Gov. Palin: Obama ‘showed desperation’ in third debate


Sarah Palin appeared on Fox Business Monday night and told Neil Cavuto that President Obama “certainly showed his desperation” during the third presidential debate “with not only his mannerisms, but all of his interruptions and seemingly angered responses.” She said Obama made so many false charges that she had a list of two pages of them in her notes. Her bottom line? “Romney came across as much more presidential.”

The former Alaska governor said she had been looking forward to the debate because she believes foreign policy and national security are no less important issues than the state of the U.S. economy. “I guess it’s the Mama Grizzly in me that comes out when I think about my son overseas in a war zone, and I think how offensive it is that our own president would claim to be using our military troops to fight and die on – quote – ‘his behalf’ – quote – and yet be willing to throw them under the bus to hold their paychecks hostage until he gets his way with Congress to increase the nation’s debt.” Gov. Palin also excoriated the president for having a problem “with our military troops having a way to vote conveniently in a war zone” and for claiming that sequestration was not his fault when he signed it into law.

The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate defended Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney when Cavuto criticized the Republican presidential nominee for not responding more aggressively on the Obama Administration’s recent failures in Libya. Gov. Palin said it was important for “common-sense constitutionalists who do care about our foreign policy” to respond to the president’s prevarications on Benghazi and other issues because Romney did not have enough time to address them all within the time limits of the debate. “Obama is a master at spewing untruth upon untruth in these these charges knowing that if he keeps throwing things at the refrigerator, something’s going to stick,” she explained, “so surrogates are going to have to do the job.”

Video courtesy of SarahNET | Cross-posted at The SPJ

– JP