Gov Palin Meets, Greets at Indy Marriott Hotel Bar, Records Memorial Day Message



Photo courtesy of and retrieved from MissRuth1021: @mchastain81 chatting with @SarahPalinUSA.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd spent an hour meeting and greeting ordinary people at the J.W. Marriott Hotel lobby bar last night following her visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, multiple people reported on Twitter.


Photo retrieved from and courtesy of MissRuth1021: @SarahPalinUSA was so nice. She recorded a Memorial Day message to my dad.

Sarah Rumpf said Gov. Sarah and Todd Palin met with people in the hotel for at least an hour. She described the Palins as wonderful, genuine, kind and gracious.

Chris on Twitter said he was impressed by Gov. Palin and gave her a shout-out….


Photo courtesy of and retrieved from @CTalley4.

The Holmes posed with Sarah and Todd Palin…


Photo courtesy of and retrieved from Khaled Holmes.

HT “Boston Bruin,” Conservatives4Palin Commenter for story lead. @CTAlley4 and @KhaledHolmes photos H/T M. Joseph Sheppard, Palin4President2016.

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