Gov.Palin: What farmers need is to be left alone



Tri-State Neighbor photo by Barry Amundson

Tri-State Neighbor, a biweekly publication with a circulation of 30,000 farm and ranch subscribers in South Dakota and parts of Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, reported Thursday on Sarah Palin’s July 25 appearance at the Ag PhD 2013 Summer Field Day :

Five years after running for vice president on the Republican ticket with U.S. Sen. John McCain, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin showed she still has a following as she heaped praise on the people of the Upper Midwest at the ninth annual Ag PhD Field Day at the Hefty farms near Baltic.

With more than 5,000 people listening to her talks at two different locations on the farm July 25, Palin got the biggest applause when she said, “I would argue what farmers need most is for politicians to butt out and just leave them alone.”

Palin, who is said to be considering a run for the U.S. Senate in Alaska next year, said the farm bill is a good example as it’s loaded with 1930s-era relics and would churn out more regulations for farmers.

“The problem is a big, arrogant government,” she said, “when government is in every aspect of your life and in your business and collecting so much data on you.”

“It’s a bloated, out-of-control government, and it’s not just a Republican or Democrat thing, but big, stupid government making our life harder, not easier.”

She talked about an Illinois farmer who told President Obama that he preferred starting his day in a tractor or combine cab rather than filling out forms or applications for permits.

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