Gov. Palin: End result of ObamaCare will be single-payer system


Sarah Palin returned to “Hannity” on Fox News Tuesday night, where she and host Sean Hannity discussed ObamaCare. The governor said she had “not wasted my time” reading Howard Dean’s recent op-ed, but she appreciated that he modified his views on the issue to the point where he now admits that Independent Payment Advisory Boards (IPAB) would ration healthcare, just as she predicted they would four years ago. Politifact had branded her prediction “Lie of the Year” in August of 2009, but now her words have been proven to be true.

The GOP’s first female vice presidential candidate said the effort by Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to defund ObamaCare was “common sense.” She lamented the fact that the “hierarchy in the GOP” was not on board with the senators. She pointed out that the end result of ObamaCare, if not stopped now, would be a single-payer health care system, something she said Obama has favored since before he ran for president.

The former Alaska Governor told Hannity that ObamaCare was just one of “many lines in the sand” that the nation cannot afford to cross, considering the country’s near $17 Trillion debt and poor economy. She said it will strip away our freedoms, bankrupt many businesses and lead to the bankruptcy of this nation.

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– JP

  • Even Howard Brush Dean just admitted the same.

  • Even Howard Brush Dean just admitted the same.