Gov. Palin’s Reagan Conservatism, Long Island Style


A Photo and Video Journey

Contributing Authors: Lori Calabrese and Ron Devito

Video provided by: PalinTV

Lori Calabrese Friday developed and rounded out coverage of Gov. Palin’s Long Island Association speech in Long Island gets personal with Palin. Her photo spread which ran at in slide show format is reproduced here.

Her picture journey begins with three establishing shots and concludes with three photos of the speech from her position perpendicular to Gov. Palin.

Establishing Shots by Lori Calabrese

Event Announcement in Crest Hollow Country Club Lobby

Place settings at the tables

The Dais and Ballroom tables as seen pre-event.

Gov. Palin Begins Q&A Session by Lori Calabrese

Additional Photos of Gov. Palin Speaking by Ron Devito

Ron Devito broke the story about Gov. Palin’s speech at the Long Island Association to the Palin blogosphere with Gov. Palin Brings Reagan Conservatism to Long Island, which included a nine-picture photo spread. Devito took 620 photos of Gov. Palin speaking, representing an average of 10 pictures per minute using manual settings. Seven more dynamic photos of Gov. Palin’s speech constitute this bonus photo spread.

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