Gennifer Flowers Interviews SarahNET Radio Host on Gov. Palin


Recently Kevin Scholla, host of The Palin Update on SarahNET Radio appeared on Gennifer Flowers’ radio program SEX, POWER & POLITICS on WGSO 990am in New Orleans to talk about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin! Kevin addresses what makes Sarah Palin so special, her potential plans for the future, the country’s outlook following Obama’s reelection, and much more!


Kevin Scholla has been a sportscaster since 1999 and has been hosting SarahNET Radio for over a year with the goal of “keeping Gov. Palin’s name out there whether or not she is running for any office.” This is the sixth or seventh broadcast of SEX, POWER, & POLITICS for Flowers who is well-known for allegedly having had an affair with former President Bill Clinton. She is an actress and singer, has a jewelery line, and is the author of Passion and Betrayal. Flowers was in a pictorial spread and on the cover of Penthouse Magazine in December 1992.

Gov. Palin’s Future?

“I would love to see her get back into a race. Do you think that is a possibility on down the line?” Flowers asked Scholla. “I do. You know, a lot of Palin supporters were very disappointed when she officially stated she would not run for President in 2012. A lot of folks were hoping that was going to be the case, me included. One of the things we wanted to do with this program was give her fair coverage, when or if she ran for President” Scholla said about his Palin Update show.

He continued,

“…but when she didn’t run, obviously we changed our direction, but there are opportunities down the road. I mean obviously with the Obama win, you’re going to need both a new Republican and a new Democrat in 2016, so she’s a young woman with a lot of time ahead of her. Others have talked about a possible Senate bid somewhere, either in Alaska or Arizona, but you know what? We’ll see. Either way, she’ll make a difference whether she holds a title or not.”

Gov. Palin and Mass Market Media

“Well, absolutely,” Flowers responded, following up with, “does she still have her reality show?”

“Well, that show ended, but it is available on DVD and everywhere – the Sarah Palin’s Alaska program – and Bristol Palin, her daughter had a show recently – Life’s a Tripp – with her and her son, and of course Bristol Palin was on Dancing with the Stars. And Todd Palin had a run on the Stars Earn Stripes program where he got to play a military hero for a couple of weeks, so they’re out there and shining the light on some positive things and having fun along the way.

The Palins’ Positive Attitudes and Smiles

“You know, I think the way – the whole family really – is able to keep the smiles on the faces – and just keep that positive attitude despite all the nasty attacks that have been leveled against them is really commendable and really impressive,” Scholla said.

Flowers responded,

“Well, I can relate to that. It’s certainly not easy. It’s one of the hardest things that you can ever go through, and accomplish – to be determined to just have that smile on the face, and have a positive attitude and I’m sure that she feels and they feel – the family feels – like I do that they know who they are. That’s where it starts obviously, and I can tell that she has a very strong sense of self, and a very healthy self-esteem, and obviously she has a great support system around her, meaning her family, and friends, and that means so much and goes such a long way to allow you to and encourage you to stand up in front people – in her case with that beautiful smile on her face. The thing about Sarah is not only is she smart and accomplished, but she’s a sexy gal.”

“Let’s be frank here, Gen…” Scholla interjected. “It’s another reason that she threatens the left and a lot of the Republican establishment. They don’t know how to handle someone like her. The whole package. She has the looks, has the the smarts, has the family, has the success, has the knowledge, and they say, ‘wait a minute! What are you doing infiltrating the old boy’s network?'”

“Exactly. What makes those old boys nervous is that maybe they’ve got something to look at,” Flowers said. “I mean, you know, God forbid somebody would have a great figure like Sarah instead of Hillary Clinton’s big, fat ass, but anyway – excuse me, Lord. I mean, that’s why I think she had the problems that she did, and all the craziness.”

Extraordinary – Ordinary

“What’s interesting about Gov. Palin: she’s that unbelievable perfect combination of an extraordinary person, but at the same time an ordinary person,” Scholla said.

He continued,

“And, I think that is her appeal. You know, she has stood up to special interests, to crony capitalism, to corruption. She is not afraid to stand up to anyone on either side of the aisle, but at the same time people look at her and she reminds them of someone they may know, whether it’s someone in the family, or a friend, a neighbor – someone you can talk to, and relate to and isn’t reading off a teleprompter and isn’t a politician – a scripted politician. The one thing I think you’re going to get with Sarah…you can trust her. There’s honesty there. There’s no acting, and the Tea Party movement is about that. It’s about a bunch of Americans from all different walks of life, many of them are independents.

They’re not registered Republicans. In fact, Todd Palin is not a registered Republican. He’s an independent. But, they just want smaller government and they want to be able to have their own freedoms and their own liberties that made this country great, and she’s been the one who has been able to voice it in plain English – the same way we talk around our kitchen tables – they way we’re having fun on the phone doing this interview and talking – not in this marketed, political way that comes across so phony for both parties.”

“You’re exactly right, and that is one of the things I enjoy so much about her. And I love her little “isms” – being a mother and a housewife type “isms” that she would come up with. What was the one about the pitbull…” Flowers said. “The difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom is lipstick,” Scholla said. “I loved that. That is so true,” Flowers said.

“And you know she’s taken it further with the whole mama grizzly persona. You protect not only your children the way a mama grizzly would protect her cubs, but you protect your country and your constitution that same way. And you know, the wonderful thing about her too is if you’re a supporter of her for what she believes, that’s the most important part, but you also just love to see her drive the left crazy,” Scholla said.

Downloadable Audio Transcript of Flowers Interview

Downloadable Audio Transcript of Flowers Interview

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