Governor Palin on Fox Business and Fox News about Iowa Caucuses


Ed. Notes: Gov. Palin appeared on Fox Business subsequent to Bret Baier and Adrienne’s coverage below includes the later video. Also, Gov. Palin re-affirmed her October 5 decision to Neil Cavuto when he asked about it:

No, you know I don’t think at this time in my life that I’m really wired to be – to want to be singing the “Pick me! pick me! I’m smarter than you are! You know, I’m more equipped than you are. Pick me!” I’ve never been able to do that and I don’t see that evolution having taken place in the last few years.

Cavuto asked Gov. Palin about the possibility of entering the race later, because the back-loaded primaries are statistically conducive to such an entry. Gov. Palin responded, thus:

What would be tempting Neil is only if as the process continues we see namby pamby politically correct solutions that are proposed to American voters when it comes to what America can do to kind of manage the problems that we have. No, we can’t manage the problems we have. We have to stop the problem causing elements are and what it is of course is government’s growth and our over-reach and over-spending, and if I don’t see it and others don’t see candidates passionate about that and smart enough to be able to propose and then know how to implement the solutions, well then that is perhaps when you will see other people jumping in the race, Neil.

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin participated in the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel assessments of the Iowa Caucuses.

Governor Palin on Neil Cavuto, courtesy of SarahNet:

Governor Palin on Bret Baier, retrieved from C4P:

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