Gov. Palin: Loaded for Bear


The Mossberg 500 Special Purpose Tactical 12-gauge shotgun has a 6-position adjustable stock similar to the ones used on AR-type rifles. It has an 18.5-inch barrel and holds six 2.75″ shells or five 3″ shells. This is the shotgun Gov. Palin purchased for defending against bears as shown in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Episode 5 “Alaskan Hospitality.”

Gov. Palin: “That feels good! It does! And it smells good!” She had fired a non-lethal animal control percussion round through the range instructor’s shotgun.

Gov. Palin hits a stationary target with a buckshot round. In this frame, the buckshot has impacted the target (“Shoot ‘N C.” I use them myself), and Gov. Palin is right at the point where the recoil has reached its maximum effect on her body. “Now that’s a little different!” Gov. Palin said when comparing the buckshot round to the percussion round she had fired previously.

Gov. Palin racks the pump back ejecting the spent casing, which can be seen just exiting the right of the shotgun.

Gov. Palin racks the pump forward, chambering a fresh shell. The shell casing she just ejected is in mid flight in front of her waistline.

Gov. Palin takes her second shot on the stationary target.

“Picture perfect.”

Gov. Palin and her instructor admiring her handiwork…

Gov. Palin fires a slug at a moving bear target. She has less than three seconds to get off as many shots as she can, but accuracy counts more than hurling lead. Every shot must land in the kill zone, or Gov. Palin will have a wounded, angry bear on her hands that’s more likely to kill her. In this frame, her shotgun’s recoil has reached its maximum. You can see her body is well-braced for it.

Gov. Palin ejects the empty shell casing which can be seen in mid-flight between her forearms at chest level.

Gov. Palin fires the second and final slug of the set. Her weight is full forward, right leg behind bracing her. Recoil has reached its maximum in this frame.

Both slugs landed squarely in the kill zone.

Gov. Palin showed us how it’s done.

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