Gov. Palin: Thank you, Chili’s, Midvale, UT for showing kindness, understanding to special family


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Hope this makes your day. Thank you, Chili’s restaurant in Midvale, Utah, for showing kindness and understanding to a special family.
The Touching Story of a Restaurant Fixing a ‘Broken’ Cheeseburger for an Autistic Girl

If you’ve ever made a sandwich for a young child, you might know that how exactly it’s cut — into rectangles, squares or triangles — and crust vs. no crust can be points of contention. There was a similar issue with the cheeseburger placed in front of 7-year-old Arianna Hill at a Chili’s restaurant in Midvale, Utah. Hill, it turns out, has autism and wouldn’t touch the cheeseburger that had been cut in half. To her, it was “broken.”

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