Gov. Palin is a Real Hunter


For the past two days, I addressed leftist BS pertaining to Gov. Palin’s hunting and shooting skills, with the opening salvo being Palin when Zeroed, Locked On Target: One Shot, One Kill, and a more detailed technical barrage delivered yesterday with Suddenly Gun Haters are Gun Experts. Really?. Today, I close with why Gov. Palin is a Real Hunter.

Shot Placement All the More Critical with Small Caliber Rounds

Anyone who shoots, or even knows a little about shooting should know this. It’s really common sense. For Gov. Palin to make a clean, ethical, humane kill on large game with a “varmint rifle,” the accuracy required of her is even greater than with a more powerful weapon. Based on this simple premise alone, every last one of her critics are blowhard know-nothings.

A Fake Hunter Would Have Taken the Easy Road

Gov. Palin had an incredible amount of control over the content and production of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It is her miniseries after all. The footage of Chuck Heath falling, the reference to “varmint rifles,” the several shots taken after her rifle lost zero – all of it could have been made to disappear to make herself appear the pinnacle of hunting perfection – a super sniper. She very easily could have edited the footage to practically show herself as stepping into today’s version of a telephone booth, stripping down to a form-fitting suit with an “S” across her chest, a cape and staying far away from the Alaskan Kryptonite. It would have been the easy, convenient, narcissistic, self-promoting road, leaving her simply telling PETA to go pound sand. The irony is: in taking the easy, well-traveled road, Gov. Palin would have truly been the “fake hunter.” None of her viewers would have been the wiser. But, she would have been.

The Unvarnished Truth

The point of this episode was to show the unvarnished truth of what hunting caribou in Alaska’s Arctic tundra is really like. It is difficult and dangerous. Walking five miles on this stuff is not the same as walking from West. 4th St. and Hudson St. to 104th St. and Central Park West. Your feet sink at least three inches with each step in the spongy, muddy earth. Every crevasse is another opportunity to roll your ankles, resulting in a sprain or a fracture. Take it from someone who fractured his right ankle at age nine and re-fractured it in a different spot at age 40 in a strip mall parking lot. Just walking on hilly tundra with a full rucksack – with a right ankle and a hand already broken prior – is a major accomplishment. There are no doctors, hospitals or grocery stores for 600 or more miles in any direction. Death awaits in the form of bears and wolves ready to strike at any moment. Weather can go from gorgeous and balmy to deadly Category 2 windstorms in a matter of minutes. For all this, the chances of going home empty-handed are real.

“Does it Kick?” You Betcha it Does! Now, watch a 5’5″ 120-lb woman take a 45-lb kick to her right shoulder.

In the real world of hunting, people fall, rifles fall and lose their zero, people have to make seat-of-the-pants decisions, adapting, improvising and overcoming. In the real world of hunting and fishing, some people go out and never make it home. People – even superheroes – make academically less than optimal decisions, but decisions that are correct for the circumstances facing them. When you get to Gov. Palin’s level of accomplishment in multiple facets of life, you probably are a superhero minus the silly costume and cape.

The Critics

For Gov. Palin’s critics, “hunting” starts with driving 60 mph in the mall parking lot nearly mowing down the elderly, the pregnant, the infirm, children, dogs, and stray shopping carts to get a spot five feet closer to the warehouse-sized grocery store. This is about as close as these people will get to the Kevak Airlift. Their actual “hunt” consists of picking up meat that “magically appeared” on a styrofoam tray covered with Saran Wrap. Half these “hunters” probably don’t even check the expiration date on the package. The “hunt” concludes with another 60-mph run to the parking lot exit, punctuated by multiple acts of near vehicular manslaughter. The trip home is a 6-mph “drive,” punctuated by waiting for green lights to turn greener.

Criticism is easy for the cold, timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Gov. Palin is a Real Hunter

The real world of Alaskan hunting is what Gov. Palin wanted to – and did – show. For doing that, she most absolutely is a Real Hunter, a Super Sniper, and…she never came near the Kryptonite.

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