Palin is portrayed as unprepared to answer questions about foreign policy and
economics. It also describes a rift that developed between Ms. Palin and some of the campaign’s staff.

Meg Stapleton, a longtime associate of Ms. Palin’s who served as a senior adviser and spokeswoman during the campaign, strongly attacked the movie, the authors of the book and the campaign staffers she accused of leaking material about Ms. Palin.

“This is sick,” she said. “The media has gone too far. You accepted the false narrative of a couple of people who sought revenge,” she added, referring to Steve Schmidt, one of Mr. McCain’s top advisers, and Nicolle Wallace, who was brought in during the campaign to advise Ms. Palin.

“Schmidt is infamous for lining up and destroying,” Ms. Stapleton said. “He is abusive, he is abrasive, and he is nothing short of a world-class bully.”


Randy Scheunemann, a top foreign policy adviser to Mr. McCain during the 2008 campaign and a supporter of Ms. Palin’s, called those scenes false.

“I’ve not been able to review the screenplay or see the movie,” he said. “The book was very misleading, the movie is going to be far worse. It gives fiction a bad name.”

He added that the briefings he gave that are depicted in the movie were an attempt to describe Mr. McCain’s worldview for Ms. Palin, and that she was “completely conversant on a whole bunch of issues.” He called Ms. Palin “incredibly intelligent.”

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