Gov. Palin, Sen. Cruz, Lt. Col. West Make GOP 2016 POTUS Straw Poll



Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lt. Col. Allen West are among 32 candidates listed in the GOP 2016 Straw Poll. The survey does not show a closing date and is provided in conjunction with a party request for donations.

H/T Tanya Grimsley, Washington Times Communities, Allen West Republic for story lead.

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  • sadly, i do not believe cruz yo be eligible…

  • LIKE! Great Picks!!!

  • Considering who is running the poll, wouldn’t be shocked if they “fudge” the results to get who THEY want rather than who WE want…..

  • john norton

    #1 Palin,…/ nothin else follows…

  • stevethird

    Zip for the RNC. You betcha’.

  • carl arasi

    Americas Iron Lady all the way!

  • Sarah My #1, Allen West, My #2, John Bolton, My #3…

    • falling321

      Love all your picks, but that would sure make for a difficult primary! I love Palin, but any of them would make a fabulous POTUS!

  • nickeldoor5

    Sarah is what this country needs to be put on the right footing again. We need someone with her strength wisdom and courage.