Governor Palin to Citizen Palin to Reagan II


Governor Palin’s farewell speech was Reaganesque to the core. Each of the authors on Accomplishments: Pamela Geller, Gary P. Jackson, Kristina Lazzaro, and Dee Reynolds have arrived at the same conclusion and elaborated in detail why.

In her final address (once we have a text transcript, we will post it here), Governor Palin addressed four key points, which are distilled below:

  • She defended responsible development of domestic gas and oil.
  • She defended the Second Amendment, hunting, and fishing.
  • She exhorted the mainstream media to return to ethical news reporting.
  • She advocated for small, limited government.

This was her final act as Governor Palin, simultaneously her first act as Citizen Palin, and possibly a harbinger of things to come.

By this bold act of fearless sacrifice, Governor Palin — now Citizen Palin has backed up her words with actions. She has executed her time of choosing.

She has been summoned to carry President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s torch. We now await The Speech….that moment when she answers that summons and beckons us to follow her home to the Shining City on a Hill.

Vigil is posted.

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