Good Tidings Tour Rocks Bethlehem, PA


BETHLEHEM, PA – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rocked Bethlehem, PA as she launched her Good Tidings book tour tonight.


As I arrived to Barnes & Noble at approximately 0730 / 7:30 AM EST, there were 93 people ahead of me on the line.


After the line dissipated, individuals purchased books throughout the day. As of 1430 / 2:30 PM EST, over 450 wristbands had been given out. I overheard a Barnes & Noble representative saying, “the response was wonderful and people are excited.”


My book was signed at 1826 / 6:26 PM…


As of 1834 / 6:34 PM EST 668 wristbands have been given out and they continue to be.

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