Gov. Palin: *Sigh*…another day, another example of shoddy journalism


Ed. Note: Gov. Palin is referring to a letter to the editor, her brother, Chuck Heath, Jr. wrote to “Field & Stream in response to an article, Sarah Palin’s Shooting by David E. Petzal, posted at their site. It’s disappointing that the letter even had to be written to a publication such as theirs, but the inaccuracies will not go unanswered.” Petzal’s article was a hit piece against Gov. Palin referring to Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Episode 5, which aired three years ago. Among other things, he falsely claimed that she was an “inexperienced hunter.” The text of her Facebook Status post is from the home page of Chuck Heath, Jr.’s site. In a subsequent Facebook Status, Gov. Palin pointed readers to the Conservatives4Palin syndicated posting of Chuck Heath, Jr.’s letter.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

*Sigh*…another day, another example of shoddy journalism…

Letter to the Editor of Field & Stream – Chuck Heath, Jr.
Official site for Chuck Heath, Jr., father, teacher, author, and Alaskan gold miner. His most recent book is Our Sarah, a collaborative effort with his father that shares the formative life of his sister, the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

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