Gov. Palin’s Father Harassed by IRS



Chuck Heath, Jr today posted on Facebook:

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  • The irSS

  • They are afraid of her that’s for sure she doesn’t back down on her beliefs !

  • IRS we don’t need you

  • IRS needs to be done away with! A weapon is all it is for a corrupt regime. Flat or fair tax would solve this.

  • Call your crazy dogs off o. They won’t be there for forever. Just remember that


  • Maybe it’s time the “IRS” gets harrassed out of existence by “we the people”. A boot upside their collective heads might jolt them into their place.

  • IRS is like the EPA they have lost any usefulness, they are both a bunch of thugs.

  • Not just the IRS. My father, a strong conservative, was visited by the FBI looking into ENRON type deals at the level of the oil company where he worked. Assuming guilt, they made him provide more than 10 years worth of records. What did they find? Absolutely nothing!

  • How Sad ! Leave Sara & her Family alone !!!

  • Not surprising


  • SHUT DOWN the IRS . . . . .

  • keep harrassing while you can irs, but when reps take over the senate they’re going to aboloish you and the thousands who work for you.

  • Sure, what else do those losers have to do??

  • BOO shame on you IRS.. Leave the old guy alone ..

  • Bullies

  • Mike W

    I hope i see the day that the IRS is disbanded and Barry gets kicked out on his butt.

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  • he did something right.

  • Fumd Ducks!


  • Exodus2011

    I believe the chickens are already coming home to roost wrt this lawless, corrupt Obama Regime

    that all the evidence has been compiled, and indexed, and is still being added to…. and when the time is right, that chicken coop inside the WH will have it’s doors flung open

    BRING on the TRUTH TELLER and SET America FREE

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  • It just shows that they are scared of her.

  • KR

    Abuse of power, when will this matter be in front of the courts?