Gov. Palin in Seoul: US Due for Woman President


Photo by AFP.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin yesterday told attendees of the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea that the United States was due to have a woman as its president, according to the Washington Post. “There will be a woman president of the United States and I look forward to that day,” she said. Gov. Palin did not discuss her political future or why she declined to seek the 2012 GOP nomination.

Gov. Palin said she hopes to see “regime change” in North Korea and the South rebuild the North.

Photo by AFP.

According to an AFP report on Yahoo News, Gov. Palin also spoke about “China using its military influence in regional disputes.”

She targeted political elites in the United States, Europe, and China, speaking out against crony capitalism and corporate welfare. The Chinese Communist party dictates to the Chinese what they can and cannot do and the European Union is dictating to to its member states, she said. In the United States, “political elites believe we just can’t get along without them. Government officials like to push this idea because it gives them the opportunity to pick the economic winners and losers in our system… in other words, it gives them ultimate economic power,” she said.

Gov. Palin hailed the role technology and social media plays in empowering individuals. “Technology has taken power away from central authorities and provided individuals with more choices. We are no longer living in a top-down world. Now we are living in a bottom-up world, from entertainment and information to education,” she said.

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  • Ralph A. LaPaugh

    She would have made one hell of a President!!!!

    • mytorpor

      Indeed she would have! Possibly the best in modern times, definitely the best since Reagan.