Gov. Palin: Everyone is Fighting a Battle


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said when she meets people, she appreciates that everyone is fighting a battle in life in whatever form that may take. Some people’s battles battles play out on the front page of the National Enquirer and others happen behind closed doors she said.

Gov. Palin said her new Series Amazing America will not be just about highlighting hunting, fishing, and snowmachining, but will also showcase our troops and first responders who serve selflessly. One of the show’s goals is to teach young women to be more self-reliant and independent – to be self-starters.

She said the show will be filmed in real world conditions, and mother nature always wins, so viewers should not be surprised if “I sometimes make a fool of myself.” She said it’s easy for that happen on the hunting grounds, at the range, or anywhere outdoors.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for videos.

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