Gov Palin: Obama Admin Appalling, Atrocious on Benghazi; US Over “Fiscal Cliff”


“The Obama administration’s handling of Benghazi has been appalling and atrocious,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said during an interview with Greta Van Susteren from an unknown location. Gov. Palin’s remark concluded her answer to Van Susteren’s question on whether criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice was sexist. “They reach very far,” Gov. Palin said about administration spokespeople. “What does this have to do with skin color or gender?” She agreed with Van Susteren that giving Rice a pass is the real sexist course, because women should be held to the same standards, not lower ones. The Obama administration lacks transparency and honesty, Gov. Palin added.

“Four brave, innocent Americans were killed. The administration is playing politics instead of being straight with the American people.” Gov. Palin said Obama’s Press Secretary is “obstinate and arrogant. If I were in the media, I would be offended.” Van Susteren said reporters who express their displeasure tend to lose their access. “So what if we lose access?” Gov. Palin retorted. “The Obama administration is only feeding lies anyway.” Van Susteren told Gov. Palin that the Obama administration excludes Fox News from memos and briefings sent to other media outlets thinking they are “punishing” the network, but the other outlets ultimately share the information with Fox. Gov. Palin said “it’s just one more example of the lack of transparency of the Obama administration. Many other deceptions are part of this White House.” Gov. Palin said Susan Rice should not become the next Secretary of State.

Regarding the fiscal cliff, Gov. Palin said, “The House has great power. The House holds the purse strings and can un-fund things. We elected Republicans and conservatives to do that.” When asked about the fiscal cliff negotiations, Gov. Palin said, “we’ve already gone over the cliff: QE II, QE III, no budget in four years, borrowing. It’s just a question of ‘how hard are we going to thump at the bottom of the cliff?'”

“It comes down to leadership. The leader and cause of the same problems has been reelected for four more years of the same. He wants to create a fairytale utopia with failed fiscal policies,” Gov. Palin said, reiterating, “the House has the power of the purse strings and can un-fund. If the President of the United State is going to engage in socialist policies, the House needs to go around him.”

Gov. Palin said Secretary Geithner’s proposals amounts to nothing more than eliminating checks and balances and handing Obama a credit card that has no limit. She said it’s time to rein the debt in. “Washington, D.C. should become irrelevant in our lives,” Gov. Palin concluded.

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