Gov Palin Honors Op Christmas Child Shipping 9.8 million Gifts


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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory yesterday honored Samaritan’s Purse for shipping 9.8 million shoebox gifts since the inception of Operation Christmas Child. Alex Nsengimana, a former Rwandan Orphan said in an interview with a local NBC affiliate that he received a shoebox some 18 years ago – his first Christmas Gift. Rev. Franklin Graham expressed his gratitude to the volunteers who traveled to Charlotte from around the country at their own expense to pack the gifts. Gov. Palin showed a shoebox she packed which included a plush Iditarod dog with puppy.


Not shown on the video, but documented in a Samaritan’s Purse press release, Gov. Palin said,

“You let God shine right through you when you volunteer for this wonderful program,” she said. “When my husband Todd and (daughter) Bristol and I handed out those boxes to those little kids there, to orphans, some of them had never received a gift before. Their eyes lit up and their hearts were warm knowing that someone had spent their time and resources to show love for them. What you are providing—what our world needs more of—is a selfless act. I thank you. I can speak on behalf of a lot of people. You are appreciated.”

Gov. Palin has a long history of humanitarian missions with Samaritans Purse and Franklin Graham. In 2009, as Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin organized a Berlin Airlift type mission to distressed villages in remote western Alaska. The villagers were in danger of starving to death. Gov. Palin personally distributed 40-pound care packages and did not stop until every villager had one.


In her finest hour of the year, she knelt before a young Eskimo girl and embraced her.


At Christmas time in 2010, Sarah, Todd, and Bristol Palin visited Cholera-wracked Haiti with Samaritans Purse distributing these shoebox gifts and comforting suffering children.



In May 2011, the Palins were with Samaritans Purse in Alabama clearing heavy debris from peoples’ homes leveled by tornadoes.


In August 2013, the Palins joined with Samaritans Purse for Operation Heal our Patriots.


When Gov. Palin and Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty joined forces to promote Operation Christmas Child, the Palinista Community rose in support.

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  • God bless her beautiful heart. Merry Christmas Sarah Palin I Love you from Miami Florida hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas this year and many more.

  • I love the fact that this gal chooses to be human !! I mean you may see her in all business formal attire but then you will see her in a just as important photo such as this one dressed as you or I would dress !! Just a genuine gal !! #keepitreal

  • What a blessing it is to send a box

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